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WW1 Pals - 11th Lonsdale (Service) Battalion, The Border Regiment Brass Cap Badge - Gaunt Tablet

A WWI brass cap badge with two original loops and a genuine maker's tablet (a thin one) with the details for JR Gaunt London to the reverse. Worn by the 11th (Lonsdale) Service Battalion Border Regiment which was one of the Pals Battalions of Kitchener's Army. In very good condition with no damage. Much reproduced, it is hard to find a genuine pattern of this badge. Rare.


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WW1 - Scarce Black Watch (The Royal Highlanders ) NCOs Bi-Metal Glengarry Badge

Of three piece construction, the Wee Jimmy / St Andrew to the middle appears to be silver plated, star in white metal star with short scrolls, bronzy brass centre and sphinx. Two original lugs to rear. Lacessit spelling. Worn circa 1902 - 1937. Circa 7.6cm tall.

K&K Vol 1 No 657 refers.

Comm PG

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WW1 Chinese Labour Corps ( CLC ) Cap Badge - Blade Fixings

A thin bronzed brass die struck badge with four original tabs to the reverse. As with most blades I would not recommend opening these up as they can become brittle with age. Almost black in colour, I personally would not attempt to clean it up. Rare.

The Chinese Labour Corps were a force of workers recruited by the British government in WW1 to free troops for front line duty by performing support work and manual labour.

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The 8th (Cylist) Battalion The Essex Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge

A really good example with original slider to reverse and three braising / expansion holes to the reverse of the scroll. Seeded pattern to base of scroll below the sphinx (no battle honour Egypt, as worn by the 8th Cyclists. This unit was formed in 1911.


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WW1 Original White Metal Cap Badge to the Guards Machine Gun Battalion - Slider

A WW1 issue die struck cap badge worn only 1917-18 by the Guards Machine Gun Battalion with original slider. much reproduced, this is a genuine example. Some service wear to crown, bullet ends and slider bent from wear. Some red added to the rose. A good stiff badge, well made, with good old yellow solder runs. Circa 5cm by 5.1cm. A hard badge to come by it you are looking for the genuine item.

K&K Vol 1, No 923 refers.

Comm FB

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Large School of Musketry Brass Cap Badge, 1902 - 1929?

A large brass cap badge with original slider. Some traces of red material to back of crown, as presumably worn worn with a red cloth backing to crown. This has a more upright squatter appearance than the standard badge and more detail evident on the rifle butts. The crown is held on by small tabs. Versions of this have also been encountered with 2 / 4 lugs. In very good condition. Any information welcome.


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WW1 Arabic Speaker Interpreter's Small Pattern Arm Badge - New Zealand pattern?

Scarce gilt brass die struck sleeve badge with two original thin copper wire fittings (n-s) to the reverse. The head of an Egyptian sphinx. Worn on the sleeve by British, Australian, New Zealand and French army personnel who were Arab speakers. This particular pattern of decoration on the headdress is illustrated in Oldham's Badges and Insignia of hte New Zealand Army, page 99 (item 10/81). Circa 30mm tall and 32mm wide. Well made, in good condition and attractive.

Oldham 10/81


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12th London Regiment ( The Rangers ) Blackened Cap Badge

A blackened die struck brass cap badge with original slider (tip bent over to retain it in cap). This is the third pattern king's crown cap badge as worn 1937 - 1952, when they became part of the KRRC. Some wear to finish but this is attractive and gives it a good patina.

Comm FB

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The Northamptonshire Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge

Second pattern castle ( standard pattern ) with original slider to reverse. Die struck badge with good sharp detail. Stiff, solid badge in very good condition. Circa 4.3cm tall.


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WW1 The Suffolk Regiment Bi-Metal Cap Badge

Bi-metal badge, with original slider, in good condition.


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