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Malay Federation Engineers Bi-Metal Cap Badge (1st Pattern)

Die cast in brass gilding metal with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 1953 - 1957 only. Circa 4.1cm tall. Not listed in either Renfrew et al, Volume 1 or 2. Possibly an officer or Senior NCO issue as I have previously sold a brass only version (see item 59585).

I was contacted by an expat soldier who wore this pattern in 1956 with 76 Federal Field Squadron (later 1st Engineer Squadron).


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Malay Federation Engineers Brass Gilding Metal Cap Badge (2nd pattern)

Die cast in brass gilding metal with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 4.1cm tall. This version has all the text in Malay. Slight stain to garter scroll otherwise in very good condition.


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Malay Federation Signals Regiment Bi Metal Cap Badge

An attractive badge with a bird (a Tern) to centre flying above a globe in white metal within a brass circlet Federation Signals below a Malay Crown. Motto scroll below is in English and Malay "Swift and Sure". Not found this in either volume of Renfrew et al. An attractive design, die cast and of two part construction, in very good condition with two original small brass loops to the reverse. Rare. Of Malayan interest.

See the Asia section in the menu at the following URL:


which confirms that this badge had the term facing the wrong way in error and was worn 1955 - 1972.


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Singapore Royal Engineers Volunteers QEII Issue Other Ranks Gilding Metal Cap Badge, 1953- 1963

A scarce Singapore Royal Engineers (Volunteers) ERII ORs brass gilding metal cap badge. Die-stamped crowned title circlet resting in wreath of laurel that carries a large letter " V " above the motto scroll. with original slider stamped JR Gaunt London (no full stop). In unissued condition. Period of wear 1953 - 1963 only.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 742 refers.


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BH2 2nd Battalion British Honduras Regiment White Metal Shoulder Title - Scarce

Small white metal shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 2.7cm wide and 1.1cm tall. In good condition, with minor twisting to lugs.

British Honduras since 1963 has been known as Belize. This item is not listed in either Renfrew et al, Vols 1 or 2. One for Vol 3 perhaps?

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WW2 STC Singapore Technical Corps Brass Shoulder Title

Shoulder title worn by Singapore Technical Corps circa 1930 to 1942. This was a uniformed formation of civilian specialists that assisted the armed forces during times of emergency. Lugs have been crudely soldered on. These do not look like replacements, but rather suggest an item of local manufacture. Circa 4.2cm wide and 1.3cm tall.

Renfrew et al, Vol 2, No 1964 refers.

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Malayan Volunteer Infantry Matched Facing Matched Collar Badges

Cast in brass with a gilt finish, with two original lugs to the reverse. A cracking pair of collar badges. Good quality and scarce. Worn 1915 - 1936 only.

Renfew et al, Nos 764 & 765 refer.

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The Royal Gibraltar Regiment Anodised Aluminium AA Cap Badge - Firmin

In good condition on original slider stamped Firmin London. Formed in 1958, It is formed as a standard light infantry battalion with a Headquarters Company and three rifle companies. Of these, two are made up of regular soldiers and the other is a reserve unit.

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The British West Indies Regiment Brass Cap Badge, Makers Tablet - Gaunt

A brass cap badge to the British West Indies Regiment with 2 original loops to the reverse & maker' s tablet JR Gaunt London to the back of the crown. Worn circa 1915 - 1921.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1. No 38 refers.


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MSVR Malay States Volunteer Rifles Brass Shoulder Title, worn circa 1902 - 1921

Brass shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Very good condition. Scarce.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 757 refers.


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