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The Queens Regiment, pre 1992 Officers Silvered and Gilt Cap Badge

Two part construction, an attractive silver plated and gilt officer's cap badge with two original long loops to the reverse. Slight dulling to gilt otherwise in very good condition. The Queens merged with the Royal Hampshire Regiment in 1992.

Comm NS

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Royal Hampshire Regiment Officers Bullion Cap Badge QEII issue

A scarce Officer's padded bullion cap badge. This has some service wear, back worn, but it is in overall good condition. Circa 5cm across and 5cm tall. I have another of slightly lesser quality if that may be of interest. Please email.

Ref Woods p35

Comm NS

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Royal Hampshire Regiment Officers Gilt and Enamel QEII issue Badge and Collar Set

An attractive set of enamel and gilt / silver plated badges with some service wear to the cap badge, minor staining near crown. The cap badge has been converted to a pin fitting. Together with two enamel and gilt collar badges as worn on the Blues uniform in very good condition. Enamel undamaged. Red velvet to back of crown in overall good condition and bright.

Comm NS

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Royal Munster Fusiliers (RMF) Officers Cap Badge - Blades - mounted on Green Felt Shamrock

A rare officers silver plated / gilt cap badge, two part construction with two blades and original green felt shamrock backing to the reverse. Gilt dull and mainly back to brass, some polishing to detail on tiger otherwise in very good condition. As ever, I do not recommend opening the blades.

I last saw one of these at Bosleys sale 21 October 2009 lot 616 but that was on loops.


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Royal Hampshire Regiment Officers OSD Bronze Cap Badge, QEII issue, Blades.

A die cast officers cap badge with two original blades to the reverse. Worn 1952 - 1992. In very good condition.


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Lancastrian Brigade Officers Matching Set of Cap and Collar Badges

A good scarce set with die cast gilt wreath and scroll with silvered crown and lion overlay. Cap badge maker's stamp J.R.Gaunt, London. Red enamel to the centre rose. Two original loops to the reverse of cap and pin fittings (note without retaining catches) to the collars. In very good condition. Cap badge mounted on regimental chequered black and green cloth backing (possibly King's Liverpool Regiment related colours). In the very good condition.

Comm FB

On hold for BR

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43rd. & 52nd. - Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Senior Bandmaster's Cap Badge - Hallmarked Silver 1949

A Rare die struck hallmarked silver cap badge with two original loops to the reverse worn by the Senior Bandmaster for the Regiment. Cannot be many of these around! The design incorporates the Regiment's old pre 1881 " Foot " numbers, " 43 & 52 " to the centre of a strung and engraved bugle horn bearing London hallmarks for 1949 (date letter "o") to the mouth of the bugle.


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Royal Military College (RMC) Sandhurst Gold Bullion Instructional Staff Peaked Cap Badge

Scarce 1896 pattern comprising the letters "RMC" in gold bullion wire embroidered on paper black backing (some now missing) . Some light edge wear otherwise in very good condition.

K&K Vol 1 No 1071 refers (but depicted as the metal version).


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Scarce Edwardian period Seaforths Highlanders Officers OSD Collar Badges - 4 pieces, 3 maker marked

A scarce set of officer's OSD 4 piece collar badges. Facing pair of bronze elephants and officer pattern die cast bronze cyphers. All original lugs present, but some twisting with service wear. The cyphers have the F above a raised plain plinth which denotes an officer's pattern cypher - Churchill No 1683 and 1684 refers. Each elephant is circa 3.4cm wide and 2.3cm tall. Each scroll is circa 4cm wide by 2.5cm tall. Worn from 1902 (when service dress was introduced) to circa 1911. The last photo compares these with the gilt versions worn from 1881 to 1911, now sold.


Sold to Amanda

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WW1 Northumberland Fusiliers ( NF ) Officer's OSD Bronze Cap Badge - Blades

St George facing right, 2 piece construction, with fretted mount. Two original blades to the reverse. A small patch of verdigris to chest of horse otherwise in very good condition. This pattern flames is scarce and hard to come by. Worn until territorial battalions until 1934, but only by the regular battalions and depot until 1914.

Col. D. Wood (2nd Edn) No 172 refers.


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