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WW1 Canadian 1st Ontario Bn CEF bi-metal cap badge - Hicks London

A good scarce bi metal two part construction example in bronze and white metal. Two original lugs to the reverse. Maker's tablet Hicks & Sons London to the reverse. Circa 4.5cm tall and 4.4cm wide. In very good condition.


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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Large Pattern Brass Cap Badge, Kings Crown

A large pattern die struck 3D cap badge with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 5.3cm tall. King's crown so pre 1952. Scarce.


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46th Canadian Militia Durham Regiment Brass Shoulder Title, pre 1914

Scarce brass shoulder title with makers details for Ellis and the dated 1913 to the reverse and two original flat style circular lugs. A beaver upon the motto scroll, " Semper Paratus " and the number "46" below. Circa 4.7cm wide and 2.7cm tall. Scarce.


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WW1 CEF 204th ( Toronto Canada ) Battalion Pair of Bronze Collar Badges - Maker Marked Ellis & Co

Slightly more wear to colour on one than the other but a matched pair with maker marks P.W. Ellis & Co. on both embossed on reverse, with two original lugs to each. One the collar badges has wear to top lug, but although damaged it is still functional. Each 3cm tall and 3.6cm wide.


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21st Alberta Hussars Pre 1914 Canadian Collar Badge

A single brass collar badge to the 21st Alberta Hussars, with two original loops to reverse. Braising metal around lugs with heavily verdigris, but does not affect front. Circa 3.8m tall.

Mazeas No MC 31 refers.

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WW1 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles ( British Columbia Horse ) Collar Badge

Brass with two original lugs to the reverse, one is slightly crushed but still functional.

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WW1 Canadian CEF 50th Overseas Infantry Battalion ( Calgary ) Bronze Cap Badge - Tiptaft UK maker

A bronze cap badge embossed Tiptaft (UK maker) to the bottom left of the reverse of the maple leaf. Two original lugs but these appear to have been nipped, possibly for ease of display. Otherwise in very good condition. Circa 4cm tall and 3.6cm wide. Babin No E50 refers.

The 50th Battalion (Calgary), CEF, was an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Great War. The 50th Battalion was authorised on 7 November 1914 and embarked for Britain on 27 October 1915. The battalion disembarked in France on 11 August 1916, where it fought as part of the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war.18 The battalion was disbanded on 30 August 1920. It took part in the action at Vimy Ridge and many others.

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WW1 / WW2 Canada Canadian General Service Cap Badge

Die struck in very good condition with original slider to the reverse (applied slightly off-centre). Sharp detail.

Comm JT

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50 / GORDON WW1 Canadian 50th Gordon Highlanders of Canada One Piece Gilt Brass Shoulder Title

A one piece brass shoulder title with two original loops to the reverse. Some wear to gilt finish otherwise in good condition.

The large and powerful pro-Scottish citizenry of Victoria appealed for the formation of a Highland regiment in Victoria to augment the 88th Regiment (Fusiliers), which had been formed in September 3rd, 1912. Thus on August 15th, 1913 the 50th Regiment (Gordon Highlanders) was authorized. Victorians of Scottish heritage immediately purchased equipment and uniforms to fully outfit 500 men.

The 88th Regiment Victoria Fusiliers and the 50th Regiment were placed on active service on August 10th, 1914 for local protective duty. These Regiments contributed to the 7th and 16th Battalions, Canadian Expeditionary Force, on their respective formation in September 1914. Later they recruited for the 48th, 67th, 88th 103rd, and 143rd Battalions, Canadian Expeditionary Force. The 16th Battalion (The Canadian Scottish) was formed from four companies of unrelated highland regiments. On the sea voyage to England the battalion was still dressed in four different styles, tartans and badges.

The 16th Battalion returned on the Empress of Britain on May 4, 1919 to find that, like most Canadian Expeditionary Force battalions, it had no regimental home. On May 7th in Winnipeg, it was demobilized. On March 15, 1920 General Order No. 30 reorganized Victoria’s 88th and 50th regiments into The Canadian Scottish Regiment.

Comm GM

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WW1 - 43rd CEF Cameron Highlanders of Canada (Winnipeg Battalion) Gilding Metal Cap Badge

A good stiff die struck badge with two original loops to the reverse and retaining cotter pin. In excellent condition.

Comm GM

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