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9th / 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) Officers Bullion Beret Badge

A fine EIIR coloured silks and gold bullion officers' private purchase beret badge on red felt backing, removed from cap. Slightly moth grazing to front red backing but no holes, has some age to it. In very good condition,


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North Somerset Yeomanry Sterling Silver EDVIII Officers FS Cap / Collar Badge - Gaunt

On hold for PG

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Household Cavalry Officers Gilt Pouch Badge QEII Issue

a large fire gilt ammunition pouch badge with red felt backing cut to shape and with all three blades present to the reverse. Gilt bright (a few minor blemishes and minor wear to highpoints) with no damage and all the fiddly bits present and correct. Circa 11cm wide and 7cm tall.


Code: 61647Price: 75.00 GBP

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Scarce WW1 The Household Battalion Officers OSD Bronzed Cap Badge - Blades

WW1 War Raised Unit - Reservists from The Household Cavalry, c.1916 - 1918

A large bronzed die cast oval badge with two original blades to the reverse. Circa 5.6m tall. In very good condition. Scarce.

Strictly not a cavalry regiment, The Household Battalion was raised as an infantry battalion in September 1916 from reservists of the Household Cavalry ( 1st and 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards ) and served on the Western Front as part of the 4th Division.

K&K, Vol 1, No 733 refers.


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5th Royal Irish Lancers Officers Bronze OSD Cap Badge - Blades

A scarce OSD die cast Bronze cap badge with two original blades to the reverse. No damage to lances or pennons, correct font. Sharp detail. Pre 1922.

Please note that the 'rule' about not seeing any sign of the lances crossing below the 5 applies to other ranks bi-metal badges. Original OSD badges are found where the lances cross and where they do not.


Code: 61589Price: 185.00 GBP

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Lovat Scouts Yeomanry Officers Bronze OSD Small Pattern Cap / Collar Badge - Lambourne

A fire bronzed die cast small pattern officers cap / collar badge with two original loops to the reverse and maker marked Lambourne & Co, Birmingham. Circa 2.6cm in diameter. A rare badge in wonderful bright condition.


Code: 61585Price: 65.00 GBP

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Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Officers Silver Bullion Beret Badge, QEII Issue

In unissued condition, a well made and large private purchase silver bullion badge, circa 6.5cm tall including black wool backing cloth.


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Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) Officers Silver Bullion Beret Badge, QEII issue

In unissued condition, a well made private purchase silver bullion beret badge on black wool backing.


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Derbyshire Yeomanry Officers OSD Bronze Cap Badge with Blades. Kings Crown

A die cast bronze officer's cap badge with two original blades to the reverse. Circa 4cm tall and 4.4cm wide. In very good condition.

K&K Vol 1 No 1443 refers.


Code: 61222Price: 70.00 GBP

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Queens Own Worcestershire Imperial Yeomanry Officers Shoulder Belt & Pouch With Whistle and Gilt Fittings

A magnificent Officers shoulder belt plate and pouch with king's crown badge to pouch, indicating the period 1902 - 1908. Tan leather with gilt fittings, in near mint condition. Odd mark to leather, but nothing to worry about. The belt is complete with a fire gilt lion-head boss and two-strand gilt chain connected to the gilt whistle and holder.

The pouch has the original tinned liner and bears a bi-metal pouch badge. This badge has a scroll below it with the words "Worcestershire Imperial Yeomanry". All fittings have the correct screw-bolts to the reverse. Really scarce and in great condition.

Code: 61208Price: 365.00 GBP

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