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Rare WW2 Special A Service Airborne Armoured Unit Embroidered White on Dark Blue Cloth Shoulder Title

Three Special Service Companies, (later designated as Squadrons) were raised in July 1941 with the designation of A, B and C. They were raised from volunteers drawn from the cavalry regiments of the 2nd Armoured Brigade (The Queens Bays, 9th Royal Lancers and 10th Royal Hussars). The idea was to train the men in the use of glider borne light tanks which was under investigation at the time.

A Squadron was disbanded in 1942. B Squadron was used in the invasion of Madagascar in May 1942 and later went to India where it was absorbed by 146 Royal Armoured Corps. C Squadron was reformed in June 1942 as the Airborne Light Tank Squadron. It saw service on D Day as the 1st Airborne Light Tank Squadron allocated to the 6th Airborne Division.

The title comes in very good condition. Some traces of paste remaining to the reverse. Worn July 1941 to June 1942 only. Rare.

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Unofficial WW2 Pattern South Staffordshire Regiment Airborne Shoulder Title

Unofficial embroidered Airborne yellow on maroon SOUTH STAFFORD shoulder title. In unissued condition. Loose hessian black mesh to reverse and some white bluetack marks.

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Scarce WW2 1st SAS (Special Air Service ) Embroidered Cambridge Blue Maroon Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

This is a scarce 1st SAS (Special Air Service) embroidered shoulder title removed from uniform. It is in very good condition but has some white bluetack to reverse.

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Rare Glider Pilot Regiment Woven Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

A post war battledress shoulder title, removed from uniform, now a bit grubby and some staining but very hard to come by. The light blue backing is now more brown in colour. Glider facing left. Circa 11.8cm wide and 4.4cm tall. Some traces of white bluetack to the reverse.

Comm GrH

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WW2 Commando Woven White on Black Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Hessian backed, white more of an off white now but in good condition with a light bluetack trace to the reverse.

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Malayan Emergency Special Forces Cap Badge - Senoi Praq Circa 1960s

Die cast two part consturction white metal cap badge with painted green background. In very good condition. Faults - slight paint chip to bottom left of sunburst and some slight damage to rays of sunburst on the rear section of the badge, not visible from the front (see photos). Circa 4.9cm tall with two original loops to the reverse. This is the second pattern badge with crossed blowpipes. Rare and of special forces interest as they were SAS trained.

The Senoi Praaq (spelt PRAQ on the badge) was the brainchild of Colonel Noone in Military Intelligence and also a member of the British Administration in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency. He pressed for the formation of the Senoi Praaq as a deterrent force to stop the communist influence over the remote Orang Asli settlements in the deepest jungles. In 1956 General Gerald Templer agreed to the formation of the Senoi Praaq as an arm of the Department of Aborigines (DOA).

The unit was established in May 1956, and Colonel Noone was made the commanding officer, serving from 1957 until 1961. The Malayan Emergency was officially declared over in 1960.

The Senoi Praaq started as a small unit and originally served as a Special Air Service (SAS) auxiliary, with an initial 20 recruits. This soon grew to 40 with recruits from Surrendered Enemy Personnel. The original 40 troopers were trained by British units including by the SAS, in particular by Major John Slim. Training lasted three months and covered firearms and small units tactics, in particular ambush tactics, with the SAS concept of speed and surprise ingrained right from the start.

Although the Senoi Praaq troopers were given a choice of weapons, they reportedly enjoyed scoring kills using their traditional weapons - the blowpipe being a favourite. They were absorbed into the Royal Malaysian Police in 1968 as a special operations unit.


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WW2 Commando Special Forces Combined Operations Printed Formation Designation Sign Flash

Removed from uniform, in very good condition.


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WW2 Printed 44th Indian Airborne Division Faicing Pair Formation Signs, uncut.

An original standard printed Pegasus with INDIA underneath. Facing and uncut. It is hard to find a matched facing pair. In very good unissued condition.


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WW2 Royal Ulster Rifles (RUR) Plastic Economy Issue Cap Badge

An economy plastic issue cap badge to the Royal Ulster Rifles. The RUR's 1st Battalion served with the 6th Airborne Division in North West Europe. This variation has an officially-applied silver paint finish and is in excellent condition with only minor warping / distortion and both original blades to the reverse.


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Scarce Airborne Version - Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Field Ambulance ( RAMC ) Embroidered Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Yellow on maroon, in good condition except for a moth graze to front below the O. Jon Mills confirms this pattern was worn by soldiers of the Corps serving with 181st Air Landing Field Ambulance. Scarce.

BoBD No 2167 refers

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