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28th Foot (1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment) Large Pattern Other Ranks Brass Glengarry Badge

An original 1874 - 1881 pre Territorial Glengarry badge, die struck in a gorgeous yellow brass with two original brass loops to the reverse, mounted north / south. One of the nicest examples I have ever seen.

K&K Vol 1 No 466 refers.


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84th Foot (2nd Battalion The York & Lancaster Regiment) Other Ranks Brass Glengarry Badge

An original 1874 - 1881 pre Territorial Glengarry badge, die struck in yellow brass with two original brass loops to the reverse, mounted north / south. The Fox copies had loops mounted east / west. A Good stiff badge, nicely struck and original to the period.

Ivan Machin A Guide to the Badges of the York & Lancaster Regiment 1822 - 1968 Fig 31 / Pages 35-36 refer (he also confirms the lug configuration).

K&K Vol 1 No 555 refers.


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12th (East Suffolk) Regiment Victorian OR’s glengarry badge circa 1874-81

An original die-stamped brass example, with only minor signs of service wear but the key to the top of the central tower appears to have been professionally re-applied at some point. Star surmounted by Castle and Key; on the star a strap inscribed “Montis insignia calpe. East Suffolk” with “12” to voided centre. Reverse with brass (not copper) loops, north - south. Original yellow brass patina.

K&K Vol 1 No 437 refers.


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92nd Regiment of Foot ( Gordon Highlanders ) Piper's White Metal Glengarry Badge, 1868 - 1881

A quality white metal die struck badge with two original dark toned loops to the reverse. In excellent condition. Simply gorgeous.

Bloomer page 85 refers.


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43rd Light Infantry Original Other Ranks Brass Pre- territorial Glengarry Badge 1855 - 1881

Yellow brass with two original brass lugs (east -west), an absolute cracker from an impeccable source. Strong original badge, not a Fox or later copy. Sharp detail. 5cm call and 5.5cm wide. From 1881 the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

K&K Vol 1, No 498 refers.


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Essex Regiment 2nd Pattern HPC with original King 's Crown Other Ranks Brass Helmet Plate

Worn circa 1903 to 1914. All lugs on both pieces original, present and collect. A lovely item.


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Oxfordshire Light Infantry HPC

A brass helmet plate centre with all 4 original loops to reverse.

K&K Vol1 No 333 refers.


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Early Gilt Light Infantry Officer Quality Ribboned Bugle Badge

An early unidentified pattern gilt die struck bugle with one of two loops remaining and this one has been squeezed together. Circa 3.7cm tall and 3.5cm wide. Gilt is bright but has some wear.


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Large Georgian / Early Victorian Fused Cap Grenade British Pattern - Possibly Grenadier Guards / HAC / Royal Artillery, pre 1855

unidentified bronze grenade but similar to patterns being worn by the Grenadier Guards and Honourable Artillery Company ( H.A.C. ). Sew on rather than fitted with lugs (never has been), see the deliberate holes in the bottom edge of the flames. Note the unusual jaggered edges to the bottom of the flames Large at circa 9.7cm tall and 7.3cm wide. Rare item, any information welcome. Circa 1816 - 1855.


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68th ( 1st Bn DLI ) Light Infantry Other Ranks Glengarry Badge, 1874 - 1881

An original and very clean heavy die struck version of this original glengarry badge, as worn by the predecessors of the 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry, the 68th Light Infantry Regiment. Two strong and original brass loops to the reverse (one larger and longer in the mouth of the bugle), and correctly positoned. A copper tone to it rather than a yellow gilding metal, but spot on nevertheless. Circa 5cm tall and 5.7cm wide. Very good condition and scarce.

Whilst pre-Territorial Glengarries have been profusely copied, an original example like this is hard to come by. Nor is it a turn of the century 'Fox' restrike.

K&K Vol 1, No 530 refers.

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