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Boer War Reserve Regiment, Royal Irish Fusiliers (RIF) Cap Badge

An attractive two piece bi-metal cap badge with two original dark toned copper loops to reverse (a little bit bent but fully functional). Brass grenade with white metal shamrock mounted on grenade. Minor blemishing to gilding metal finish on grenade otherwise very good condition. Circa 6.3cm tall. Scarce.

During the South African War of 1899 - 1902, Reserve Regiments were formed and this one of the series of such badge.

K&K Vol 1 no 1133 refers.


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Boer War - 31st Battalion Imperial Yeomanry ( Fincastles Horse ) Bi Metal Slouch Hat Cap Badge

A rare, bi-metal, cap badge for The 31st battalion of The Imperial Yeomanry (Fincastle's Horse). A white metal five pointed star mounted by a brass strap inscribed “Fincastle’s Horse” with “31” to centre. Two original dark toned lugs to the reverse and with three braising / sweat holes to the reverse of the circlet. Circa 3.3cm across and In excellent condition. Of Scottish interest. Raised by Lord Fincastle, V.C. ( later the Earl of Dunmore) who had won his Victoria Cross in the Tirah Campaign. He served with the 16th Lancers and also served in South Africa during the Boer War and served in the First World War. He died in 1962.

The Scottish papers reported on January 21, 1902 Recruiting for Fincastle's Horse Stopped: Orders have been received from the War Office at the recruiting centres in Scotland to the effect that no more men are to be enlisted for Fincastle's Horse...It may be added that the new force is the 31st Battalion of the Imperial Yeomanry. It was of battalion strength. and again on the
18 April, 1902 (Departure of Fincastle's Horse): "The corps, which was formed at the beginning of the year at the insistence of the nobleman whose name it bears, has been hard at work during the last three and a half months, with the result that it now goes on active service as one of the fittest battalions of Yeomanry ever raised during the present war....as far as training can make them so, Fincastle's Horse are in the best of condition mentally and physically for active service. When the battalion was raised, the enlistments amounted to about 1000 men, and as only 600 were required to make up the regiment, the remainder were sent off to Aldershot to join the corps there. Thus the 31st Battalion was in a sense a corps d'elite to start with."

K&K Vol 1 No 1406 refers.


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Boer War vintage 4th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry ( I.Y. ) triangular cloth slouch hat badge

Embroidered red on purple triangular felt slouch hat badge. Circa 8cm across the base. Pre 1908. No moth, tears or wear. Scarce.

The 4th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry served in South Africa during the Boer War, initially in Orange Free State, and comprised of the following companies:

6th ( Staffordshire ) Company, raised 1900
7th ( Leicestershire ) Company, raised 1900
8th ( Derbyshire ) Company, raised 1900
28th ( Bedfordshire ) Company, raised 1900; also known as Compton's Horse; perpetuated 19 Sept 1901 by Bedfordshire Imperial Yeomanry
41st ( Hampshire ) Company, transferred 1902 from 12th Battalion
104th ( Derbyshire ) Company, raised 1901
106th (Staffordshire) Company, raised 1901

Comm FB

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Boer War Vintage United South Africa Miners Patriotic Gilt Gold Prospectors Brooch Pin

Registered Design No 396342 (1902-3) to reverse. Original pin and fittings, fully functional. Design comprises a plough, pick and shovel with a 'gold nugget' on the shovel. Spade engraved 'United South Africa'. Some wear to gilt finish and scratches to the reverse otherwise in very good condition. Scarce.


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Boer War / WW1 Vintage Union Flag Printed Patriotic Handkerchief

This came with an 18th Hussars Boer War handkerchief and it looks and feels about right for a pre WW1 item. Printed on cotton, neatly folds to fit the pocket. Some very light foxing to cloth in a few places otherwise in very good condition. Circa 40cm square.

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South African Boer War Veterans Enamel and Gilt Lapel Old Comrades (OCA ) Badge

Worn by veterans of the 1899 - 1902, 2nd Boer War with original horse shoe fitting for wearing in the lapel. Enamel undamaged and gilt bright. Maker marked Fenwick (feint stamping) / Birm ( Birmingham ) to rear. Circa 23mm in diameter. Slight wear to gilt otherwise in very good condition.


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Boer War Peace Medallion - Tynemouth ( Northumberland ) Friendly Society - Lord Roberts

Scarce finely cast pewter medallion in shape of Maltese cross, 38mm tall included fixed suspension ring, almost mint, never seen one in quite as good condition as this. A lovely item.


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A Gentleman in Khaki Vintage Boer War Brass Trivet

A rare item to find, in brass and 22cm long and good used condition, with signs of polishing. Its one defect is a single and small old edge split in the brass near gun butt that has not gone through and the structure is still strong (see photo).

Originally used for standing hot irons on, this would now look good mounted on a wall for display.


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1st Battalion Essex Regiment Boer War Made Souvenir Large Silk Handkerchief

In exceptional condition for age, and printed on the finest silk. Made in Maritzburg, South Africa, with dates of engagements up to 26th February 1901. Folded, but clean and in lovey condition with no foxing, damage or repairs. The very slightest blemish on one border, otherwise it is as good as the day it was made. Large at 20 inches square. Some enterprising printer has targeted the soldiers of the regiment with this wonderful souvenir. Please note the odd colour on the edge of the top of the first photo is just the effect of the flash on the silk. It is not there in reality.


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Field Marshal Earl Roberts Edwardian Silk Embroidered Edwardian Postcard

Stevenographs are silk-woven pictures which were made popular by a Coventry silk weaver Thomas Stevens (1828-1888). Stevens used his improved version of the Jacquard loom to weave coloured silk pictures and illustrations. His family continued producing them from his factory after his death. Royalty and Boer War subjects were particularly popular. They are very sought after today.

This Stevenograph postcard of Lord Roberts is one such item. The image shows some signs of age but they are still bright and attractive. Some discoloration to mount. Postally unused and scarce. Would look attractive in a frame but remember not to put it in a place of strong sunlight.


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