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WW2 33rd Indian Corps Brabant Weave Cloth Formation Sign Designation Flash

A Brabant Weave cloth formation sign removed from uniform. No moth or damage. Also worn on the pagri band on the slouch hat.

Second World War Indian Army higher formation badge for XXXIII Indian Corps. Formation note: XXXIII Indian Corps (33rd Indian Corps) was raised to defend Southern India and was originally intended as an amphibious force (hence the tri-service badge). As part of 14th Army, 33rd Corps was tasked to defend the northern-most Japanese thrust around Kohima. Through 1944-45 the Corps took part in the offensive driving the Japanese back over the Chindwin, the push to the Irrawaddy and the capture of Mandalay in March 1945. Having operated on the line of the Irrawaddy, 33rd Corps linked up with troops moving north from Rangoon and was transferred to 12th Army in May 1945.

Cole pp75-76 refer.


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WW1 Official Japanese Issue Inter-Allied Victory Medal 1914-1920, scarce

Created 24th January 1919 by representatives of the allied nations for award to the combatants of the Great War, each county producing its own version. The Japanese version was in bronze and 36mm in diameter with a laterally-pierced barrel-shaped suspension.

The obverse with the full-length figure of Take-Mikazuchi-No-Kami, a spear held across his body; the reverse with a terrestrial globe centrally within a beaded border imposed on a five-petalled cherry blossom, the petals each with a standard bearing the Japanese characters for Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy and the United States of America, the characters for ‘and the other allied nations’ below, circumscribed in Japanese characters ‘The Great War for Protection of Civilisation, Taisho 3rd year, Taisho 9th year’ (1914-1920).

The Japanese substituted the Victory figure for the legendary warrior Take-Mikazuchi-No-Kami as the former would have had little significance for the Japanese. The medal bears the date ‘1920’ since Japanese action in Siberia, following the Russian Revolution, continued after the end of the war in Europe in 1918.

On original ribbon with hook and eye fitments, the ribbon with the typical pale bands found on the Japanese version, this medal has always been scarce and is in NEF condition. The chocolate colour is correct for this medal and in great condition.

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2nd Battalion Dorset Regiment BCOF Pair of Theatre Made Shoulder Titles and Formation Sign

A Scarce matching pair cut from original battledress tunic and mounted on the same with a Silk embroidered formation sign on poppers. All came together.

Worn only 1946 - 1948 by the 2nd Battalion of the Dorset Regiment in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces (BCOF), 5th Infantry Brigade. Their task involved dismantling the Japanese war machine, disposal of war stores, monitoring the Japanese elections in 1946, repatriation of POWs, patrols to prevent smuggling and illegal entry. etc.

BoBD Nos 3809 and 3819 refer.

Comm GrH

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Large Sepia Edwardian Cabinet Photo of a Rifle Brigade Officer India General Service Medal, circa 1901 - 1903

A Pre WW1 sepia image of "Roger" a captain of the Rifle Brigade wearing a four clasp India General Service Medal. The ribbon looks like the 1854-1895 pattern. Kings crown pouch belt plate dates it to 1901-02, and the logo Bassano Ltd to 1903. Photographer Bassano Ltd, 25 Old Bond Street, London. Image is in very good condition and has been touched up by the photographer at his eyes, on his hairline and moustache. Circa 28cm by 20cm. Blank reverse.

The Pouch belt plate is identical in format and positioning of the battle honours to the plate (three to each side) recently sold at Bosleys lot 59 8th July 2020. The pattern then changed to 7 scrolls either side in 1903 - 1905. The latter lasted 47 years. Thanks to MIke H for the additional information.

Possible clasps to the medal include 'Burma 1885-7', 'Burma 18187-89' (both 1st & 4th Bn Rifle Brigade) 'Burma 1889-92' (4th Bn Rifle Brigade) and the fourth I cannot account for unless he was an 'odd man' at some other engagement / action, and officers often got themselves attached to campaigns as staff officers.

Alexander Bassano opened a studio in 1850 in Regent Street, London, moving to Old Bond Street in 1876. The studio was large enough to house an eighty-foot panoramic background scene mounted on rollers, which provided a variety of outdoor or court backgrounds. Bassano retired in around 1903, when the premises were refurbished and relaunched as Bassano Ltd, Royal Photographers.

The image is in good condition, some foxing to mount, front tissue paper (ornate B for Bassano) still present but has a tear and one corner of tissue paper is missing.

Any information regarding his identity most welcome.


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Large original mounted black and white group photograph of a squadron of the 3rd Dragoon Guards in India early 1920s

A good clear image with plenty of interest for the militaria regular cavalry collector, including khaki drill uniforms, NCO arm badges, proficiency badges, the trumpeter wearing collar badges and metal shoulder titles visible on the troopers seated on the ground, 3DG. The regiment was merged with the 6th Dragoon Guards in 1922, so this would date this image to 1922 as prior to this they were in Ireland until 1921. Both Regiments were in India in 1922 onwards. The NCOs have WW1 medal ribbons. Some damage to mount but the image itself is in good condition except there is one crack / scratch which runs diagonally across some of the 1st and 2nd row of standing troopers, but it does not touch the seated NCOs. A very sharp image, but reading the shoulder titles does require a magnifying glass. Mount is 36cm by 27cm, removed from frame.


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WW2 British Army Matched Pair of PRINTED Sergeants Rank Stripes / Chevrons

In unissued condition, a scarce pair of WW2 calico printers printed shoulder titles. Economy issues such as this were produced in late 1942 onwards. Not often encountered.


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MT (Motor Transport) Upswept Wings Embroidered Proficiency Arm Badge

In good unissued condition, white winged wheel below the letters MT (Motor or Mechanised Transport) on a khaki backing. The unofficial private purchase 'upswept' wing variety.

Edwards & Langley No 227 refers.


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Royal Engineers GVI Bi-Metal Cap Badge, 1947- 1952

Post WW2, die struck bi-metal cap badge with two original loops to the reverse with five sweat / braising /expansion holes to the reverse. In good condition but note the VI in the cypher is poorly struck. Still a fine looking badge.


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RSM / Warrant Officer Class 1 Embroidered Cloth Rank Arm Badge

A small King's crown example, unissued condition, with royal crest picked out in blue, yellow and red coloured embroidered thread. Circa 5cm wide and 4.4cm tall. Hessian backed. In very good condition.


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Northern Ireland District 3rd Pattern Printed Formation Signs, Kings Crown & QEII issues

Both 3rd patterns, an unissued King's crown calico printers pattern as worn in WW2 and the post 1952 embroidered version with a Queen's crown, the latter in poor overall condition with some damage to the shield's yellow threads.

Davis No 137 refers (he describes the king's crown version of this as being Fairly Scarce - Rare).


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