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WW2 - 3rd Infantry Division (The Chindits) Formation Sign

A woven yellow on blue embroidered Chinthern formation sign sewn to a circle of jungle green cloth backing. Removed from uniform, so shows some signs of wear and an odd moth graze otherwise in good condition.

The Chindits, whose exploits in Burma in WW2 are well known were led by Major- General Orde Wingate and they made history with their airborne and jungle penetration expeditions. Became part of the Fourteenth Army.

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Rare WW2 North African Campaign Beja Battle Badge

Scarce WW II example of the red felt and aluminum award badge with original brooch pin to the reverse. A German tank pierced by a sword and the name plate "Beja" to the centre of a shield. Locally made in Tunis in North Africa from a design by the C.O of 172nd. Field Regiment Royal Artillery, Lt. Col. Graham DSO, it was awarded to some men of 155 Battery Royal Artillery and a few of the 5th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment after their heroic action against German Armour at Beja in North Africa. It is estimated that no more than 200 were made.

The badge is a white metal shield with a red felt centre with a white metal Tiger tank pierced by a crusader's sword ( sign of 1st Army ). Small plate inscribed Beja in top right corner. It measures circa 5.1cm by 7cm tall and has the original pin fitting to the reverse. It was worn unofficially by both regiments on the right breast pocket or right arm below 46th Division sign to mark this incredibly brave action. (Source: Norman Litchfield article MHS Journal May 1982).

BoBD No 827 refers.

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XIV West Yorkshire (14th Foot) Regimental Designation Flash Formation Sign - Woven Yellow on Purple Rectangle

In very good condition and scarce.

Recorded as having been worn in WW2 by the 2/5th Battalion and the 11th Battalion.

BoBD No 701 refers.

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Durham Army Cadet Force (ACF) Embroidered Felt Battalion Numbers

As worn by ACF numbers, DLI colours red on rifle green, for 1,4,5 and 6. The 1 with battledress cloth backing and removed from uniform. The numbers 4,5 and 6 in unissued condition with black paper backings.

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Cold War / National Service Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) No 1 Training Battalion Cloth Shoulder Flash Designation Slip-on

A red slip-on with a central black bar, worn from the late 1950s by trainees of No 1 Training Battalion, RAOC. The material used is typical of that illustrated in Jon Mills Badges on Battledress (see Vol 2 page 920).

BoBD no 4535 refers.

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2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment Lance Corporal's Brassard - The Poachers

On camo material in good condition with some traces of white bluetack to reverse.

During the Yugoslav Wars, the 2nd Battalion was deployed as part of the 7th Armoured Brigade to Bosnia in April 1994 as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force UNPROFOR. During the tour, Corporal Andrew Rainey became one of the first ever non-officers to win the Military Cross, for his actions during a heavy contact between 3 Platoon, A Company and a Bosnian Serb Army unit on the confrontation line in the north of the Maglaj Finger.

The 7th Armoured Brigade returned for another tour-of-duty in 1997, joining IFOR's NATO replacement known as SFOR. After the Kosovo War in 1999, the 7th Armoured Brigade returned to the Balkans for a tour-of-duty in Kosovo in 2000, based in the capital Pristina. The brigade returned to Kosovo the following year.

Nicknamed The Poachers, the 2nd Battalion inherited this title from the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment upon amalgamation in 1964 who in turn took it from their Regimental March "The Lincolnshire Poachers".

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Lincolnshire Regiment Roman Numeral X (10) Embroidered Cloth Regimental Battledress Flash / Formation Sign

A circular cloth black disk circa 5cm in diameter with an embroidered numeral X for the 10th Regiment of Foot. Worn by various battalions of the regiment and also 102 LAA (ex 7th Lincolns) during WW2. Also worn by some officers of the 6th battalion on the khaki beret during the Italian campaign. Hessian backed. Some edge wear and fraying to left hand-side otherwise in good condition.

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63rd Gurkha Infantry Brigade Formation Sign - Printed White on Dark Green

Removed from uniform. Has a centre fold from storage / wear. White on Green (small at circa 4.5cm by 3.7cm). Acquired from a former Gurkha officer. Based in Malaya.

BoBD No 4708 refers.


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63rd Gurkha Infantry Brigade Formation Sign - Printed White on Green

Printed, in unissued condition. Circa 6cm by 4.8cm. Some minor fraying to edges but otherwise in very good condition. Based in Malaya.

BoBD No 4708


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99th Gurkha Infantry Brigade Cloth Formation Sign - Printed White on Brown

Removed from uniform, central crease otherwise in good condition. Acquired from a former Gurkha officer. Circa 5cm by 4.1cm. Based in Malaya.

BoBD No 4712 refers.


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