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Special Air Service ( SAS ) Matched Pair of Woven Shoulder Titles 1960s issue

A genuine pair of circa early 1960s woven shoulder titles, matching, with traces of white blue tack to the reverse. In very good condition. The shoulder title "Special Air Service" was retained until battledress was phased out.

Comm GrH

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3rd Indian Army Division Rare Chindits Wire Bullion Cloth Shoulder Title

A good scarce gold bullion wire title "Chindits" . Some white bluetack to reverse. Wire dark toned otherwise in very good condition.

Comm GrH

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No 3 Commando Embroidered Red on Black Cloth Shoulder Title

In good condition with no moth, damage or repairs. Hessian backed, some white bluetack traces to reverse.

Comm GrH

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WW2 Embroidered Chindit ( 3rd Indian Infantry Division ) Shoulder Title, White on Blue

An original and scarce WW2 embroidered white on blue shoulder title, Chindit. Removed from uniform so in been there, done that condition.

Comm GrH

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WW2 - 3rd Infantry Division (The Chindits) Formation Sign

A woven yellow on blue embroidered Chinthern formation sign sewn to a circle of jungle green cloth backing. Removed from uniform, so shows some signs of wear and an odd moth graze otherwise in good condition.

The Chindits, whose exploits in Burma in WW2 are well known were led by Major- General Orde Wingate and they made history with their airborne and jungle penetration expeditions. Became part of the Fourteenth Army.

Comm GrH

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WW2 Embroidered Shoulder Title - No 9 Commando

White on black, with no moth or damage. In unissued condition.

Formed from Scottish Command. Saw service predominately in the Mediterranean, Albania, Yugoslavia , Greece and Italy.

Comm GrH

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WW2 1st Pattern Border Regiment Airborne Embroidered Cloth Shoulder Title

A rare unofficial and original 1st pattern shoulder title as worn by members of the 1st Battalion the Border Regiment on becoming glider-borne troops as part of the 1st Air - Landing Brigade. In very good condition with no moth but some white bluetack traces to the reverse.

BoBD 2162 refers.

Comm GrH

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SAS Special Air Service Bullion Parachute Qualification Jump Wing

A fine silver and gilt bullion wire on dark blue backing cloth. I have seen a sealed pattern card for this particular Wing to 1962.


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Rare RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Shoulder Title - 53rd (Welsh) Reconnaissance Regiment

A rare embroidered WW2 title awarded to only certain personnel of the 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment for winning regimental drill competitions. Note the the addition of the word "Corps". It has a black hessian and paper backing. In unissued condition. BoBD no 1563 refers.

This title only surfaces occasionally. The information provided is from Jon Mills wonderful work Badges on Battledress.

The 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment was formed January 1941 from the 158th, 159th and 160th Brigade Anti-Tank Companies of the 53rd (Welsh) Division.

Comm GrH

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WW2 RECCE Reconnaissance Corps Brass Cap Badge

Die struck cap badge with two original lugs to the reverse. In very good condition.

Comm JT

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