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Fusilier Brigade / Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF) Bandmaster/ Bandsman / Drummers Full Dress Large Grenade Badge

A scarce, silver-plated and gilt, band badge for Fusilier /Brigade / Royal Regiment of Fusiliers with two original loops to the reverse (east -west). In fabulous condition. As K&K2027 but much larger at circa 90mm x 66mm. There was also a much larger version (140mm x 115mm) which was withdrawn after a short time.

There is an image of this larger badge on the facing colour plate to page 53 of "For England and St George - A History of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers" (2000) by Simon Dunston. Given the size of the hackle in the photograph from this book attached my money is this is the Band Majors Badge as worn on the side of the full dress fur cap. It is not as crude as the larger drummers' badges.

This badge is discussed in detail on page 7 of the thread at:


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WW1 / WW2 The East Surrey Regiment (31st & 70th Foot) Other Ranks Bi-Metal Cap Badge

An earlier pattern badge with original slider and seven expansion / braising / sweat holes to the reverse (one of which is hiding behind slider). A great badge with sharp detail. Circa 4.2cm tall. Gaylor also confirms an all brass WW1 economy version.

K&K Vol 1 No 640 refers.

See item 60054 for the Victorian flat topped pattern crown.


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The Gloucestershire Regiment (28th & 61st Foot) - Other Ranks Brass Back Badge

Circa 2cm across, small die struck back badge for wear on the reverse of the cap, with original slider to reverse. No badge collection is complete without one. Found with lugs also.

The 28th Foot (1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment from 1st July 1881) had the unique honour of wearing a back badge in recognition of their distinguished conduct when engaged by cavalry both to the front and rear in the Battle before Alexandria in 1801. This distinction was authorised in 1830.

K&K Vol 1 No 635 refers.


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Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh 's) Brass Cap Badge - Prince Philip Cypher - Gaunt

A scarce brass cap badge with original slider fitting to the reverse bearing makers mark for JR Gaunt London (no full stop). The cypher and coronet of Prince Philip as adopted in 1954 (note it is not the earlier and more commonly encountered entwined AEA) to the centre of a cross with the coronet above and title scroll below. This, and the anodised pattern which followed, was only worn between 1954 and 1958.


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Royal Fusiliers Gilding Metal Cap Badge, QEII issue - JR Gaunt London

In very good condition with original slider and maker marked JR Gaunt London (no full stop). QEII crown. Worn 1952 - 1959 only.


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The Border Regiment White Metal Cap Badge - QEII issue

In unissued condition with original slider maker marked JR Gaunt London with its own original red felt backing cloth to voided centre and its brass retaining strip. They don't come better than this.


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WW2 Durham light Infantry (DLI) Bakelite Grey Plastic Economy Cap Badge

Minimal distortion but lacking one of two retaining blades to the reverse. No maker marks evident. Made from cellulose acetate plastic, sometimes incorrectly described as being made of Bakelite.

Comm FB

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Ulster Defence Regiment UDR (Post 1953) Large Gilt Pipers Badge

Made from gilded metal and in good condition with three original holding lugs, cotter pins and backing plate, in mint condition. . A large and impressive badge circa 7.8cm tall. QEII Crown.


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Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders ( A&SH) Cast White Metal Sergeants Cap Badge

A heavy cast white metal badge (possibly silver plated but unmarked) with additional void fretting to the top and bottom of the thistle wreath (4 voids) with about 20 voids to the centre design. A quality badge. Two original loops to the reverse (some signs of service wear).


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The Rifles White Metal Chrome Sergeant's Cross Belt Badge

The Rifles Regiment smaller pattern chrome belt plate badge featuring Maltese Cross in wreath with crown design and noting many of the constituent regiments famous battle honours. Two original screw posts to the reverse with original brass retaining nuts. In mint condition. Circa 4.6cm tall.


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