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WW2 Seaforth Highlanders Scottish McKenzie Tartan Arm Badge Flash

Arm Badge in McKenzie tartan, which was worn by the Seaforths during WW2. These patches were cut from either a damaged Kilt as there was no regulation issue patches of this type. Worn on the upper sleeve of the battledress tunic. Circa 5cm square. Removed from uniform. In good condition.

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WW2 Kings Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) Embroidered Yellow on Green 'Shaped' Felt Cloth Shuolder Title

This shape (acute angles to each edge) was an unofficial title and worn in WW2 by the 1st Battalion KSLI during the Italian campaign, 1943 - 1945. In very good condition with some traces of glue and paper stuck to the reverse. Scarce.

See Figure 271 on page 504 of Badges on Battledress for an image of these being worn.

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Intelligence Corps Matched Pair of Black on Green Embroidered Felt Cloth Shoulder Titles

A good pair of embroidered black on green shoulder titles, some traces of bluetack and paper to reverse. Great match from front.

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19th Light Brigade / 33rd Engineer Regiment TRF Cloth Combination as worn in Afghanistan 2009

A combination of cloth issued to a member of 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD&S) when serving as part of 19th Light Brigade in Afghanistan in the early 2000s. Together with an associated Bomb Disposal qualification badge. Some traces of white bluetack to the reverse.

33rd Engineer Regiment (EOD&S) is a regiment of the British Army's Royal Engineers and is based at Carver Barracks, Essex. It specialises in the search, disposal and clearance of explosive ordnance.

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WW1 28th County of London Battalion (The Artists Rifles) Embroidered Cloth Shoulder Title

WW1 period black embroidered on grey, removed from uniform but in good condition, with some minor traces of glue to the reverse. Note the red speck / thread brushed off after photo taken.

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Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Officers Silver Bullion Beret Badge, QEII Issue

In unissued condition, a well made and large private purchase silver bullion badge, circa 6.5cm tall including black wool backing cloth.


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Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) Officers Silver Bullion Beret Badge, QEII issue

In unissued condition, a well made private purchase silver bullion beret badge on black wool backing.


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Kings Colonials Imperial Yeomanry Officers Medium Pattern Fire Gilt Button

Circa 19mm in diameter, fixed shank, maker marked Firmin & Sons Ld, London. Gilt bright and in first class condition. A scarce button worn 1901 - 1910.

Raised as 4th County of London Imperial Yeomanry (King’s Colonials) in 1901. Redesignated as King Edward's Horse in 1910.


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Hampshire Yeomanry Carabineers Officers Large Pattern Mounted OSD Button

Circa 24mm in diameter, fixed shank, maker marked JR Gaunt I Son Ltd, London, Engld. King's crown, pre 1952, two part construction in officers bronzed service dress finish. In wonderful condition. Simply gorgeous.


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54th Shropshire Militia Large Pattern Other Ranks Open Back Button - Firmin

Circa 21mm in diameter, original fixed shank, maker marked Firmin & Sons London. A pewter other ranks button in superb condition for age. Worn circa 1833 - 1855.

The War Office issued a Circular Letter (H.O.51/33) dated Whitehall 30th April 1833, which fixed the Militia Battalion Order of Precedence giving the Shropshire Battalion the No 54. This order held good until 1855.


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