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2nd Battalion Dorset Regiment BCOF Pair of Theatre Made Shoulder Titles and Formation Sign

A Scarce matching pair cut from original battledress tunic and mounted on the same with a Silk embroidered formation sign on poppers. All came together.

Worn only 1946 - 1948 by the 2nd Battalion of the Dorset Regiment in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces (BCOF), 5th Infantry Brigade. Their task involved dismantling the Japanese war machine, disposal of war stores, monitoring the Japanese elections in 1946, repatriation of POWs, patrols to prevent smuggling and illegal entry. etc.

BoBD Nos 3809 and 3819 refer.

Comm GrH

Code: 61959Price: 195.00 GBP

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Intelligence Corps Embroidered Black on Green Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

An embroidered black on green paste back shoulder title, some traces of bluetack and paper to reverse and some paste to front below the 'tell" in Intelligence.

See item 61267 for a matched pair.


Code: 61951Price: 8.00 GBP

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Royal Artillery (Territorial Army) Ulster - Woven Red on Blue Felt Supplementary Cloth Shoulder Title

In unissued condition with some paper stuck to reverse as removed from album.

In April 1951 an Ulster shoulder title was introduced for all units of the Anti-Aircraft Brigade to be worn in red, white and yellow on blue by RA units. Red on blue as worn by 245 ( Ulster ) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery ( TA ).

See item 60842 for it one being sold with the RA title


Code: 61949Price: 20.00 GBP

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A and SH - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders White on Red Woven Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

In very good condition, black hessian backed. Some glue traces to reverse. This is the scarcer pattern with "and" in place of "&". Pre 1943 and most probably an officer's issue given the existence of the economy printed version.

Davis No 346 refers (he categorises it as very rare).
BoBD 2879 (printed version) refers.


Code: 61945Price: 65.00 GBP

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WW2 Border Regiment Embroidered Black on Khaki Cloth Slip-on Shoulder Title

In good condition with both original retaining canvas retaining stripes to the reverse; the end of one of these the stitching is lifting (see photo).

BoBD No 197 refers.


on hold for DR

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WW2 Royal Corps of Signals (full wording) Embroidered Felt Cloth Title

Hessian backed in very good condition and scarce.

A close match with my item 60576 if you are looking for a pair, but the latter slightly less white in the lettering.

Comm JT

Code: 61921Price: 14.00 GBP

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WW2 166th ( Newfoundland ) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (RA) Embroidered Red on Khaki Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Removed from uniform, bad damage to top left of backing khaki, otherwise good condition. Hessian backed. Condition reflected in price. Still, a scarce title.

The 57th and 59th Heavy Regiments, Royal Artillery, were formed in 1940 from volunteers from Britain's oldest colony wore 'Newfoundland' as their regimental designation, the pattern sealed on 25th May 1940, a month after the first volunteers arrived in the UK. The designation was retained when 57th Regiment became 166th (Newfoundland) Field Regiment in November 1941. The printed designation 'Royal Artillery' introduced later in 1942, was worn below 'Newfoundland'.

Newfoundland became a self-governing Dominion in 1917 and on the 31st March 1949 became the sixteenth province of Canada.

BoBD No 823 refers.


Code: 61813Price: 38.00 GBP

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WW2 Cameronians ( Scottish Rifles ) White on Green Embroidered Cloth Shoulder Title

Paste back title in good unissued condition. Unofficial private purchase. Whilst the Regimental Museum claims that only black on green were worn, both white on red and white on green shoulder titles do exist and these are not modern reproductions.

BoBD No 3036 refers.


Code: 61798Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW2 Royal Engineers One Piece Printed Cloth Arm of Service Strip

Removed from uniform, as worn. In very good condition. Worn with the red to the left. Printed not two pieces of felt joined.


Code: 61773Price: 8.00 GBP

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Pair of Green Felt Slip-ons (Officer Training Battalion?), Metal titles removed

These remind me of something that may have been worn by a Officer Cadet Battalion (the 6 Oxford OCB wore a green slip on for example). There is evidence of two holes on each for a metal title. the gap between the holes is circa 4cm (you have to look hard to find the holes). Circa 7cm by 5cm. Anyway, somebody may have a use for them or know who wore them.

Comm FB

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