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King Edward 's Horse Yeomanry ( The King 's Overseas Dominions Regiment ) Early Saxon Crown Cap Badge

Yellow brass die struck cap badge with two original long loops to the reverse (north- south). Circa 5.8cm tall and 3.7cm wide at base of scroll. Circa 1911. In very good condition and scarce.

K&K Vol 1 No1506 refers.


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Imperial Yeomanry Cadets Matched Pair of Collar Badges (worn by the City of London Roughriders )

Worn by cadets of the City of London Imperial Yeomanry ( Roughriders ).

A scarce matched pair of collar badges, die cast with crossed lances and shield of City of London below a king's crown, pre 1908. No damage to lances or pennants, although slight wobble in one of them. Two original lugs to the reverse of each. Circa 3.3cm tall.


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MIY - Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeomanry White Metal Shoulder Title

Large white metal shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 1.7cm tall and 4.2cm wide. In very good condition. Worn until 1908 only.


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Lovat Scouts Imperial Yeomanry Officers Gilt Small Pattern Cap Badge

A fire gilt bronzed die struck small pattern officer 's cap badge with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 2.7cm in diameter. A rare badge in wonderful bright condition.


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Sussex Imperial Yeomanry Officer 's Gilt Brass Metal Cap Badge

A good quality gilt badge with sharp detail and with two original loops the reverse (some wear to lugs but fully functional). King 's crown. Worn 1902 - 1908. Circa 4cm tall.

K&K Vol 1 No 1355 refers.


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Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry Officer 's OSD Bronze Collar Badge

Die cast bronze with two original lugs to the reverse. King 's crown. As worn between 1902 and 1908. A lovely chocolate brown colour. Some minor wear to finish on the highpoints. Circa 3.1cm tall. In very good condition.

Churchill & Westlake No 77 refers.


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IY Large Imperial Yeomanry Individual Letters Brass Shoulder Title, circa 1900 - 1908

Made from brass with one original dark toned loop to the reverse of each part. Circa 1.9cm tall. Mounted a rectangle of old thick blue felt but in good condition. Scarce.

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Northumberland Hussars Imperial Yeomanry White Metal Cap Badge

Die struck, two original dark toned lugs to the reverse, with a small section of rim at rear bent over but does not detract as does show to front. Circa 4.1cm tall. Otherwise in good condition and scarce.

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WW1 - 2nd King Edward 's Horse Small Pattern UnvoidedBrass Cap Badge

Not come across this pattern before, small, unvoided, die struck with original slider and no signs of any lugs or loops having been fitted, so not a collar badge. Only one badge is for sale here, the one on the left which is the smaller of the two depicted at 3.8cm tall compared to the normal pattern photographed alongside it for comparative purposes and which is 5.9cm tall (available for sale separately as item 57210 ). In very good condition. Any information welcome.


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King ' Colonials Imperical Yeomany - South African D Squadron Facing Pair of Collar Badges

A very rare pair of brass collar badges worn by "D" Squadron South Africa . An ostrich in front of a mountain range and a stylized sunrise above the furled title scroll, "British African " . Facing, not quite matching due to slightly different lugs but otherwise a good match. Each is circa 2.8cm tall and 3.3cm wide.


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