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10th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers Officers silver plated Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC )

A fine and scarce silvered example, worn circa 1876 - 1883, with matching benchmarks to each piece. Plain ends but a highly decorative figure 10 to the centre.

Formed at Ulverston in 1859 and became the 1st Volunteer Battalion The King' s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in 1883.


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8th ( Bury ) Lancashire Rifle Volunteers Officers Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC )

A small stunning rectangular gilt plate mounted with crowned circlet inscribed ' Lancashire Rifle Volunteers ' with seeded 8 mounted to domed centre. Both fixed and detachable loops still present. Gilt bright, but some light scratching to face of gilt plate otherwise in very good condition and scarce.

The 8th Bury corps was formed in 1859 and designated to the 1st Volunteer Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers in 1883.


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Norfolk Rifle Volunteers Officers Blackened Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC )

Rare early Victorian blackened brass officers waist-belt clasp. A bugle horn surmounted by the crown to one half of a seeded rectangular plate with 'roped'border bearing a furled scroll, Norfolk Rifle Volunteers . The plate has plain belt loops and both halves bear matching benchmarks '48'. In stunning condition. Circa 1859 - 1872.


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1st Volunteer Battalion Leicestershire Regiment Waist Belt Clasp (WBC)

A white metal waist belt clasp, some service wear and polishing to high points, no benchmarks, but matching parts. Scarce.


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Scarce Volunteer Battalion Other Ranks White Metal Kings Crown Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC), 1902 - 1908

Not often encountered, a king's crown pattern other ranks volunteers WBC in white metal. Most units continued to wear the Victorian crown WBC, even after 1902. The two parts look as if the belong together but are not the best fit. Circa 9cm wide and 5.7cm tall.

Comm FB

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The Royal Welsh Fusiliers ( RWF) Volunteer / Militia Battalion Other Ranks White Metal Glengarry Grenade Badge

Die struck in white metal, looks silver plated, with two original dark toned loops to the reverse. Detail sharp. Pre 1908. Some signs of service wear but overall, a slight die flaw to left of plume, otherwise in very good condition and scarce.


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Scarce Victorian Royal Fusiliers ( Militia ) Officers Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC ) - Reversed Colours

A scarce WBC, a silver and gilt example with matching benchmarks to both halves (three triangular dots to each half). Silver circlet inscribed 'The Royal Fusiliers'; seeded silver centre mounted with gilt crowned rose. Universal pattern rococo ends. Some wear to gilt highpoints of the crown and rose, and minor wear to the silver plate on the belt ends, but an attractive item. Worn 1881 - 1901.


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A Georgian / Napoleonic Era Shoulder Belt Plate - Large V and Georgian crown

An intriguing brass metal shoulder belt plate which has much detail worn away and is missing two of its riveted rear fixings. Most probably a volunteer or militia unit item, but unable to identify as the engraved writing on the garter which surrounds a large numeral V has worn away. Traces of Georgian crown above. Circa 7cm tall and 5.2cm wide. Relic condition, but a rare item.


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Victorian Militia Other Ranks White Metal Glengarry Badge

Die struck white metal militia glengarry badge, circa 1870 - 1881. This pattern is not listed in K&K. Circa 6.2cm tall and 3.7cm wide. One dark toned lug remaining of two, the one in the crown as been clipped off. Sharp detail with two slight spots of verdigris staining to front. Scarce.

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5th West York Militia Officer's Silver Plated Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC ) - Also of Yorkshire Regiment ( Green Howards ) Interest

A rare, silvered, waist-belt clasp for an officer of The 5th West York Militia with matching benchmarks ( No 1). In excellent condition with some tarnishing. Raised in 1853.

In 1881, the 5th West Yorks Militia became the 3rd Militia Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment ( Green Howards ). See Hayes "The Constitutional Force" p.295).


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