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Junior Imperial and Constitutional League Young Conservatives Membership Lapel Badge

A good example of an early political party badge for the Junior Imperial and Constitutional League. Crowned oval gilded brass badge, the central device being a lion within 'For Empire' patriotic title surmounted by the enamelled 'Flag of St George' and 'Union Jack Flag', the horseshoe title scrolls below inlaid with blue enamel; the reverse bearing maker's details W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd Birmingham. Very good condition, complete with original buttonhole lapel fitting, gilt remains bright, no damage to the enamel, lovely condition. Circa 2.4cm tall.

The 'Junior Imperial and Constitutional League' was formed in 1906 with objectives to encourage practical political work and organisation among the young Conservatives in Britain.

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WW2 Home Front - Boy Scouts National Service 1939-45 War Service Cloth Uniform Badge

An original Second World War period Boy Scouts National Service badge, this is the larger rectangle version bearing yellow embroidered - N Crown S - on red woven cloth backing and a black hessian lining. In excellent bright condition. Circa 6.4cm wide and 2.9cm tall.

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WW1 Home Front - 1914 Dated Boy Scouts War Service Woven Felt Cloth Breast Badge

The Boy Scouts 1914 War Service stripe was worn above the shirt pocket by those who had served a minimum of 28 days service with at least 3 hours per day during the Great War.

Embroidered in yellow silk is the date 1914 and a king's crown on red felt and hessian backed. In very good condition.

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CLB Church Lads Brigade Cadet Brass Shoulder Title

In good condition with two original lugs to the reverse. Slight service wear.

The Church Lads Brigade (the Christian youth organisation) cadets performed important duties on the Home Front such as fire-watching, guarding reservoirs etc. Over 250,000 former CLB members served in HM Forces during the war.

The CLB cadets became formally affiliated to the KRRC under Army Order 128 in 1917.

Westlake No 1300 refers.


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Life Boys Jersey Badge ( 1947 - 1966) and one part of a Life Saving Guards WBC, pre 1929

A Life Boy Jersey badge with original pin fitting, but the 'C' clasp is bent over pin and will need to be straightened (circa 5cm tall) plus the female half only of a brass waist belt plate to the Life Saving Guards.

The all brass version of the Life Boy Badge was worn on the blue jersey uniform and produced during the utility restrictions of 1947 to 1954, after which it became an option to the enamelled version, but continued to be worn up until 1966 when the Life Boys came to an end.

The LifeSaving Guards-Boys, or the Life Saving Scouts of the World, was a Boy Scouting organization that operated starting in 1910.

Salvation Army founder William Booth met with Baden-Powell for discussion about a possible Salvationist Scouting program. The Salvation Army thus began its Life Saving Scouts of the World in 1913 for boys and in 1915 a parallel organisation, Life-Saving Guards, for girls. After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the BSA's rights to the "Scouting" service mark, several scouting organizations were forced to change their names. In 1918, the Life Saving Scouts changed its name to LifeSaving Guards-Boys which led to many Life Saving units transferring to the BSA. LifeSaving Guards-Boys leader began to press for affiliation with the BSA. In 1929, a special charter was granted to the Life Saving Guards-Boys from the BSA to join the two organizations together. A shame the other half is missing.

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Boys Brigade 1917-1968 Gymnastics Silver Plated Proficiency Badge.

A attractive and good early die cast silver plated example retaining its silver finish and pin fittings. Very good condition. Circa 2.4cm square. Scarce.


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The complete set of Duke of Edinburgh's Award Metal Badges, Gold, Silver and Bronze - Get them the easy way!

Complete set, with original pin fittings, and no damage to the enamel. All maker marked Marples & Beasley, Birmingham.


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The Cub ( Scouts ) Book by Lord Baden - Powell ( 1947 imprint )

A small pocket sized booklet with card covers a touch grubby to outside and staples rusted otherwise a good tight clean copy as regards the contents (64 pp). I love that they have a collector's proficiency badge. We should all have one of those!

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1940s Scouting Items - Unused Scout Xmas Card with two Card covered books - Things to Make for the Clubroom and Games for Camp and Club - Room

As the Flames Point Upward Xmas card, unused, of 1940s vintage produced by the Scout Shop and with some water stain damage to inside but does not impact the front image and otherwise in good condition, together with two card cover publications aimed at Boy Scouts " Things to Make in the Club Room " by Henry Bramford ( 1937) 115 pp, slight foxing and small stain to reverse cover, owners name to inside otherwise in good condition and " Games for Camp and Club-Room" 86pp, sixty new games for cubs, scouts and guides collected by Vera Barclay (1947). A good clean copy. Both books are tight with no shaken pages.

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Early Boy Scout Woven Wolf Head Badge with Bob-a-job week Card and Stickers

Badge is red on dark green backing, an early oval Boy Scout badge which has been glued to a hessian oval circle. In reasonable good condition. Circa 4cm tall, together with a Job Card to G. Whittaker of the 1st Ferryhill Group, County Durham dating to April 1956 and a sheet of six bob-a-job week red and yellow stickers designed for display in a window to stop the whole troop trooping by and knocking on your door! Boy, these take me back. Paperwork in 'as found; condition.

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