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1st King 's African Rifles Officer 's Hallmarked Silver Collar Badge

A right facing collar badge with two original silver loops to the reverse and Birmingham hallmarked 1958 ( letter J) and F&S for Firmin & Sons. In very good condition with sharp detail. Circa 3.2cm tall.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 459 refers but right facing.


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Early Middle East - Egyptian / Sudan Army - Matched Pair of Officer's Gilt with Red Velvet Collar Badges as worn by British Seconded Officers

A magnificent pair of gilt collar crown badges of two part construction with two lugs attached to the reverse and original velvet red backing. Circa 3.5cm wide and 3cm tall. They are the same size - just some issues with my photography!


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Middle East Egyptian Army - 11th Sudan Infantry Bronzed Cap Badge

A die struck bronzed brass cap badge with original slider to the reverse and maker marked " Lambourne & Co Birmingham ". Circa 5.1cm tall and in very good condition. Scarce.

Formed in late 1880s, and worn until 1925 with the creation of the Sudan Defence Force.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1 No 1276 refers.


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West African - Gold Coast Defence Force ( Volunteers ) Officer 's Gilt Cap Badge , c1927 - 1939, on Blades

A stunning and scarce cap badge worn by this all white volunteer unit, three original blades to the reverse, circa 6cm tall, together with two accompanying large pattern buttons circa 22mm in diameter, fixed reverse states " Extra Superb " - says it all really! Some minor wear to gilt on buttons. Badge is the best condition almost mint.

See Renfrew el al Vol 1 no 367.

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South African Q Service Corps ( K Dienste Korps ) Embroidered Bullion Blazer Badge

An attractive South African Q Service Corps (K Dienste Korps) embroidered blazer badge with King 's crown. It comes with a crude lead cast version of the cap badge with defective /missing fixing lugs. Blazer badge is circa 9cm tall. See item no 55311 for a bronze cap badge in better condition.


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Middle East - Muscat Infantry ( Oman ) Brass Shoulder Title

A scarce cast brass shoulder title with two integral flat tomb stone shaped lugs to the reverse. Polished from service wear otherwise in very good condition. Circa 5.3cm wide. Most probably an early issue.

Founded in 1921 as the Muscat Levies and became the Muscat Infantry in 1923. Worn from 1923 - 1958 when it became the Muscat Regiment.

Renfrew et al, Volume 1, No 1204A refers.


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Uganda Protectorate Gilt Pagri Sun Helmet Badge

An attractive gilt badge bearing a crested crane in a circle with strong functional and original pin fixings to the reverse. Gilt slightly dulled to front but a good sharp detail. Circa 4cm in diameter.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1 no 673 refers.


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WW1 South African Karoo Schutters ( 14th Dismounted Rifles ) Brass Collar Badge

Die pressed brass sheet unvoided Other Ranks collar badge with two original wire loops to the reverse. Worn circa 1914 - 1929. Circa 3.5cm wide and 2.7m tall. This was not the cap badge. The cap badge worn by this unit was the general service badge of the time that is the union arms in garter surmounted by crown.

The unit existed from 1913 to 1929 and served in the Southern area of German South West Africa in 1915. The Karroo Schutters were also known as the 14th Dismounted Rifles. The motto "NON SIBI SID" "PATRIAL" means "Not For Self But For Country".

Somewhat ironically the collar badge was designed by one of the five Boer prisoners who escaped from the ship "THE CATOLINA" in Columbia harbour on 13 January 1901. They were known as the "five swimmers" and swam to a Russian steamer KERSON where they made their escape. The five were a Steyn, Botha, Haussner and the two Steytler brothers. This feat is depicted on the badge design. So given the 1st commanding officer of the Karoo Schutters was one of these five swimmers, Lt Col Steyn, the badge does seem to represent "one in the eye" for the British Empire!

Steyn was an officer in General Smuts's staff in the Anglo-Boer War and commanded the unit during the GSWA campaign.

Owen No 1755 refers


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NR / 1 / WAFF 1st Bn Nigeria Regiment West African Frontier Force Brass Shoulder Title - Gaunt London

Scarce elliptical one piece title as worn from 1914 to 1928 only. Stamped JR Gaunt London to reverse. Two original lugs. Could do with a light clean otherwise very good condition.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1, No 292 refers.

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The Royal Rhodesia Regiment Blackened Brass Cap Badge, Queen's Crown

Two original lugs to the reverse and retaining strip to hold in place the red velvet backing disc. Queen's crown and worn circa 1957 to 1972. Circa 4.5cvm tall. Some wear to black finish on the high points but otherwise in good condition.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1 No 595 refers.

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