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Royal Scots Greys ( RSG ) ( 2nd Dragoons ) Cast Silvered NCO 's Arm Badge

Frosted silvered cast arm badge, finely detailed, worn post WW2, believed introduced in 1948 and made whilst the Regiment was in Germany. Circa 47mm high and 37mm wide. Three original silvered loops to the reverse. A heavy item with good sharp detail with no wear to finish to front of badge. Linklater & Dine p56 refers.


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Worcestershire Hussars ( Yeomanry ) NCO's Full Dress Bullion Arm Badge

A large gold bullion on red felt oval backing cloth. An old small cloth repair to right hand-side otherwise in very good condition with bright colours and no fading or damage to bullion. Circa 7cm tall.


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The Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own) White Metal NCO's Arm Badge

A large and attractively die struck white metal example with three original D shaped loops to the reverse. The badge comprises the crest of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha above the subsidiary title and South Africa honour scroll, surmounted by the title "Leicestershire". Circa 6.1cm tall and 5.5cm wide. Sharp detail, in wonderful condition and scarce.


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The 12th Royal Lancers ( Prince of Wales's) NCO's White Metal Arm Badge

A large white metal die struck example with two original loops (north-south). Dark blue felt backing. Circa 5.6cm tall and 5.8cm wide. In very good condition.


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14th-20th King's Hussars White Metal NCO's Arm Badge, Corporals and above

An early two part construction badge with raised rim, all in white metal and with two original loops (north - south) to the reverse. Circa 43mm high and 35mm wide. Missing the two pins to secure thee eagle to the oval plate, but does not fall apart, otherwise in very good condition. Not to be confused with the post 1950 chromed versions.

Linaker & Dine Plate 36.2 refers.

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1st King's Dragoon Guards NCO's White Metal 3rd Pattern Arm Badge

1st King's Dragoon Guards 3rd Pattern Die Cast White Metal Arm Badge, with one of two original loops remaining to the reverse (north - south). With red cloth backing. A moth hole to the latter. Otherwise in good condition. Adopted in circa 1930.

Linaker & Dine Plate 5.9 refers.

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16th/ 5th ( Queen's Royal ) Lancers NCO's White Metal Arm Badge with Red Felt Backing, Queen's Crown

A die struck white metal Queen's crown NCO's sleeve badge with one of two original loops to the reverse (bottom one missing). The Angel Harp surmounted by the crown. This pattern also worn by the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars prior to 1958 (with the green backing).

Linaker & Dine Plate 42.5 refers


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3rd Dragoon Guards White Metal NCO White Metal Arm Badge - Corporals / Trumpeters issue

A die struck white metal arm badge with horizontal motto scroll, with two orignial loops (east - west) to reverse. In very good condition. A large pattern is shown against this badge for scale purposes only, it is not for sale with this badge. Circa.44mm wide by 40mm tall.

See Plate 8.11 in Linaker & Dine which features this badge which apparently was also worn by Trumpeters.


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11th PAO Hussars NCO's Cast Silver Arm Badge

A very fine heavy cast, silvered crest of Prince Albert arm badge for a non-commissioned officer with two original lug fastenings (north and south). Circa 5.8cm tall.

Linaker & Dine Plate 29.1 refers.

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The Royal Dragoon Guards Silver Chromed White Metal NCO's Arm Badge

Left facing, in very good condition with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 6cm wide.


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