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Indian Army - Punjab Frontier Force Officers Frosted Silver Plated Bridle Bit Boss Badge

A simply stunning frosted silver plated officers bridle bit boss badge (same pattern as the Martingale Badge), rivet posts neatly filled back. Colonel's quality! Finely cast brass which as been plated. No wear to plate. Kings Crown over garter inscribed "PUNJAB FRONTIER FORCE" thistle, rose, shamrock in centre.

A martingale badge is described in General Sir John Chapple's Indian Army Collection on p88 to the 21st PAVO Cavalry Frontier Force (Daly's Horse) which matches this design exactly in white metal. Worn 1903 - 1922. Circa 8.2cm tall. Rare.


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Indian Air Force (IAF) Match Pair of Embroidered Cloth Collar Badges

A matched pair of blue and red embroidered threads on black felt discs. In very good condition.


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Indian Air Force (IAF) Embroidered Pilot Wing

Full wing, embroidered, in very good condition.


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WW2 India - Corp of Guides Majors Embroidered Regimental Rank Shoulder Slide

Khaki Drill beige embroideredsip on with with red thread. In very good condition. Trace of glue to the reverse.


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Indian Army - 16th Bombay Native Infantry Regiment Brass Die Struck Glengarry Badge

A quality UK made yellow brass metal die struck cap badge with two original brass lugs to the reverse (east-west). Circa 5.9cm tall. Battle honour for Afghanistan. Worn 1882 - 1885 only (according the IMHS J.Chappell collection listing). Rare.


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Ceylon Armoured Corps Bi-Metal Cap Badge

A gilding metal badge with white metal overlays, with two original loops to the reverse. Sharp detail and in very good condition. The badge depicts their association with the Queen's Dragoon Guards. Worn 1958 - 1972. Scarce.

With formation of the Ceylon Army, a cavalry arm was considered and to this end the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron was established on October 10, 1955 under the command of Major (later General) D. S. Attygalle, LVO who would go on to become the commander of the Sri Lankan Army. With its expansion to a formation reconnaissance regiment in 1958, thus becoming the Ceylon Armoured Corps and the first armoured unit of the Ceylon Army. The 1st Reconnaissance Regiment became allied to and inherited the traditions of the Queen's Dragoons Guards of the British Army. The regimental headquarters was moved from Echelon Barracks to Rock House Army Camp in Colombo in 1957, which it still occupies.

The CAC was deployed on several occasions in the 1950s and 1960s on flood relief and internal security operations. It was deployed for combat operations during the 1971 Insurrection against the JVP first in Kurunegala and thereafter in Anuradhapura. When Sri Lanka became a republic in 1972, the CAC became the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.


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Ceylon Light Infantry (CLI) White Metal Collar Badge with Pagri Slider Fitting

A scarce collar badge of the CLI with an original small slider to reverse, presumably for wear in the sun helmet pagri band or field service cap - no signs of lugs ever having been fitted. Circa 2.6cm tall (excluding slider). Worn circa 1881 - 1949.

Renfrew et al Vol 2 No 2151 refers.


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Indian Army - 104th Wellesley Rifles Officers Hallmarked Silver Pouch Belt Badge, 1903 - 1922

A stunning hallmarked silver full dress belt plate as worn by officers of the 104th Wellesley Rifles from 1903 until 1922. With matching Birmingham Hallmarks with date letter 'f' for 1905 to front and to the reverse of the solid silver backplate and also maker's details 'JRG & S' (JR Gaunt & Sons). Three of three original screw posts to the reverse with their original retaining nuts and washers. . Circa 9.5cm tall. Sharp detail with no polishing. Scarce.

A Maltese Cross within a wreath, solid ground, no lions at arms of cross, bugle horn at centre, king's crown above, BOURBON on scroll beneath crown, SERINGAPATAM, KANDAHAR 1880 / MOOLTON, AFGHANISTAN 1879-80 / PUNJAB, CENTRAL INDIA / MYSORE, BENI BOO ALI, HYDERADAB on arms of cross, PERSIA, BUSHIRE, RUSHIRE, KOOSHAB, BRITISH EAST AFRICA 1898 on scrolls on wreath, KIRKEE, BRUMA 1885-1887, ABYSSINIA on scrolls beneath. Description and identification from the Sir John Chapple catalogue collection listing, page 196. he also states this pattern was also worn by the 123rd Outram's Rifles and 125th Napier's Rifles.

Previously recorded examples: h/m 1909 and 1910.


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Pakistan Army Punjab Regiment aa Anodised Aluminium Cap Badge

A light badge with two original tombstone style loops to the reverse. 2nd pattern badge. In very good condition.


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Pakistan Army Frontier Force Regiment aa Anodised Aluminium Cap Badge

A light aa badge with two tombstone style loops to the reverse. In good condition.


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