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Brass British Army Bandsmans Procifiency Trade Arm badge - Lyre, Wreath & Kings Crown

A die struck brass example with two loops to reverse, red felt backing (this has a lot of age and wear to it) and brass backing plate. Circa 5.2cm tall. Badge in very good condition.


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Embroidered Cloth Proficiency Diamond Efficiency Badge as worn by Volunteer Rifle Corps / Volunteer Battalions, 1879 - 1909

Introduced in 1879 and withdrawn from wear in 1909 (I can confirm this for definite as I have a sealed pattern of this item in my own collection and it has been annotated as such). Worn on the lower right sleeve just above the Austrian knot. It was awarded to volunteers "returned as efficient in rifle drill and practice in the last annual return of their Corps". The white diamond on scarlet was worn by volunteer infantry (but not rifle battalions which wore black on scarlet). Sanctioned obsolete in 1909. Item 32A in "British Army Proficiency Badges" refers. Removed from uniform so shows some signs of wear but in generally good condition.

Edwards & Langley, No 32A refers.


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10th Princess Mary' s Own Gurkha Rifles Embroidered Cloth Arm Badge

Only worn 1990 - 1994. It was amalgamated with the other three British Gurkha regiments to form the Royal Gurkha Rifles in 1994. Worn in commemoration of the Battle Honour Rock Fort of Amboor. In unissued condition. Scarce.


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Full Colonel / Brigadier Padded Bullion Cap Badge, QEII issue

Senor Staff Officers post 1953 padded bullion cap badge. Circa 5cm tall and 3.5cm wide. Slight wear to red material padding of crown but attractive and bright.

Usually worn by Full Colonels and Brigadiers.

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British Army Cavalry Scout Small Pattern Proficiency Badge with bottom bar

Smaller pattern was usually worn on service dress and worn 1905 to 1921. Engraved brass with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 4.5cm tall. Bottom bar indicates either Corporal of Horse or above for the Household Cavalry, or Sergeant Scout / Regimental Scouts for the Cavalry of the Line. Very good condition and scarce.

Edwards & Langley No 12A refers.


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British Army EIIR Crown Recruiting Sergeants rank arm badge

A fine and scarce post 1953 large Recruiting Sergeants rank arm badge. Crowned crossed Union Flags embroidered in bullion, velvet and silk on red cloth ground. NATO / MoD stock number to the rear. Unissued condition.

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Lance Corporals Full Dress Gold Bullion Lace Chevron

Single chevron, gold bullion lace chevron on black felt backing with hessian backing. Circa 12.5cm wide.

Comm FB

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WW2 Battledress Corporals Chevron

Good condition with no mothing. Circa 15cm wide and 6cm deep. Removed from uniform.

Comm FB.

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Corporals Full Dress Silver Bullion on Black Felt Chevron

Possibly English yeomanry cavalry, with silver bullion stitched to black felt. Quite wide at circa 18cm and 4.cm deep. No mothing.

Comm FB

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Officers slip on epaulette Lieutenant Kings Shropshire Light Infantry ( KSLI )

Two rifle green light infantry pattern backed felt officer's pips sewn on to a khaki cloth slip on, circa 12.5cm long and 7cm wide at widest point. The KSLI title is cast circa 4.5cm long and 1.1cm tall. With two original tomb shaped lugs to the reverse with split pin. Unusual fixings. No moth or damage.

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