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WW2 ROF (Royal Ordnance Factory) Front Line Duty Printed Cloth Overalls Badge

Removed from overalls, a good worn example with folded over edges, some now a bit frayed and lifting and some stitching marks, and a bit grubby. Of Calico Printers manufacture.

In August 1942 an article in the magazine War Illustrated announced the approval a new badge "to be worn by the men and women engaged in Royal Ordnance Filling Factories" to acknowledge the debt of the country to those undertaking this dangerous work. The cloth badge being presumed for wear on the overalls, but photographic evidence also shows it also being worn on the sleeves of lady clerks from the wages department of ROF Kirkby. There is a plastic version of the badge sealed in 1941.

FS 248 (Oct-Dec 2012) refers.


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WW2 Home Front - Army Cadet Force ( ACF ) Chrome and Enamel Lapel Badge

King's crown, enamel in very good condition. Horseshoe lapel fitting. Maker marked Fattorini & Sons Ltd, Bradford Works, Birmingham. Circa 2.8cm tall. Post 1943.

Comm JT

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Cold War National Service Home Front Volunteer Entertainment Services ( VES ) Northern Command Lapel Pin Enamel Badge

A post WW2 home front badge in white enamel and chrome, officially numbered 1451 on the reverse. With pin fitting and maker marked Fattorini Bradford. Enamel in good undamaged condition. Circa 2.7cm across. Based on the Formation Sign for the Northern Command - East and West Riding Area (see my item 59803).

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WW2 Home Front Territorial Army (TA) Silver Mufti Lapel Badge

Sanctioned for wear in 1938, and made by Royal Mint, this badge consisted of the letters TA between two horizontal lines across the centre of a circle. Below the circle is a lion springing aggressively forward with legs outstretched, the whole being surmounted by a king's crown. Badges were of (unmarked) Sterling silver with a lapel fixing in base metal with a number being stamped into the fixing. In this case it is the number "26954". Good condition, with very slight polishing to high points and some dark toning to the silver.

Another example can be found at item 54434.


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WW2 Home Front - ARP Air Raid Precautions Embroidered Red on Black Cloth Badge

Removed from uniform, Circa 8cm across. Nicely edged with a blue thread border. In good condition.

I have an usual yellow on black version listed as item 57001.


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WW2 Home Guard, Home Front Invasion Defence, HG Lapel Badge, Pin Fitting

An original wartime small rectangular brass badge with blue enamel and red enamel to crown with original pin fittings. Small firing hole fault to blue enamel and some wear to red enamel on crown. Circa 1.9cm tall.

Formed in 1940, from the recently raised Local Defence Volunteers (LDV), to counter the threat of invasion from German airborne and seaborne troops (Hitler's "Operation Sea Lion").


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Cold War Front National Hospital Service Reserve Pin Badge

Brass with red and green enamel. Original pin and clasp fitting. In good condition, with traces of polish. Pin prick gap in enamel to bottom left of crown strap.

the National Hospital Service Reserve was a Cold War Civil Defence organisation established in 1949 and disbanded in 1968


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WW2 Home Front Ministry of Health Hospital Service enamel and chrome pin badge

In good condition, a nickel plated circular example inlaid with red enamel bearing 'Hospital Service' title bar to voided centre with no damage to enamel. Original strong pin fitting. Reverse marked H.W.M. ( stands for H.W. Miller). Circa 2.6cm in diameter.


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WW2 Era Home Front Lifebuoy soap Clean Hands Campaign Lapel Badge on original card

Lifebuoy started with William Lever's goal to stop Cholera in Victorian England by selling germ protection soap and bringing better health and hygiene to millions. With the outbreak of the Second World War, Lifebuoy provided emergency washing facilities for those in dire need.

Lever Brothers launched their Clean Hands campaign in 1926 to educate the public about the importance of hand washing to defend against disease and poor hygiene. The ‘hand washing’ campaign extended into school activities and promotional clubs. The use of badges and Certificate of Merit were strong promotional incentives too. They increased their efforts in schools this regard with the outbreak of war in 1939.

The badge depicts a stylized lifebuoy and the wording PRO VALETUDINE ( For Health ). These badges were issued with both buttonhole studs and brooch-style pins. Scarce to find on its original card of issue.

Again it has a particular relevance to the plight we find ourselves in today with Covid -19.


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WW2 Home Front Clean Hands For Health Pin Badge - Lifebuoy Campaign 1939

Circa 22mm in diameter, with a stylized lifebuoy and two hands. In gilt with original pin fixing and 'c' clasp. Initials JRG L stamped on reverse which stands for the manufacturer J.R. Gaunt London.

It has a particular relevance to the plight we find ourselves in today with Covid 19.


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