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Rare King 's Own Scottish Borderers ( KOSB ) Adjutant 's Bronze Die Cast Cap Badge

A small cap badge (the cap badge design, not the very different collar badge design) at only 3.5cm tall. Die cast bronze with two original long loops to the reverse. An extremely rare badge only worn by the Adjutant of each Battalion. I have only encountered this before in white metal / silver, never as an OSD badge, and this is slightly smaller than them. It was regimental practice in the early 20th century for the Adjutant of a KOSB battalion to wear a peaked cap rather than the usual Scottish headgear.


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The Buffs ( East Kent Regiment ) Officer's Cast White Metal Cap Badge - Ludlow

A heavy cast silver plated (unmarked) cap badge with two original lugs to the reverse. Maker marked Ludlow London to reverse. In good condition. Ludlow are noted for making officers badges.


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Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers REME Officer 's Matched and Facing Collar Badges - J.R. Gaunt

Stunning pair of silver plated and gilt QEII matched and facing collar badges with original lugs to the reverse and each maker marked JR Gaunt London.

Comm FB

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WW2 Intelligence Corps Officer's Bronze OSD Cap Badge - Blades

In exceptional condition with two original blades to the reverse.

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Intelligence Corps Officer's Silver Plated Cap Badge QE2 Crown - Gaunt

An Intelligence Corps Officers die cast silver plated cap badge, post 1952 back-marked JR Gaunt, London. Two original and long lugs to the reverse. Circa 4.5cm tall. In excellent condition.

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Officers OSD Bronze Matching Army Education Corps ( AEC ) Matched Collars - maker marked GAUNT

A scarce and good matched pair, with a tablet on each with maker mark J.R.GAUNT LONDON. Pair or original lugs on each.

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Somerset Light Infantry ( Prince Albert 's ) Officer 's Hallmarked Silver Cap Badge, Jennens & Co, 1927

A hallmarked silver (Birmingham and Date letter "C " for 1927) cap badge to and officer of the Somerset Light Infantry. With 2 long silver loops to the reverse. Maker J&Co ( Jennens & Co) in mouth of bugle, and hallmark in smaller end.

K&K Vol 1 No 607 refers.


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The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment ( WFR ) Officer 's Enamel & Bi-metal white metal cap badge

Formed in 1970, this is an officer's die cast cap badge of two part construction and with two original long lugs to the reverse. Blue enamel backing to stag. In excellent condition with slight tarnishing to star. A quality item. Circa 5.2cm tall. Worn until 2004.

K&K Vol 2 No 2048 refers.


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Intelligence Corps - Officer's OSD Bronze Cap Badge with Blades - King's Crown, pre 1952

Die cast with two original blades to the reverse. Some light rippling to badge with wear but good detail and finish in good condition. Scarce.

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Pair of Intelligence Corps Officer 's Bronze OSD Collar Badges

A well matched pair of collar dogs with two original lugs to each, Good sharp detail with no wear to finish. One is very slightly darker than the other but other than that an excellent match. pre 1952.

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