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Turkish Army - Brass Pagri / Turban Badge

A large die struck brass pagri / turban badge , sadly now missing its pin which can easily be replaced. Strengthening bar to reverse of star. Circa 4.2cm wide and 4.3cm tall. Some signs of service wear otherwise in good condition..


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Modern German Army Panzertruppe / PanzerjagertruppeTank Badge, post WW2

In reasonably good condition but with some signs of service wear. Two of four original prongs on reverse intact. The other two (north - south) appear to be missing. This appears to be more white metal in finish than brass.


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A mounted collection of Modern German Armed Forces Badges

Mounted on a purpose made card display board in the form of a mock / false wooden frame, 26 badges of the Bundeswehr forces including the Army Air Force and Marine Badges and all other types of specialist breast badges for mountain troops, armoured units, parachutists and support functions. Each badge identified in German in printed type below. Some creases to the display board, which has brass corners to protect and a suspension hook to rear. At a guess from the 1970s /1980s. I suspect some of these are quite hard to come by, such as the Surveyors badge. It feels like the suspension tabs are present behind the double layer of backing card, but I cannot be certain as I have not taken it apart.

If living overseas, please contact me first for postage quotation.


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Cold War East German National Army Reservists NVA Medal

A Military Reservists Medal with in a copper alloy with enamel suspension bar and original pin fixing. Translates as for the protection of workers and farmers, National Army reservist's medal. A few light stains otherwise in good condition.

Comm FB

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Gulf War Iraqi Tank Corps Collar Badge, facing left

Small brass die struck badge with two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 3.6cm wide and 1.4cm tall. From the Saddam period.

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WW1 German and Austrian Axis Patriotic WW1 Enamel Pin Brooch Badge

Circa 24mm in diameter. Fully functional pin fitting to the reverse.
Red, white, black green and yellow enamels surrounding a central white metal device which bears the profiles of the Kaiser and Franz Joseph showing the unity between Germany and Austria. Circa 1914. Slight shave to the enamel in one white enamel panel otherwise in very good condition.


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1930s British Fascists Black Enamel 3rd Issue Version Lapel Pin Brooch Badge - original

An F surrounded by a circlet bearing the motto for King and Country, small cross in rose above. Circa 25mm in diameter. Original pin fitting to the reverse; fully functional. Maker marked Birmingham Medal Co to reverse and stamped "12493". It looks bronze to the front, but I suspect this was once plated white metal and has been polished off as traces of white metal plating to the reverse. This is not one of the copies frequently encountered on a well known website.

The 'F' in the centre stands for 'Fascist'.

The British Fascisti, was started by Miss Rotha Lintorn-Orman in 1923. The name eventually changed to the British Fascists to get away from the misconception that it was a 'foreign' movement.

There were primarily three variants of the standard 'party' badge, all similar to the one posted here, with one slight difference:

1st issue badge - has a king's crown at top of badge

2nd issue badge - has a rose at top of badge

3rd issue badge - has a cross within a rose at top of badge.

It is a very popular mistake to assume that this is a British Union of Fascists ( BuF ) badge.

Will post to a UK address only.


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WW1 Imperial German Prussian Large Army Button - Berlin Maker

Circa 3cm in diameter, open backed with fixed shank, maker marked ICM Berlin to the reverse. Made from pewter with a brown finish applied. Very good condition.


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WW1 Imperial German Tunic Medium Button - white metal

Approx 20mm in diameter, white metal front with brass backing. Slightly domed and open backed with fixed shank. No maker's mark. In good condition.

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Crossed Swords for Combatants as worn on the German KvK War Merit Cross Medal Chest Ribbon

Usually worn on the ribbon bar, here we have a white metal device of Swords for Combatants as worn on the ribbon of the decoration for the KvK War Merit Cross with Swords for Combatants. It measures Circa 2.2cm across and has its original fasting prongs although has some age tarnish.

The emblem has minor signs of wear, as shown

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