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Edwardian Durham Light Infantry (DLI) Horseshoe Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge

Has a lot of knocks to the hollow silver construction, possibly a replacement pin. Circa 3.5cm tall. Hallmarked silver with Birmingham assay marks for 1907.


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WW2 Royal Air Force (RAF) Silver & Enamel Pilots Wing Sweetheart Brooch

A good quality classical style large wing, the reverse impressed " Sterling " and with maker's details "T.L.M." ( Thomas Lynton Mott ). Very good condition, dark toned, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. Width circa 53mm.


Code: 62085Price: 30.00 GBP

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WW1 Mother of Pearl ( MOP ) WW1 Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Sweetheart from Bethlehem, Palestine

Superb piece of history same size as collar, hand carved in mother of pearl, obviously sold to Aussie soldiers passing through or visiting Bethlehem prior to being dispatched to battle fields around the world in excellent condition.

Sold to PG

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WW1 - 72nd Canadian CEF (Vancouver) Battalion Sterling Silver & Enamel Sweetheart Pin Brooch Badge - Tiptaft

In great condition, a silver maple leaf design bearing a Stag's head "72" between the antlers with motto below "Cuidich 'n Righ" (Aid the King) with sharp detail and no damage to enamel (pardon the flash). Original pin fittings (possible small repair to the barrel pin), fully functional, reverse stamped Sterling Silver and maker marked JWT (J W Tiptaft & Son Ltd Birmingham).


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WW2 Home Front Auxiliary Territorial Service ATS Official Issue ( Mufti ) Numbered Silver Badge

A good original Second World War unmarked small silver badge, the reverse impressed with official issue number "17132". Original pin fixing and c clasp to reverse, although pin fixing could be a bit tighter - a common feature with this variant. In very good condition. 2.3cm tall.

Comm FB

Code: 61924Price: 25.00 GBP

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RAF Royal Air Force Brass OCA Old Comrades Lapel Buttonhole Badge, Kings Crown

A late 1918 Great War early 1920s transitional period Royal Air Force brass example. Dark toned but in good condition. King's Crown.

Comm JT

Code: 61916Price: 12.00 GBP

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Order of St John White Metal Cufflinks

A nice matched pair of white metal, unmarked (most probably silver) cufflinks in very good condition. Some age to them.

Comm GM

Code: 61909Price: 10.00 GBP

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Irish Celtic Cultural Revival Tara Type Brooch - Gilt and Semi Precious Stones

A lovely delicate brooch with original and fully functional pin fittings, registered design no 554976 and maker marked WC&S in a shamrock shaped stamp to reverse. Mounted on a thick piece of green felt. Inset with semi-precious stones and finely engraved with ancient Irish designs. In very good condition. A fine item to wear on St Patrick's Day.

Comm GM

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Boer War Vth Northumberland Fusiliers Silver Hallmarked Watch Fob Sweetheart OCA Badge

Birmingham hallmarks for 1900 (letter a) to the reverse and with sterling lion stamps to the fixing and loop. The regimental badge of St George slaying the dragon the Roman numeral V for the 5th Regiment of Foot (Northumberland Fusiliers) and the regimental motto Quo Fata Vocant on a scroll below. The words "Grip Fast" engraved on the garter circlet. In superb condition.

'Grip Fast' is the motto of the Scottish Leslie Clan / Family. See:


Worthy of further research.

Comm GM

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WW1 5th Battalion London Rifle Brigade Silver & Enamel Regimental Sweetheart Pin Brooch Badge

A fine quality First World War period '5th Battalion London Rifle Brigade' sweetheart brooch, unmarked silver (with gilt wash) example bearing the 'Royal Arms' within a title circlet with 'South Africa 1900-02' honour, the reverse maker marked 'Agnew' and with fully functional original pin fittings and top ring bent over most likely for the fitment of a safety chain, In superb good condition. with no damage to the enamel. Circa 48mm tall.

Comm GM

Code: 61898Price: 48.00 GBP

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