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Scarce Jewish Chaplains Officers Cap badge, QEII Issue

A scarce die cast blackened brass Jewish Chaplain's Cap Badge with two original blades to the reverse. The Chaplains' department was officer only, but the presence of Jewish chaplains can be counted on one hand. As of today, there are no Jewish chaplains serving with the British Army, which reinforces the lower numbers of serving Jewish chaplains generally. Very minor wear to black finish on highpoints and to the finish on the blades.


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Tyne Engineers (Territorial) Officers OSD Bronze Forage Cap / Collar Badge

A die cast bronzed example with two original long loops to the reverse. Circa 4.7cm tall. In very good condition and scarce.
See item 56803 for some small anodised collar badges to this unit.

Comm FB

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T / RGA / Tynemouth One Piece White Metal Shoulder Title

A scarce one piece shoulder title in white metal with three original loops the reverse. In very good condition.

Westlake No 699 refers.


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National Defence Company (NDC) Gilding Metal Brass Cap Badge - EDVIII Issue

In good condition with original slider. Edward VIII issue but was quickly withdrawn.

K&K Vol2 No 2161 refers.


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RAEC Royal Army Education Corps Officers Bullion Cap Badge QEII Issue

In very good condition with bright colours and no damage. Some paper stuck to reverse. Scarce.


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Royal Army Service Corps ( RASC ) Scarce George V ( GV ) pattern brass cap badge

Original slider to reverse. Has been worn but good condition. It is a mystery as to why this should have be such a hard badge to find, the assumption being that earlier non Royal title cap badges were to be used up first.


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EIIR Royal Military Police ( RMP ) Gilding Metal Cap Badge - Gaunt

Circa 1952 until replaced by anodised aluminium, with original slider to the reverse, which has been stamped JR Gaunt London ( no full stop). Some verdigris to reverse, but otherwise in very good condition with sharp detail.

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Scarce Royal Military Police ( RMP ) Brass Collar Badge GVI with Royal in title, 1946 - 1952

A scarce Royal Military Police die struck brass collar badge with original single square lug to the reverse. In very good condition. Circa 2.9cm tall


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Royal Army Service Corps ( RASC ) GVI ( Scarce 2nd Pattern) Brass Cap Badge

A scarce gilding metal second pattern king's crown RASC cap badge with the gap between the base of the crown and the garter. Sealed pattern 12th February 1949 and replaced by a Queen's crown version sealed pattern on 5th February 1953. So only worn for a limited period of time. Two original lugs to the reverse, curved to shape of cap.

K&K Vol 2 No 2117 refers.


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Scarce EDVII Edwardian Pattern Royal Artillery ( RA ) Brass Cap Badge on lugs

A really hard badge to find with two original dark toned lugs to the reverse. Static wheel, well made and slightly curved to shape of cap. Sharp detail. A delightful badge.


Code: 60458Price: 32.00 GBP

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