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N STAFFORD - North Staffordshire Regiment Officers Brass Shoulder Title

A small title as worn post 1902 by officers with two hexagonal fixings to the reverse. Circa 1cm tall and 4.8cm wide. In good condition.

Westlake No 1330 refers.

Comm JT

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DEVON - Devonshire Regiment Brass Shoulder Title

Curved title with two original hexagonal loops to the reverse. In very good condition.

Westlake No 851 refers.

Comm JT

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4th ( Territorial ) Battalion Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Brass Shoulder Title

A one piece right facing shoulder title to the 4th Territorial Bn. Oxs & Bucks L. I. with 2 of 3 original lugs to the reverse. Circa 3.2cm tall and 4cm wide. In reasonable condition (one lug missing to top) with some verdigris, mainly to the reverse. Cotter pin is tightly fitted into the lugs, so I have not attempted to remove it.

Westlake No 267 refers


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Scarce Tyneside Irish Shoulder Title - First Issue - maker marked Reid & Co Newcastle-on-Tyne

A gilding metal shoulder title central device (it would have had a single NF (for Northumberland Fusiliers ) and battalion number above (24, 25, 26, 27 or 30). Locally made for the Tyneside Irish in the early days of the First world war by the local goldsmiths, Reid & Co. Still in Newcastle to this day! Two original lugs (e-w) and in superb condition.

Sold to GM

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WW1 T / 19 / London One Piece Brass Shoulder Title

Some signs of service wear, with three original hexagonal fixing loops to the reverse.

Westlake No 1543 refers.


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OXF & BUCKS (Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire) Light Infantry Two Piece Brass Shoulder Title

Left Facing Bugle with two original loops above a separate curved title with two original hexagonal loops below.

Worn by 1st Battalion from 1908 until early in WW1 and occasionally by recruits at the Depot between the wars. Scarce.

Westlake 1177 refers.


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WW1 Pair of Northumberland Fusiliers ( NF ) Brass Shoulder Titles - Scarce version with FASA rather than FATA

Pair with two original lugs to reverse. Some wear but scarce as this is the version with the misspelt part of the motto with Quo Fasa Vocant which should have been Quo Fata Vocant. Not an exact match, but very close.

Col. D. Wood No. 283 (B) refers


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Pre WW1 Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Matched Facing Pair of Indian Theatre Made Cast Brass Shoulder Titles

A fine cast facing and matched pair with three original integral lugs to the reverse of each. The DLI spent time in India before WW1, so assumed to be made locally made. Slight twist to one lug otherwise in good condition and scarce. Circa 3.9cm wide and 2.9cm tall.


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T / 9 / HANTS 9th ( Cyclist Battalion ) Hampshire Regiment Brass Shoulder Title on backing plate

A scarce 9th Cyclist Hants Battalion ( Territorial Force ) Shoulder Title with three original lugs and on its original brass backing-plate, with some signs of service wear. Worn from 1911 until disbanded in 1920. HQ in Southampton, they saw First World War service in India and Russia.


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Royal Irish Fusiliers ( RIF ) Bi-metal Shoulder Title ( with Royal scroll )

Two original square lugs, in good condition in gilt and white metal with the " Royal " scroll.


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