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9th ( Queen's Royal ) Lancers Other Ranks White Metal Cap Badge - extra long slider

White metal cap badge with original slider, which is very long and suggestive of a pagri badge. In very good condition.

The Regiment was amalgamated with the 12th Lancers in 1960.

K&K Vol 1, Fig. 764 refers.


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21st ( Empress of India's ) Lancers Other Ranks Bi-Metal EDVII Issue Cap Badge - 4 lugs

In very good condition, a die cast bimetal cap badge with four original loops to the reverse. Two part construction with applied lower white metal pennants. A lovely badge. Scarce.

They were designated lancers in 1897, and were awarded the VRI for the part they played at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898, when they were involved in one of the last and most costly mass cavalry charges in history. In 1922, the regiment merged with the 17th lancers, taking the motto of the old 17th.

K&K Vol 1 Fig. 797 refers


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The 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards Other Ranks Victorian / Edwardian Issue Bi-metal Cap Badge

A bi-metal cap badge in good condition with two original loops and three sweat / braising / expansion holes to reverse of scroll. In lovely condition with sharp detail.

The star of St Patrick in white metal with brass title scroll superimposed. In 1922 it was amalgamated with the 7th Dragoon Guards, at which point it lost reference to its Irish pedigree.

K&K Vol 1, 740 refers.


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8th Royal Irish Hussars Edwardian Issue Cap Bi-metal Other Ranks Cap Badge

A very attractive badge in good condition (slight darkening to right of crown) with two dark toned original loops to the reverse (e-w). Circa 1902- 1910. braising / sweat / expansion hole to reverse of a kings crown.


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Royal Scots Greys ( RSG ) ( 2nd Dragoons ) Brass Bandsman 's Pouch Badge

A heavy and large yellow brass die struck pouch badge to the Royal Scots Greys. With 3 original loops of 4 to the reverse remaining. Sharp detail. Circa 6.9 cm tall and 5.7cm wide. Scarce.


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Victorian 15th King 's Own Hussars Other Ranks Bi-Metal Cap Badge

A Bi metal other ranks Cap badge with two original dark toned loops to the reverse, one bent over a tad but still functional. In good condition with sharp detail.

K&K Vol 1 No 776 refers.


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19th ( Queen Alexandra 's Own Royal ) Hussars Other Ranks White Metal Cap Badge - original

An original die struck single scroll white metal cap badge in the shape of a large Indian elephant, with two original dark toned lugs to the reverse. The lugs have been crushed at some point and then carefully reshaped otherwise in very condition. Worn circa 1896-1902.

K&K no 789 refers.


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Edwardian issue 2nd Dragoon Guards ( The Queen's Bays ) Other Ranks Brass Cap Badge

A brass/ bronze metal cap badge with good detail, two original lugs to the reverse, a bit squashed and bent but still functional otherwise in good condition. Circa 4.4cm tall.

K&K Vol 1, Fig. 737 refers.


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Victorian Reserve Regiment of Lancers Helmet Plate

A scarce and large brass die struck helmet plate with two original dark toned lugs to the reverse. Circa 12.5cm tall and in very good condition.

K&K Vol 1 No 1126 refers.


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Victorian / Edwardian Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) Other Rank's Full Dress Helmet Plate Badge

An 1871 pattern other ranks helmet plate in very good condition with four original screw posts to the reverse. These appear to have been slightly shortened for display.
White metal star with a gilt garter and white metal numeral 2 on a black leather background. Circa 12.6 cm tall. Some signs of service wear but overall in very good condition.


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