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Happy Easter to all My Customers!

Time to take some R&R. The site is still open for business over the Easter Holidays and any orders taken during this time will be posted after 25th April.

The Quartermaster

This postcard is available for sale as item 53590

Code: 59766Price: On Request

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15th / 19th Hussars ( King 's Own ) Officers Enamelled Cap Badge - King 's Crown Pattern

Gilt and enamel officer's cap badge with silver plated overlay of Crown and lion, with two original loops to the reverse (slightly twisting from service wear) otherwise a lovely badge and gilt bright. Circa 4.2cm tall. No damage to blue enamel.


Code: 59765Price: 80.00 GBP

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10th Royal Hussars Officer 's Beret and Tent - Cap Sterling Silver & Gilt Cap Badge

A stunning officer's cast example of two part construction, with S stamped to reverse for sterling silver and two original copper loops. Great design. Sharp detail with no damage.


Code: 59764Price: 85.00 GBP

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7th Queen 's Own Hussars Officer 's Bronze OSD Cap Badge

Die cast officer 's King 's Crown OSD cap badge with two original blades to the reverse. Circa 4.4cm tall. In almost mint condition.


Code: 59763Price: 55.00 GBP

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Royal Scots Greys ( RSG ) ( 2nd Dragoons ) Brass Bandsman 's Pouch Badge

A heavy and large yellow brass die struck pouch badge to the Royal Scots Greys. With 3 original loops of 4 to the reverse remaining. Sharp detail. Circa 6.9 cm tall and 5.7cm wide. Scarce.


Code: 59762Price:

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Royal Scots Greys ( RSG ) ( 2nd Dragoons ) Cast Silvered NCO 's Arm Badge

Frosted silvered cast arm badge, finely detailed, worn post WW2, believed introduced in 1948 and made whilst the Regiment was in Germany. Circa 47mm high and 37mm wide. Three original silvered loops to the reverse. A heavy item with good sharp detail with no wear to finish to front of badge. Linklater & Dine p56 refers.


Code: 59761Price: 45.00 GBP

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19th Century Victorian Cavalry Officer's Sabretache Sling Billets with original black leather attachments

A rare set of three fire gilt buckles depicting Lions heads. Minor wear, leather a bit dry but still functional. All three retaining buttons are present, but only one on show in photos. I will give the leather a mild treatment with renaissance wax before posting to make it more supple. Gilt remains bright and fresh. Scarce.


Code: 59760Price: 115.00 GBP

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WW1 - T / RAMC / South Midland - Matched Pair of Embroidered White on Khaki Cloth Shoulder Titles

A rare matched pair in very good condition to a Territorial Brigade Royal Army Medical Corps unit. The white has dulled with age, small stain to one R. Stunning.

Comm GrH

Code: 59759Price: 495.00 GBP

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Rare Pattern Reconnaissance Corps Embroidered Yellow on Green Felt Shoulder Title

A rare WW2 title with the addition of the word "Corps" with black hessian and paper backing. In unissued condition. It was apparently introduced (unofficially) in July 1942 and withdrawn only two months later in September 1942. Being replaced officially by "Reconnaissance" in June 1943.

Comm GrH

On hold for DR

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4th Battalion the Dorset Regiment Embroidered Black on Rifle Green Cloth Shoulder Title - Arnhem

A scarce title, white hessian backed in very good condition.

The 4th Battalion’s sacrifice in crossing the river to relieve the beleaguered paratroopers trapped on the opposite bank was recognised by the award of an Airborne Pennant, and the battalion became the only non-airborne unit to win the battle honour Arnhem.

Comm GrH

Code: 59756Price: 165.00 GBP

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