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King George V Fund for Sailors Tinnie Pin Badge, founded 1917

Quite large at circa 3.8cm in diameter, slightly foxed to front, but otherwise in very good condition, with original and functional pin.

The First World War took a terrible toll on merchantmen and warships: in one fortnight in 1917 many thousands of sailors and over 400,000 tons of shipping were lost. Many of those men had a family to support, and towards the end of the war many small charitable organisations were set up to support the injured and bereaved.

In the City of London, far-sighted ship-owners and officers realised that what was most needed was an umbrella organisation that could take a realistic overview of the need and direct resources to where they were needed. They set up a Fund for that purpose and His Majesty George V took a deep and immediate interest, giving both his name and an establishing donation of £5000 to the new organisation.

During subsequent conflicts, and in the intervening years of peace, King George's Fund continued to provide both immediate and long-term support to the casualties of war, and to others who have paid a high price for a life at sea.

Comm FB

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SEAC ( South East Asia Command ) Locally Made RN Gold Bullion Thread on Black Tombstone

Attractive item with no moth damage. No1 Dress Royal Navy.

Comm GrH

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Scarce WW2 Royal Marines ( RM) dark blue economy plastic economy cap badge

Good example, by by A.Stanley & Sons, Walsall, details to the reverse. complete with its two blades. Very good condition. Made from cellulose acetate. Sometimes incorrectly described as Bakelite. Scarce.


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George 5th Royal Marine Artillery ( RMA ) Band Stunning Silver Plated and Fire Gilt Cap Badge, 1912 - 1923

A simply stunning and scarce silver-plated and gilt cap badge for the Royal Marine Artillery Band with two original lug fastenings (east and west). Reverse embossed F&S (Firmin & Sons, bottom left of reverse of laurel wreath). With George V cypher mounted on the ball. Worn 1912 to 1923.

K&K Vol 1 No 1113 refers.


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Royal Navy - HMS Ganges Training Depot Brass and Enamel Sweetheart Pin Brooch Badge

Finely detailed and dark toned but in very good condition with no damage to enamel, with original and fully functional pin and c clasp. Looks circa WW1 in design, and circa 3.5cm tall.

HMS Ganges was a training ship and later stone frigate of the Royal Navy. She was established as a boys' training establishment in 1865, and was based aboard a number of hulks before moving ashore. She was based alternately in Falmouth, Harwich (from 1899) and Shotley (from 1905). She remained in service at RNTE Shotley until October 1976.


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Royal Marine Blackened Bronze Queens Crown Cap Badge - J R Gaunt

In good condition but with signs of service wear especially to black paint finish. Two original lugs (east - west) and embossed with maker's name: J R Gaunt London.


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Royal Navy Submarine Breast Badge

In July 1971 officers and men serving in submarines were authorised to wear a badge on the left breast as per the badge shown.

Two original pins with original retaining screws. Enamel in good order and badge is straight and in good condition.


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WW2 Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer Gilt Metal Economy Issue CPO Cap Badge

A good original Second World War period Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer economy issue cap badge, silver metal fouled anchor set within a gilt metal crowned wreath, the reverse with black hessian backing. There has an additional tape sewn on for display purposes, easily removed should you so wish. Very condition. Circa 7.1cm tall.

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WW2 DEMS Matched Pair of Brass Collar Badges

Pair of brass fouled anchors circa 3.4cm tall. In very good condition.

Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship ( DEMS ) was an Admiralty Trade Division program established in June, 1939, to arm 5,500 British merchant ships with an adequate defence against enemy submarines and aircraft. The acronym DEMS was used to describe the ships carrying the guns, the guns aboard the ships, the military personnel manning the guns, and the shore establishment supporting the system.

DEMS guns were manned by 24,000 Royal Navy personnel and 14,000 men of the Royal Artillery Maritime Regiment. 150,000 merchant sailors were trained to assist by passing ammunition, loading, and replacing casualties among the military gun crew. Initially, Royal Artillery personnel provided anti-aircraft protection by bringing their own machine-guns aboard ships operating close to the British Isles. DEMS gunners were often retired military personnel and young "Hostilities Only" ratings commanded by a petty officer or Royal Marine sergeant. Large ships sometimes embarked a junior naval officer to command the DEMS gunners.

Canada placed guns on 713 ships, while the Royal Australian Navy provided gun crews for 375 Australian and other allied ships.

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WW1 / WW2 Royal Navy Rating Leading Seaman Gold Bullion Insignia with Good Conduct Badge

No 1 uniform insignia. Some raggy edges to tombstone and bottom good conduct badge chevron is lifting from the badge above and needs to be fully sewn down. bullion thread and lace in good condition. This has some age to it.

Good Conduct Badges (worn on the left arm) were first authorised in 1849 for award after 5, 10 and 15 years satisfactory service. These periods were changed to 3, 8 and 13 years in 1861, and to 4, 8 and 12 years in 1946.

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