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15th / 19th Hussars ( King 's Own ) Officers Enamelled Cap Badge - King 's Crown Pattern

Gilt and enamel officer's cap badge with silver plated overlay of Crown and lion, with two original loops to the reverse (slightly twisting from service wear) otherwise a lovely badge and gilt bright. Circa 4.2cm tall. No damage to blue enamel.


Code: 59765Price: 80.00 GBP

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10th Royal Hussars Officer 's Beret and Tent - Cap Sterling Silver & Gilt Cap Badge

A stunning officer's cast example of two part construction, with S stamped to reverse for sterling silver and two original copper loops. Great design. Sharp detail with no damage.


Code: 59764Price: 85.00 GBP

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7th Queen 's Own Hussars Officer 's Bronze OSD Cap Badge

Die cast officer 's King 's Crown OSD cap badge with two original blades to the reverse. Circa 4.4cm tall. In almost mint condition.


Code: 59763Price: 55.00 GBP

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19th Century Victorian Cavalry Officer's Sabretache Sling Billets with original black leather attachments

A rare set of three fire gilt buckles depicting Lions heads. Minor wear, leather a bit dry but still functional. All three retaining buttons are present, but only one on show in photos. I will give the leather a mild treatment with renaissance wax before posting to make it more supple. Gilt remains bright and fresh. Scarce.


Code: 59760Price: 115.00 GBP

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East Kent Yeomanry - A late Georgian / Early Victorian large undress two part silver plated Officer's Sabretache / Shako badge c. 1820 - 1840

A large undress two part silver plated Officer's Sabretache badge of East Kent Yeomanry c. 1820 - 1840, this pattern could equally have been worn on the bell top shako. Sadly there is some damage (which I have drawn in with a pencil): a section of the ‘Invicta’ scroll is missing and one of the forelegs is broken and absent. There is a separate large and matching St. Edward’s crown with identical loop fittings to the other part. which is in good condition. The main horse section including scroll is circa 13.5cm tall. Historically important and rare.

See pouch badge listed separately as item 59647.


Code: 59648Price: 225.00 GBP

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East Kent Yeomanry - A late Georgian / Early Victorian Period 2 Part Silver Plated Officer's Pouch Ornament Badge, c1820 - 1840

An undress two part silver plated officer's pouch badge of the East Kent Yeomanry c.1820 - 1840 depicting a rearing horse with scroll below "INVICTA" together with a matching small St. Edward’s crown badge above, which is sadly missing its top orb section. Both have traces of black patent paint to reverse and both pieces have thin matching loop fixings. Whilst the case could be made for the West Kent Yeomanry as well as belonging to an officer of the East Kent Yeomanry, from regimental Spode china piece dating to the 1830s examined from this period, the badge is similar to that borne on the china for the East Kent Yeomanry. The main horse section is circa 6.2cm tall. Rare.

See Sabretache badge listed separately as item 59648.


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Queen 's Dragoon Guards ( QDG) Officer's Padded Bullion Beret Badge

In unissued condition, a quality padded gold and silver bullion example on a black background. These were officers private purchase items.


Code: 59646Price: 30.00 GBP

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The Royal First Devonshire Yeomanry ( Hussars ) Gilt Cap Badge - Blades

Gilt cap badge with two tabs to the reverse. Attributed as Devonshire Hussars but happy to be corrected.

This regiment wore a simple King 's crown bronze Royal Crest. In 1920 the Regiment merged with the Royal North Devonshire Hussars.

K&K Vol 1 No 1453 refers


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Lovat Scouts Imperial Yeomanry Officers Silver Plated Small Pattern Cap Badge - Blades

Small silver plated officer 's cast cap badge with two original blades to the reverse (folded, please do not attempt to unbend). Circa 2.6cm in diameter. In lovely condition and scarce. Worn 1903 - 1908 only.


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The Queens Royal Hussars Embroidered and Gold Bullion Officer's Beret Badge

Circa 6cm tall including scarlet backing cloth. A nice earlier padded example in very good condition.


Code: 59507Price: 35.00 GBP

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