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This decorative item of armour was most likely built for the stage or a film. Its work and age resembles that of the other theatrical armour we own associated with the Haunting Towers armourer. It would have originally been covered with fabric, most probably velvet, which would have made it rather splendid in appearance for stage with its brass pattern decoration. Although the fabric is now absent it still have all of its brass decoration with one or two rivets missing as photographed. It is shaped well and fits anatomically to the shoulder nicely. It has a simple buckle which would have fastened it to some other garment being worn by its perhaps intended actor or mannequin and a neatly rolled around on its plate surround. Its surface now resembles that of russeted steel and gives it an attractive look for display. It stands 7 inches tall and is 8 inches wide and was most likely to be worn for the right shoulder.

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Made for theatre or film use, these arms are very close in style and finish to the two suits of armour (one featured as our tenth photo) commissioned for the film "Huntingtower" (1926), still on display in Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, England. Our view is that they are the work of the same armourer and therefore made in the 1920s. They are exceptionally well made and make a great display.

This pair of arms have lovely rolled edges some of which are roped. A good cylindrical form and flexible articulation. An aged patina adds to their character. Best of all are the rotating upper cannons, a feature found on armours of the 16th century which raises these items above the norm. A few dents, but otherwise they are a good pair of arms. They would look great mounted on your wall, or are just good to demonstrate the armourer's art - especially the articulation and the rotating upper cannons. Suitable for display only.

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A beautifully pesented houndskull, has great influences in its design from the Lyle Bascinet of the Royal Armouries https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-M__aRm1tVAk/S2cDyITQVBI/AAAAAAAAAZE/lXxeC1Exu1M/s477/000feh12.jpeg

The helm and visor are welded in two halves and the visor is welded and has a thickness of 1.7 mm in both the visor and skull, keeping the cost low, but strength and design aesthetics are still amazing. The skull has a sharp medial ridge that bleeds out to nothing at the front of the skull and on the other side at the back of the skull halfway down. The ridge is ground sharp and straight and follows the ridge present on the beak of the visor that breaks out under the sights. The skull has all the holes pierced into it so its new owner can sew in a liner if they wish otherwise these holes are hidden by the aventail attached to its dyed red leather banding laced through cast brass vervelles of true form.

The visor is attached on a hinge pin system riveted through a conical rivet of a large size in keeping with military fashion of the time. retaining chains are now absent.

Most surviving bascinets allow the visor to be fully removed via using a hinge and pin.

Surrounding the visor is brass engraved by hand in what is referred to as wiggle work creating a line of a zig zagging pattern which is visible from a close distance. Under the visor is a similar band of brass with wiggle work which is also patterned with some punch work known as stippling to create a geometric pattern. The visor is well secured and articulates in the correct place allowing the visor to stay in its up position without assistance although this will loosen over time as with any constantly moving metal on metal part and may need a gentle tap to tighten this up again.

The aventail finishing this helm is of a 4 in 1 European weave with maille rings that have an interior diameter of 9 mm and 1.8 mm width. The rings are flattened and closed with a round rivet. The aventail was fashioned to fit this helmet from a coif purchased from Get Dressed For Battle, a reputable company for supplying good quality maille.

The helmet would fit a head circumference of 53 - 58 depending on how you would wish to pad and line it. Please note a liner is not included.

Suitable for wear at historical events or display as part of a collection of armour.

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