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Crested China - WW1 Tommies Steel Helmet with Islay (Scotland) Crest

WW1 Crested China - Army Steel Helmet with Islay crest (where they make a very pleasant drop of malt whisky). Three edge nibbles to the back rim otherwise undamaged with no repairs. Scarce crest. Maker marked Porcelle, British made.


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Crested China - WW1 Army Side Cap / Forage Cap - Beflast Northern Ireland Crest - Celebration of Peace / Armistice November 1918

In original and undamaged condition, no repairs or chips. Carlton China marks Stoke on Trent, made for a Belfast retailer.


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Cold War Stainless Steel Folding Jack Knife Myson Model CC 1286 WD marked and 1955 dated

Some surface scratches to body and main blade, otherwise in good used condition, recently oiled and fully functional.

This is a genuine British army 1950s vintage folding jack knife.

All metal, stainless steel body:

Blade: Lambfoot
Blade Length: sub 3 inches - 2.75"
Knife Length Closed: 3.75"
Can Opener
Key Ring
Screwdriver tip.

Stamped 1955 MYSON CC.1286 and broad Arrow marks. "OIL THE JOINTS"

Well built and heavy.

Will post to a UK address only and proof of age (18+) required.


Code: 62119Price: 25.00 GBP

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Gentleman Jim - Victorian Batchelor Floral Design Solitaire Button Set, Circa 1880s

An attractive top quality toffs set of engraved button studs with spring operated fixings. Circa 1880s. Large button circa 25mm in diameter, small buttons circa 19mm in diameter. Large button maker marked on inside of stud W.L. Wisley & Son Patent, small buttons marked Wests Patent. In very good condition with fully functional press release buttons. No hallmarks but gold coloured.

There is an extra large button of the same quality and size (looks smaller in photo but the same size) included in this lot but which is missing its fixing stud/ retaining press button. It could be repaired I guess. 4 items in total.

Comm GM

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Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Commemorative Glass Dish and Black and White Photo of Recipient in Full Dress

This is an original 1960s photo portrait which shows Ron Winters of the RGH ( died in 2015 aged 84) as a young trooper in full dress of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. The accompanying regimental glass dish was apparently presented to all soldiers on parade at the presentation of the guidon standard at Badminton on the 27th May 1962. Slight wear to the gilt lettering and a few small marks to white finish otherwise in very good condition with do damage, chips or cracks. Photo in very good condition.

Please note due to the glass item I will post to a UK address only.

Comm GM

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WW1 - 18th (Service) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case

A souvenir of the Great War, nicely engraved with the regimental badge of the Northumberland Fusiliers and a scroll with the 18th Service Battalion below and dated 1914 - 1919. On the reverse side an entwined monogram. On inside of fully functional lid a Birmingham hallmark with date letter t (1918-19 - note that until 1975 the month that date letters changed was July so this mark covers both these years in part). In very good condition with only minor use wear and one very small ding. A match striker is fitted to the base as with all vesta cases.

Comm GM

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4th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Pewter 1 Pint Tankard - CSM H K West Shooting Trophy 1925 - Gallipoli Veteran

These normally come a bit more bashed and with the bottom glass broken, but in this case it is watertight, fits nicely in the hand and has only a few dings and small dents that do not detract. Maker marked Phillips Aldershot. It has a disc bearing St George slaying the Dragon and below engraved neatly in upright capitals:

4th Bn Northd Fusiliers
(Permanent Staff)
Rifle Meeting.
Won By
C.S.M. H.K. West

The tankard comes with a photocopy page from the St George's Gazette dated 31st August 1925 confirming the award of the Special Prize for Permanent Staff - No 6447034 C.S.M. West at the Rifle Meeting at Ponteland.

Harry West was a regular solider who served as a Corporal in the 2nd Royal Fusiliers in WW1, landing at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 (regimental number 139181 & GS/127207 on re-enlistment in March 1919), and was entitled to a 1915 Trio. He later served with with the 4th Battalion (TA) as part of their permanent staff (Army Number 6447034). He was awarded his LSGC medal in 1929, but this was forfeited in 1932 on account of his being tried by a District Court Martial for offences of a fraudulent nature and reduced from the rank of CQMS to Fusilier. His WW1 MIC comes with the tankard confirming the above details.

At the outbreak of the Great War the 2nd Bn Royal Fusiliers was based in Calcutta, India. In January 1915 the Battalion landed in England, moving to Stockingford near Nuneaton. The 2nd Bn Royal Fusiliers formed part of the 86th Infantry Brigade, 29th Division which sailed for Egypt on 16th March 1915. The Battalion departed with a strength of 28 Officers and 962 Other Ranks destined for Mex Camp.

On 25th April 1915 Harry West of the the 2nd Royal Fusiliers landed at X Beach, Cape Helles, Gallipoli, at the start of the ill-fated campaign. The Battalion would stay in theatre for eight months and took part in some of the most brutal fighting on the peninsula. On 10th Oct 1915 the 29th Division took stock of its casualties to date and counted the number of ‘originals’ in each battalion who had landed on 25th April some six months earlier. Only 158 of the Royal Fusiliers 990 ‘originals’ answered the roll call. Of these most had been wounded or sick, evacuated, recovered and returned. Only 72 had never left the Gallipoli peninsula. There is no record of the number who struggled through to January 1916 when the Battalion was finally evacuated at the end of the disastrous campaign, but the presumption is Harry was one of the lucky ones. A sad ending to his military career at the hands of a District Court Martial.

Comm GM

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69th Foot (South Lincolnshire Regiment / later 2nd Bn The Welsh Regiment ) Georgian Musicians Leather Pouch

Possibly a unique find in a very stiff glossy leather in good condition and with the number 69 below a Georgian style crown burnt into the leather ( I am sure there is probably a technical term for this!). Brass button retains the flap. Large retaining loop for wear on a waist belt in matching leather to the reverse. No stitching faults. Possible name to reverse but no longer able to work this out. A wonderful early item, museum quality. Circa 8 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Worn by bandsman / musician.

The 69th Foot were amalgamated with the 41st Foot (Welsh Regiment) in 1881, to form the Welsh / Welch Regiment's second battalion.

On account of it being leather there may be some countries I am unable to post this item to. Please bear this in mind if you live in a country with such restrictions before ordering it. I am unable to post this to the USA.

Comm GM

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106th Bombay Light Infantry Officers Mess Hallmarked Silver Fork - 1863 date letter

An early piece of regimental silver, hallmarks London letter h for 1863. Engraved regimental crest to reverse, with Victorian crown above, 106th in circle and Light Infantry on strap. A heavy item with some bad bending to end of tines, and surface scratches from use. Still a rare early item to the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry as it became in 1881. Circa 19.5cm in length and weighs in at 74 grams (estimated scrap value June 2020 is over £27).

Comm FB

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Interwar Bronzed Spelter Ashtray with French Tank Souvenir

Looks to be of French design and style. Quite a heavy piece. In very good condition with no damage or missing parts. Circa 1930s.


Code: 61755Price: 25.00 GBP

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