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QOH (Queens Own Hussars) NCOs Bullion Arm Badge QEII Pattern Crown

Queen's crown silver bullion wire embroidered NCO's sleeve badge. The " Q O " cypher surmounted by a red inset crown on a blue backing. In very good condition. Pre 1993.

Peter Seaman p88 / Linaker & Dine Colour Plate & p83 refer.


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12th Royal Lancers NCOs Silver Plated Arm Badge With Black Backing and Backing Plate

Large POW feathers in unmarked silver plated white metal with three original loops to the reverse, the black felt backing as worn by the 12th Royal (Prince of Wales's Own) Lancers and brass backing plate with securing cotter pins. Some polishing to high points of plumes and green spots of verdigris on one side of the brass backing plate. A nice example and it came like this. Also worn following amalgamation by the 9th /12th Lancers but they tended to be in chrome. Circa 5.5cm tall without backings.

Linaker & Dine p96-98 refer.

Comm FB

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13th / 18th Royal Hussars ( Queen Mary's Own) NCOs Silver Bullion Cloth Mess Dress Arm Badge

As worn from 1960 until 1992 (when the regiment was amalgamated as the Light Dragoons), a silver bullion QMO monogram on circular black felt backing. Circa 4.4cm in diameter including backing cloth (monogram only is 32mm by 33mm). A little bit tarnished and dusty looking otherwise in very good condition. Some blue material stuck to reverse.

Linaker & Dine Colour Plate D and p112 refer.


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3rd Dragoon Guards White Metal NCO White Metal Arm Badge - Corporals / Trumpeters issue

A die struck white metal arm badge with horizontal motto scroll, with two original loops (east - west) to reverse. In very good condition. A large pattern is shown against this badge for scale purposes only, it is not for sale with this badge. Circa.44mm wide by 40mm tall.

See Plate 8.11 in Linaker & Dine which features this badge which apparently was also worn by Trumpeters.


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The 3rd Kings Own Hussars NCOs White Metal Arm Badge (Variant)

A fine scarce large die struck silver plated arm badge variant ("butch" horse variety!). Two original loops to the reverse. Lugs slight twisted in otherwise in very good condition (the rear leg is not fractured). Circa 37mm tall and 71mm wide.


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21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers Cast White Metal NCOs Rank Arm Badge - Stippled Version

A semi die cast white metal arm badge, with a hollow behind the crown and with two original loops (n-s) to the reverse. This pattern is specifically described in Linaker and Dine on page 141 as having central stippling on the V, which splits and follows into the main leaves at the top of the letter. Circa 62mm tall and 34mm wide. In very good condition and scarce. Worn 1900 - 1929 only, from which time the 17/21L arm badge was adopted.

Linaker & Dine Plate 44.1, Item D refers.


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The Queen's Royal Lancers NCO's Mess Dress Bullion Motto

A good modern white and silver embroidered skull and bones with "OR GLORY" across the butts. On red felt backing with two integral anodised loops to the reverse. See final photo for an image of it being worn on a mess dress tunic. In very good condition.


Sold to PG

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Worcestershire Hussars ( Yeomanry ) NCOs Full Dress Bullion Arm Badge

A large gold bullion on red felt oval backing cloth. An old small cloth repair to right hand-side otherwise in very good condition with bright colours and no fading or damage to bullion. Circa 7cm tall.


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9th / 12th Lancers Bullion Mess Dress NCO Arm Badge

Mess dress NCO's POW bullion rank badge worn on the arm. On black backing cloth. Worn from 1960 onwards. Circa 45mm tall and 45mm wide including the backing cloth. Part number / army number in white lettering to the reverse.

Linaker & Dine Colour Plate C refers.


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9th / 12th Royal Lancers Crewman / Class 1 Tradesman Brass Armoured Car Arm Badge on Black Felt Backing Cloth

A good scarce die cast gilded metal example of the Rolls Royce Armoured Car, as worn by all ranks. Two original loops to the reverse. Worn on right sleeve. With correct black felt backing and in very good condition.

Edwards & Langley No 74A refers.


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