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WW1 New Zealand Engineers ( NZE ) Tunnelling Company Cap Badge

King's crown cap badge with two loops to the reverse, 30mm in diameter (almost 1 1/4 inches), with two original lugs to the reverse. This is the larger pattern of this badge as worn by the tunnellers in WW1. It looks more bronze than brass. There was a bronze and a brass version. Scarce.

The New Zealand Tunnellers Company was formed on the 12th September 1915 and was the first New Zealand unit on the Western Front. Disbanded on 24th April 1919. They had a unique style of tunnelling, always timbering at right angles to the slope and not vertical as their English and German counterparts did.

Oldham No 4/313 / Corbett p117 refer.


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WW1 New Zealand - Maori Pioneer Battalion Pair of Brass Collar Badges - Gaunt Tablets

Die struck brass, with two original loops to the reverse of each and each has a JG Gaunt London tablet mounted to the reverse of each. These ones with the necklace. A close match. They are the same size it is just the way one sits slightly taller on its lugs which makes them look to be different.

Oldham No 4/291 refers


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Rare WW1 40th New Zealand Infantry Reinforcements Sweetheart Badge

A fern wreath below a king's crown and with a scroll below "Reinforcements" tested as silver (unmarked) with a 9C gold plated (unmarked) insert B / XL to the centre. XL = 40 in Roman numerals. With original pin and c clasp fitting, fully functional. Circa 39mm tall. In excellent conditions with no breaks or repairs. Rare.

Not recorded either in Oldham or Lowe other than a statement in the latter (p41) which states that the 40th Reinforcements departed from New Zealand on 10th July 1918 and that these later infantry reinforcements would have worn the First NZEF pattern cap badge. So this sweetheart is probably the only unique identifying insignia for this particular reinforcement company and is previously unrecorded.


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WW1 New Zealand - 17th Ruahine Regiment Brass Cap / Collar Badge - Gaunt Tablet

Die struck brass with two original loops to the reverse and maker's tablet JR Gaunt London to the reverse. In very good condition. Circa 3cm tall and 3.8cm wide. The same size badge was worn as both a cap and collar badge.

Formed in 1914 and they saw action at Gallipoli, in France and in Egypt as part of the Auckland Regiment.

Oldham No 6/160 / Corbett p232 refer.


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WW1 Original Postcard 17th Ruahine Regiment New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Postally unused, London photographer. Unidentified sergeant of the Ruahine Regiment wearing his 'lemon squeezer' hat and badge and collars (all same size). Some creasing but generally in good condition. Scarce image.

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King 's Crown New Zealand Veterinary Corps Officer 's OSD Bronze Collar Badge - Gaunt tablet

This is the fern leaf pattern as opposed to the laurel leaf pattern, in bronze. Circa 3.2cm tall, UK made with JR Gaunt London tablet to reverse of crown. Two original lugs to the reverse. In very good condition and scarce. The unit was formed in 1906 and disbanded in 1947.

Oldham No 8/367 refers.


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New Zealand - 13th ( North Canterbury and Westland ) Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge - Gaunt Plate

A lovely king's crown badge with two original loops to the reverse and a thin tablet to reverse with the maker's details JR Gaunt London. Motto scroll below: Kia pono tonu ( ' Ever faithful '). Worn 1912 - 1951 (unofficially from 1923 by the West Cast companies). Circa 4.2cm tall.

Oldham 6/131 refers.


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Scarce WW1 2nd Pattern New Zealand Signal Corps ( NZ Engineers ) Gilding Metal Cap Badge

Circa 44mm tall and two original lugs to the reverse (east - west) Formed 1912/13, and absorbed into the New Zealand Corps of Signals in 1921. Some polishing to the highpoints with service wear. Scarce.

Oldham (2dn Edn 2011) No 8/328 refers.


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WW1 New Zealand Expeditionary Force - 18th Reinforcements Brass Cap Badge and Pair of Collars Set
A good die stamped solid centre brass example with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse (as typical of this series). Circa 5.1cm wide and 4.1cm tall. The collar badges are matching and also with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse of each, although one is slightly mis-struck. Each is circa 3.1cm tall.

Oldam (2011 edition) No 4/84 and 4/86 refer.

A6.2 / B47.4

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WW1 New Zealand Expeditionary Force - 22nd Reinforcements Brass Cap and Single Collar Badge Set

The cap badge is die struck brass with two hexagonal lugs to the reverse with registered design number RD 887 to the front below the letters NZ. Circa 4.8cm tall. The collar badge die struck brass (now dark toned) with two loops to the reverse. Circa 3.2cm tall.

Oldham (2011 edition) No 4/104 and No 4/107.

B57.6 / B57.5

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