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Victorian Warwickshire Rifle Volunteer Corps Blackened Cross Belt Plate

A die struck blackened brass cross-belt plate with a with two original screw bolt fittings to the reverse (north-south). An attractive design incorporating a spray of oak leaves with acorns to the centre of a crowned circlet bearing the title within a wreath of oak leaves carrying the motto: "Labor Omnia Vincit". In extremely good condition with no damage or significant wear to finish. Circa 6.5cm by 5.8cm.

See also item 55107 for a white metal button of this pattern.


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Gilt Volunteer Battalion Warwickshire Regiment Officers Collar Badge - left facing, 1881 - 1890

According to Churchill, worn by Volunteer Battalion Officers in gilt (reverse colours to regular officers who wore this collar badge in silver). Worn from 1881 until 1890 only, until the 'sitting bear' was replaced with a standing bear. Circa 2.6cm tall and with two original lugs to the reverse, but these have been slightly flattened but fully functional. Gilt slightly dulled. Sharp detail and scarce.

Churchill No 159 refers ( & page 38).

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Hertfordshire ( Territorial ) Regiment Brass Other Ranks Cap Badge - wide antlers pattern

Brass wide antlers pattern cap badge with original slider. In good condition.

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Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Territorial Officers Silver Plated Cap Badge - South Africa Scroll

An excellent officers full size die cast cap badge with two original lugs to the reverse. P for plated in the reverse of the crown. Circa 4.5cm tall. Sharp detail. Slight twisting to the lugs from service wear, otherwise in great and slightly silver toned condition. Circa 4.6mm tall.

As worn by Officers of the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th Territorial Battalions.

K&K Vol 2 No 1748 refers.

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Victorian QVC Militia Battalions Universal Other Ranks White Metal Shako Badge

A die struck Victorian white metal other ranks shako badge with two original brass loops to the reverse. It comprises the Royal Crest to the centre of a Garter Strap upon a crowned multi-rayed star plate. Circa 8.1cm tall and 6.6cm wide.

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6th (Territorial ) Battalion Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Blackened Brass Cap Badge, Kings Crown

A king 's crown blackened brass cap badge with original slider to the reverse. Attractively worn through on the highpoints to the brass below otherwise in very good condition.

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The Hertfordshire Regiment (Territorials) Officers OSD Bronze Cap Badge - Ludlow

The Hertfordshire Regiment OSD Cap Badge (narrow antlers variety) with two original blades to the reverse and maker marked Ludlow London. In excellent condition.

Ludlow primarily made officers badges and this would have been a private purchase item. King's crown so pre 1952. Ludlow naming for mid 1933 onwards


Sold to Gerard

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7th (Territorial ) Battalion The Kings Liverpool Regiment Silver Plated Collar Badge - Gaunt

A die cast silver plated officer's collar badge (marked P for plated) to the reverse and also maker marked JR Gaunt London. With two original loops to the reverse. In lovely condition. This pattern worn between 1926 and 1938 only. Scarce.

Dimensions 4cm wide exactly at edges of scroll - the widest part, 3.85cm tall. gap between lugs: 2.7cm gap (inside measurement of each lug) 3.15cm outer edge of each lug. Weight crica 8 grams.


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2nd Somerset Rifle Volunteers NCOs Cross Belt and Pouch complete with Badges, Chain, Whistle and other fittings

Scarce Victorian NCOs brown leather cross-belt and pouch complete with all fittings (except missing one nut from the two which secure the whistle housing). The cross-belt plate being a strung bugle to the centre of a crowned circlet bearing the title, 2nd.Battn.Somerset Rifle Volunteers, within a wreath of laurel. The belt is complete with the lion-head boss and two-strand chain connected to the whistle and holder. The pouch has the original tinned liner and bears the rifle volunteers strung bugle. Whistle has only one of two screw-bolts to the reverse, otherwise all present and correct, and the leather work is remains supple but with signs of much service wear and with a few scuff marks and small tear to the inside leather, which does not detract as it is not visible. Scarce.


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4th ( Cumberland & Westmorland ) Territorial Battalion The Border Regiment Other Ranks White Metal Cap Badge

A die-struck white metal issue on its original slider. The pattée arms of the cross have been blinged-up by the soldier who owned it, with the tip of a pin or pin head to increase the shine when worn by removing the stipple dot background. It is only really obvious close up. A post 1908 issue. The TA Modifications reflected in the price!


K&K No 1725 refers.

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