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15th (Scottish Volunteer) Battalion (Territorials) The Parachute Regiment Officers Silver Plated Cap Badge on Correct Tartan Cloth Backing

A Queen's crown officers silver plated die cast cap badge with two loops and two layers of " Hunting Stewart " tartan to the reverse, secured with cotter pin. Minor plating loss and some twisting to one lug from service wear.


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American Special Forces Intensive Rangers Training Qualification Award Embroidered White on Black Cloth Skull

A rare item, awarded to selected personnel from the American 2nd Infantry Division who attended an intensive Ranger training course at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, between 12th April 1943 and 5th June 1943 only. A white wool skull with a white overstitched border on black wool felt backing - it has been cut to shape from the black disc, some minor traces of white bluetack to the reverse, otherwise in very good condition. Circa 3.1cm tall and 2.4cm wide. See the following site:


Which confirms that those who successfully completed the course were presented with a certificate and a striking sleeve emblem of a white skull on a black circular background. The insignias had been made by hand by the wives and other women associated with the Division. A rare thing.

Often confused with the the scull of a similar type worn by No 3 Commando's 4 Troop. This confusion is not helped by Peter Taylor who illustrates the pattern listed here as an item of No 3 Commando.

See Formation Sign No 256 (October 2014).

Comm GrH

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WW2 Parachute Regiment White Metal Cap Badge

In un-issued condition with two original loops to the reverse. Un-voided crown. Some slight twisting to lugs. Sharp detail. A cracker!

Comm JT

Code: 61920Price: 45.00 GBP

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Cold War BRIXMIS Embroidered Cloth Formation Sign Patch

In unissued condition, this is a later ordnance made machined issue worn right up until the collapse of the Warsaw Pact in the early 1990s. Fascinating hotch-potch unit legitimately allowed to drive around East Germany including attached SAS men. Really good blog summary on the unit's activities at the URL below:



Code: 61841Price: 45.00 GBP

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WW2 Glider Pilot Regiment (Army Air Corps) Officers OSD Matched Facing Pair of Bronze Collar Badges

A matched facing pair of bronzed die cast collar badges with two original loops to the reverse of each. Eagle in AAC title wreath, king's crown. Lacquered to front. Colour matched also. In superb condition.


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Selection of Amercian Special Forces Airborne Parachute and Army Cloth and Metal Insignia Flashes

six items, including two chromed metal pin badges. No idea as to age, all looks fairly new to me, or as I saw the 66th Infantry Black Panther Division Patch described on another site as NOS (new old stock). It would have to be as it was only active 1943-45. Anyway it all seems well made, with retaining clasps for pins, makers numbers to reverse of all metal items and tails taped over on most of the cloth items. Special forces interest as it includes a two part title for US 1st Special Forces Command Airborne Patch, full size Army Master Parachute Wing Badge, etc.

Code: 61759Price: 30.00 GBP

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WW2 - No 9 Commando Matched Pair of Embroidered Felt Cloth Shoulder Titles

White on black, with no moth or damage. In unissued condition.

Formed from Scottish Command. Saw service predominately in the Mediterranean, Albania, Yugoslavia , Greece and Italy.

Comm GrH

Code: 61726Price: 45.00 GBP

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British Army Qualified Parachutist (Operational) Embroidered Cloth Wings

Unissued condition, from a collection put together in the 1990s. Glue back and mint.

Edwards & Langley No 87 refers.


Code: 61668Price: 8.00 GBP

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WW2 Parachute Regiment Veteran White Metal & Enamel Old Comrade Association (OCA) Lapel Badge

In superb condition with original horseshoe fitting, stamped JR Gaunt London. White metal (possibly unmarked silver plate) with no damage to finish or blue enamel lettering. Wings circa 4cm wide. A lovely thing.


Code: 61661Price: 55.00 GBP

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D-Day 6th June 1944 - Unofficial Issue Beach Ordnance Woven Embroidered Shoulder Title

A rare, removed from battledress, embroidered red on dark blue navy felt shoulder title. In good condition with no moth or damage. Also worn with the 'Beach Parties' red anchor in red circle below.

Beach Groups were made up of Support Arms with Infantry protection to provide front line support during the Normandy Landings, and were only intended to be active for up to six weeks. Personnel also had white bands painted on their helmets. Two ROAC Ordnance Beach Detachments ( OBD) were deployed on each Normandy Beach Sector, comprising ammunition and stores platoons. The first detachment going ashore within hours of D-Day Zero Hour, the second detachment up to 12 hours later in reserve.

Jon Mills BoBD No 3088 refers and he states this was one of a series of unofficial issues worn by support arms.

Comm GrH

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