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19th Royal Hussars (Queen Alexandra's Own) Other Ranks Brass Shoulder Title

Brass with two original hexagonal fixings to the reverse. Some twisting to fixings, still fully functional. otherwise in good condition. Pre 1922.

Westlake No 176 refers.


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WW1 - The Welsh (Yeomanry) Horse (Lancers) Bronze Shoulder Title

A die struck bronze shoulder title with two original hexagonal fixings to the reverse. In very good condition.

The unit was a war raised unit raised in South Wales in August 1914 and had effectively ceased to exist by 1917 as it was amalgamated with the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry.

Westlake No 361 refers.


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KEH / KODR King Edwards Horse / The Kings Overseas Dominions Regiment Brass Shoulder Title

A brass shoulder title for the 1st King Edward's Horse /The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment, with two original loop fastenings. As worn from 1910 until disbanded in 1924. Scarce.

During WW1 the Regiment was broken up serving in a variety of roles in France and Italy. Some became mounted orderlies and KODR became the 'King's Own Despatch Riders' to the jeers of the infantry.

Westlake No 204 refers


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SRY (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Pair of Officers Brass Shoulder Titles

An almost matched pair with two original loops to the reverse of each. Very slight colour variation. Worn from 1952 onwards. In excellent condition. Other Ranks wore a larger pattern (see Westlake No 223).

Westlake No 222 refers.


Code: 61838Price: 30.00 GBP

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3KOH 3rd Kings Own Hussars Officers Gilt Shoulder Title

Gilt Cast Brass Shoulder title with two original long tombstone style loops to the reverse and maker marked JR Gaunt London. Some staining to gilt finish otherwise in good condition. Pre 1958. Scarce.

Westlake No 87 refers.


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Boer War 16th Queens Lancers Theatre Cast Brass Shoulder Title

Scarce CAST brass shoulder title with 2 original integral loops to reverse. Allegedly these were cast in Ladysmith in 1900 during the siege 9but Westlake does not claim this).

Westlake No 164 refers.


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21st Lancers Large Pattern Brass Shoulder Title (not in Westlake)

Circa 3.6cm wide and 1.8cm tall, with two original loops to reverse and maker marked F Narborough / Maker (only part visible due to the way it has stamped out) and Birmingham below (very feint). This pattern not listed in Westlake.


Sold to PG (a pair)

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Inniskilling - 6th Inniskillings Dragoons Brass Shoulder Title, 1920 - 1926

A scarce brass shoulder title with two original loops to the reverse. In very good condition. introduced in 1920, but then the regiment was amalgamated in 1922 with the 5th Dragoon Guards and wore a new pattern shoulder title from 1926 onwards. Scarce.

Westlake No 98 refers.


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Large LS - Lovat Scouts Yeomanry Brass Shoulder Title

Circa 2cm tall and 3.1cm wide with two original hexagonal fixings to the reverse. In good condition.

Westlake No 357 refers.


Code: 60951Price: 55.00 GBP

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IX/XIIL 9th / 12th Queens Royal Lancers Brass Shoulder Title with Backing Plate

A brass shoulder title, roman numeral version of 9/12. With two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse, backing plate and cotter split pin. Slight twisting to lugs, otherwise in very good condition. Circa 4.6cm wide and 1cm tall (excluding the forward slash). Worn from 1960.

Westlake No 114 refers.


Code: 60677Price: 6.00 GBP

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