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WW1 Original B&W Postcard - Drummer & Bugler of 19th Durham Light Infantry

Postally unused (the cracking is not the photo but the state of the wall behind him!) in very good condition with some minor corner wear. A strong image with all his kit and hat at a rakish angle.
Anotated to reverse in pencil 19 DLI. 19th Service Battalion Durham Light Infantry were known as the 'Durham Bantams'. I guess he does look smallish!

As the first enthusiastic rush to enlist in Kitchener’s New Army slowed, the War Office agreed to reduce the minimum height for recruits by 3 inches (7.5cm) to 5 foot (152cm). The result was the formation of Bantam battalions. In County Durham, a Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, formed in December 1914 to encourage more volunteering, agreed to raise a Bantam battalion. And, on 13 January 1915, the War Office gave permission for a Durham Bantam battalion. This was to be known as the 19th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry (2nd County).


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WW2 RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Reproduction Postcard of Original Recruiting Poster

RAAF - Air Crews Wanted Urgently - modern postcard in mint condition, postally unused.


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Eastern Front - Salonika Balkans 1917 postally dated Coloured Art Christmas Card - Lt H.C. Carolyn-Hughes RGA

A theatre produced Xmas card (the side line of most Survey Company's of the Royal Engineers!) as they had the map making facilities in the theatre (see bottom left of card). Shows a Mounted infantry man on a mule raising his cap in greeting - 'A Happy Christmas from the Balkans'. Field Post Officer stamp with year 1917 and pass by Censor stamp also. Addressed from H C Carolyn-Hughes 181 H Batty RGA to D Jones, Colonial Office, Bank of England London. Ends with "This is a d - able country" - [Damnable].

181st Heavy Battery was part of the Salonika field force, see:


Comes with MIC and LG entries for Carolyn-Hughes, which confirm:

BWM and VM entitlement - file number P191907 and his name as Henry Carolyn Caroyln-Hughes.

Multiple entries in London Gazette from 1917 until 1941, confirming he was a Territorial Officer attached to the Essex and Suffolk RGA:

Seconded to Regular RGA with effect from 22nd July 1916, until 16th March 1919 and granted the honorary rank of Captain in 1921. At some points in his career he was 2nd in Command of a Battery, holding the rank of Acting Captain. He appears again in the LG for 1941 as 2nd Lieutenant on the General List with effect from 15th Dec 1940 as Captain Harry (sic) Carolyn Carolyn-Hughes ((191907). Another officer with the same surname served in WW1 with the Essex Regiment and died in 1943 attached to 14th Bn Essex Regiment (Basil John Schreiber Carlyon-Hughes, copy of CWGC certificate supplied). Possibly a brother or cousin? Worthy of further research.

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Pre WW1 Real Photographic Coloured Postcard- Queens Westminster Volunteers, Mounted Infantry Detachment

In good condition, some corner and minor edge wear, postally unused. The detachment comprises approx 25 men, two unmounted. Slouch hats and bandoliers. Circa 1902 - 1908 and clearly on their annual camp.


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Post WW1 Real Photographic Gloss Black & White Postcard- Pipers and Dancers of the 1st Seaforth Highlanders

In very good condition, postally unused. Good detail - Pipe Major has WW1 medals.


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WW1 Real Photographic Printed Black & White Postcard- One of Our Tanks

Postally unused, ink annotation to the reverse 'Julian'. Some minor creasing to image on centre right of image otherwise in good condition. Looks like the tank is passing the Bank of England and the car behind is draped with a City of London flag.


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Pre WW1 Real Photographic Black & White Postcard- Drum Horse 8th (Kings Royal Irish) Hussars

In very good condition, postally unused. Good sharp detail of banners and uniform.


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Large Sepia Edwardian Cabinet Photo of a Rifle Brigade Officer India General Service Medal, circa 1901 - 1903

A Pre WW1 sepia image of "Roger" a captain of the Rifle Brigade wearing a four clasp India General Service Medal. The ribbon looks like the 1854-1895 pattern. Kings crown pouch belt plate dates it to 1901-02, and the logo Bassano Ltd to 1903. Photographer Bassano Ltd, 25 Old Bond Street, London. Image is in very good condition and has been touched up by the photographer at his eyes, on his hairline and moustache. Circa 28cm by 20cm. Blank reverse.

The Pouch belt plate is identical in format and positioning of the battle honours to the plate (three to each side) recently sold at Bosleys lot 59 8th July 2020. The pattern then changed to 7 scrolls either side in 1903 - 1905. The latter lasted 47 years. Thanks to MIke H for the additional information.

Possible clasps to the medal include 'Burma 1885-7', 'Burma 18187-89' (both 1st & 4th Bn Rifle Brigade) 'Burma 1889-92' (4th Bn Rifle Brigade) and the fourth I cannot account for unless he was an 'odd man' at some other engagement / action, and officers often got themselves attached to campaigns as staff officers.

Alexander Bassano opened a studio in 1850 in Regent Street, London, moving to Old Bond Street in 1876. The studio was large enough to house an eighty-foot panoramic background scene mounted on rollers, which provided a variety of outdoor or court backgrounds. Bassano retired in around 1903, when the premises were refurbished and relaunched as Bassano Ltd, Royal Photographers.

The image is in good condition, some foxing to mount, front tissue paper (ornate B for Bassano) still present but has a tear and one corner of tissue paper is missing.

Any information regarding his identity most welcome.


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Large original mounted black and white group photograph of a squadron of the 3rd Dragoon Guards in India early 1920s

A good clear image with plenty of interest for the militaria regular cavalry collector, including khaki drill uniforms, NCO arm badges, proficiency badges, the trumpeter wearing collar badges and metal shoulder titles visible on the troopers seated on the ground, 3DG. The regiment was merged with the 6th Dragoon Guards in 1922, so this would date this image to 1922 as prior to this they were in Ireland until 1921. Both Regiments were in India from 1922 onwards. The NCOs have WW1 medal ribbons. Some damage to mount but the image itself is in good condition except there is one crack / scratch which runs diagonally across some of the 1st and 2nd row of standing troopers, but it does not touch the seated NCOs. A very sharp image, but reading the shoulder titles does require a magnifying glass. Mount is 36cm by 27cm, removed from frame.


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WW1 Original Photograph of Three Royal Engineers - 'show & tell' session with a model WW1 tank and bi-plane

A great image of boys and their toys! The soldier standing to the rear has a wooden bi-plane tucked under his arm, and the two seated at the front look like they have collaborated on the making of detailed wooden WW1 tank. I believe the sapper to the right with pipe clenched in his mouth is the same soldier as the one in the hand-tinted photograph listed below (item 61934) but cannot prove it other than they came in the same lot. Postally unused, in very good condition. Dover photographer, reverse with ink message 'with love George'.


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