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South African Infantry White Metal Badge

SWA Territorial Force Reaction Badge with two original screw posts and retaining nuts to reverse. Lion roaring with 'Semper Pugnans' scroll below, as worn 1979-1990. Some minor wear to finish on lions nose otherwise in very good condition.


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Rare Signals Section King's Africa Rifles Officer's Gilt Cap Badge - Firmin London

In stunning condition with two original loops to the reverse (e.-w) and embossed to the reverse Firmin London. A rare badge. Circa 4.3cm tall. King's crown so pre 1953.

Renfrew et al Vol 2 No 1789 refers.


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Colonial Sudan Intelligence Officer's Service Helmet Pagri Badge

Die struck gilt, UK made with original strong pagri pin to the reverse with C clasp. A large badge at circa 4.9cm in diameter. In excellent condition. Dated 1904, presumably its year of formation. A rare badge.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 1301 refers.

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Victorian East Africa - The Uganda Rifles Gilt Brass Helmet Badge

In very good condition with two original dark toned loops to the reverse. Circa 5.8cm tall. Gilt has dulled but otherwise in excellent condition and only worn 1895 - 1902. From 1902 onwards they became a King's African Rifles Battalion. Rare.

Renfrew et al, Vol 2 No 672 refers.


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WW2 Egyptian Home Guard - Cairo Civil Defence Force Brass Cap Badge

Die cast, theatre made with original slider to the reverse. An attractive design with sharp detail. Renfrew et al in Volume 2 depict the Suez Canal version. This is for the capital Cairo.


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Rare King 's African Rifles ( KAR ) Supply & Transport Officer 's Blackened Bronze OSD Cap Badge

A rare Transport and Supply ( S& T ) (coys, and wings) die cast blackened bronzed officers OSD cap badge with two original loops to the reverse and maker marked Firmin London. Pre 1940. Northern and Southern Brigades were replaced by the East African ASC in 1940. Some minor wear to finish.

Renfrew el al Vol 2 No 1790 refers.


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7th King 's African Rifles ( KAR ) Brass Cap Badge - Zanzibar

Cast brass badge with two original lugs to the reverse. The In very good condition. Circa 4.8cm tall. I have encountered this scarce badge in blackened brass. This looks like it has never been blackened but is right enough.

The 7th KAR was formed in Zanzibar in 1917 with men from the Zanzibar Armed Constabulary and the Mafia Constabulary. Post WW1, it was reduced to a company and then merged with the 6th KAR. This is a scarce badge.

Renfrew et al, Vol 1 No 442 refers.


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5th King 's African Rifles ( KAR ) Officers Gilt Arabic Numeral Cap Badge, QE11, 1953 - 63

In good condition with two original loops to the reverse. Circa 4.2cm tall.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 455 refers.


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Stunning African Basutoland Mounted Police, Senior Officer's Fire Gilt Cap Badge, pre 1953 - Gaunt London

In stunning condition with two original loops to the reverse and maker marked JR Gaunt London. Gilt bright and with only some minor service wear to the loops. Circa 4.5cm tall. Renfrew claims circa 1920. King's crown, so certainly pre 1952.

Britain took control of this small native kingdom as a British Crown Colony in 1884 after it suffered a series of defeats against the Boers of Cape Colony. Basutoland was renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho upon independence from the United Kingdom on 4 October 1966.

Renfrew et al Vol 1 No 511 refers.

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Stunning Police Officers Gilt Cap Badge Swaziland Police, pre 1954, Firmin London made

A stunning die cast gilt cap badge with two original loops to the reverse and maker marked Firmin London. A mounted police force covered this area of some 6,700 square miles, with a population of less than 1 million. King's crown dates it to pre 1953. Circa 4.6cm tall , with red felt backing.

The tribal area of Swaziland sits within South Africa proper and became a British High Commission Protectorate in 1908 until its Independence in 1967 and the Kingdom of Swaziland.


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