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Q.O.H. Queen's Own Hussars Woven White on Khaki Cloth Soulder Title

An original title, oval with waxed hessian black backing. Some traces of bluetack to the reverse otherwise in very good condition. Post 1958.

Comm GrH

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Royal Armoured Corps Woven Red on Yelloy Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Paste back title in very good bright condition with traces of white bluetack to the reverse.

Comm GrH

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WW1 Lord Strathcona's Horse ( Royal Canadians ) Militia Officer's Large Pattern Gilt Button

Circa 25mm in diameter, fixed, shank, maker marked Jennens & Co Ltd,, London , which means it was made prior to 1924.


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Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry Officer's Medium Pattern White Metal Button

Circa 19mm in diameter, fixed shank, maker marked J&C Weldon, London. As worn 1901 - 1908 (King's Crown). In very good condition with sharp detail. Of Welsh / Wales interest.


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The Ultimate Queen Mary's Needlework Guild ( Q.M.N.G. ) Medallion with war service date bars for 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918

Well if you have to have one in your collection, you might has well have one with all the war service date bars! In lovely condition with original blue silk ribbon and all pin fittings original and fully functional. Date bar in red enamel for 1914 has echoes of the red strip for Army WW1 service chevrons and makes this scarce. Enamel undamaged, no restoration. 107mm tall. Throughout the whole duration of the war, this lady must have knitted the socks for a whole Division! A cracker.

The Queen Mary's Needlework Guild came into being after just a few days into the Great War, when Queen Mary's issued a letter on the 4th August 1914 through the Press, to the Women of the Empire asking that it might be rendered "To alleviate all distress occasioned by the War!" which was the purpose of the guild to provide comforts and create articles of clothing and surgical equipment as well as other gifts to the troops fighting for King and Country at home and abroad.


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WW1 Souvenir Amiens Battle French Town Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge (type 1)

White metal or silver wash finish with Amiens in gold coloured letters on scroll below town crest. Original pin and C clasp. Circa 3.5cm wide. Some wear to pin but otherwise in good condition with some minor wear to the white metal / silver finish.


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WW1 Souvenir Amiens Battle French Town Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge (type 2)

Very attractive design. Looks like a silver wash over brass(unmarked) but fine detail with the letters picked out in a gold coloured wash. In great condition with original pin and fully functional clasp. Circa 3.3cm tall.


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WW1 Day Pass to Amiens issued to a Sergeant in the Royal Munster Fusiliers - Entitled to SWB

A rare survivor - a personal day pass / duty permit issued to 5965 Sergeant E. Keogh of the Royal Munster Fusiliers by the Camp Commandant of the Fifth Army Headquarters. Hard to read all of it now, especially the free text between the printed. Goes along the lines of "The Bearer of this Permit: [details of soldier above] is authorised to proceed to Amiens on duty for to-day only, and must leave Amiens on his return journey before [underlined twice!] .." Unable to read the rest. It is repeated in French below.
The whole has been stuck to a reinforcing backing paper. This is not a modern addition and I think this pass was heavily used, hence the contemporary reinforcement. In "as found" condition. Measures circa 6.5 by 8 inches.

The WW1 SWB roll confirms the award of Silver War Badge B16934 to 5965 Pte Edward Keogh, Royal Munster Fusiliers. Enlisted 14/12/1915 and discharged aged 22 as no longer physically fit (Para 392 (xvi)) on 1/10/1918. Presumably he was either acting up as Sergeant when issued his permit, or was busted down to Private for breaching the terms of his permit!

I will provide a copy of the certificate and details which can be downloaded from the SWB CDROM with the permit. Great addition to his medals.


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Indian Army - Army Physical Training Corps Cast Brass Cap Badge - 1946-1947 only

A nicely cast thick brass cap badge with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 3cm tall by 4cm wide. A short lived pre- partition badge, only formed in 1946 and disbanded in 1947. Based on the UK version of the APTC badge. The Physical Instructor proficiency badge photographed for comparison will be included in with the purchase of this item. It is in good condition with 4 horizontal loops to the reverse.


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Victorian Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry Major Officer's Shoulder Chains

A matched pair with black backing material and two original Victorian crowned MIY buttons on their screw posts with original circular retaining discs. A pair of gilt and red velvet padded Victorian rank crowns for the rank of Major. Quite weighty to post overseas. In very good condition. Pre 1901 when "Imperial" was prefixed to all Yeomanry regiments. Of Welsh / Wales interest. Scarce.


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