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Italy Italian Royal Air Force Brass Shoulder Board Badge Early WWII WW2 Army Regina Aeronautica Offices

Two screw posts but missing its securing nuts which tended to have the makers details A Binda Milano. In very good condition. Circa 52mm tall. Worn on the shoulder boards. Sometimes found with blue paint to the background of the crown, The cap badge tended to be made of cloth or bullion.


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NATO - Allied Air Forces - Southern Europe White Metal and Enamel Shield Breast / Hat Badge

An attractive St Marks Lion white metal and enamel shield breast / hat badge with two blade / prong fixings to reverse. In very good condition.


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NATO - Allied Naval Forces - Southern Europe Gilt & Enamel Breast Shield Pin Badge

Gilt and enamel with original and fully functional pin. In excellent condition.


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French 1st Regiment of Chasseurs Parachutistes Enamel Pin Badge

Insignia of 1er Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes
Maker marked DELSART 89100 SENS G2321. In very good condition.


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French 11th Battalion Chasseurs Alpins White Metal Cap Badge

White metal cap badge with two original integral loops to the reverse. Maker marked Delsart 89100 SENS. In very good condition with sharp detail. Circa 3.5cm tall. One of France's alpine troop battalions.


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Woven Netherlands Dutch 4th Division Cloth Flash Formation Sign

Removed from uniform, embroidered green four leaf clover on a black rectangle. Circa 4.5cm by 4cm. In very good condition. my grateful thanks to Henk for the identification.

The division was founded on February 1, 1953 and consisted of the 41st, 42nd and 43rd infantry regiments. Parts of the division fought in what was then New Guinea. The cloverleaf was chosen as a symbol of unity and interconnectedness

See here for more information on this and other Dutch formation signs:



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Saudi Arabian Air Force Medical Corpsman Gilt Collar Badge

Two part construction, on two prongs with two original screw fittings to reverse. In very good condition.


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Saudi Arabian Army Rank Star

On prongs with two press studs to reverse. In good condition.


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Russian Military Cap Badge - Copper Alloy and Enamel

Two long tabs to reverse for fixing in cap. In good condition. Thank you to Matt for the identification.

A two-headed eagle with a small red shield with image of St George slaying a dragon (patron saint of Russia)


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WW2 Hellenic Greek Armed Forces Theatre Made Sand Cast Cap Badge Military Cap Badge - Cast Brass and Enamel

Theatre made sand cast cap badge, damage to blue enamel to centre. One lug remaining, folded over. Still, a rare survivor of the exiled Greek forces operating in North Africa along side the Allied Forces. I have since discovered a similar badge in construction with an eagle below the coloured rondel, also sand cast as worn by the Greek air force operating in exile in North Africa. Thank you to Roy for the identification and responding to my badge identification challenge!

After the fall of Greece to the Axis powers in April–May 1941, elements of the Greek Armed Forces managed to escape to the British-controlled Middle East. There they were placed under the Greek government in exile, and continued the fight alongside the Allies until the liberation of Greece in October 1944. These are known in Greek history as the Greek Armed Forces in the Middle East. The 1st Greek Brigade was placed under British 50th Division, under whose command it participated in the Second Battle of El Alamein, before being transferred to the British 44th Division. The Brigade fought in the battle and the subsequent operations until 19 December, when it returned to Egypt. It suffered 89 dead and 228 wounded.


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