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1LV - 1st Battalion ( Territorial Army ) Lancastrian Volunteers Brass Shoulder Title

In good condition with two original loops to the reverse. Worn 1967 - 1975.

Westlake No 1468 refers.

Comm FB

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Scarce WW1 Tyneside Irish ( Northumberland Fusiliers ) Gilding Metal Shoulder Title - Reid & Co Newcastle Upon Tyne

A gilding metal shoulder title central device (it would have had a single NF (for Northumberland Fusiliers ) and battalion number above in brass (24, 25, 26, 27 or 30). The two lugs have been replaced with soldered copper loops, otherwise in very good condition and original. Maker's name embossed to the reverse in the rear arm of the harp, Reid & Co Newcastle upon Tyne. This makes this one of the first 800 or so made as the first batch were made locally made for the Tyneside Irish Committee in the early days of the First World War by the local goldsmiths, Reid & Co. Still in Newcastle to this day!


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WW1 era Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Facing Pair of Two Piece Brass Shoulder Titles

Worn 1907 to 1920, universal pattern bugles in gilding metal (these have been blackened) above two curved Durham brass shoulder titles. One of the bugles has had replacement lugs fitted.

Westlake 1347 refers.

Sold to CSM Selmi, 12th DLI re-enactors group, Italy.

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WW1 Pair of Northumberland Fusiliers ( NF ) Brass Shoulder Titles - Scarce version with FASA rather than FATA

Pair with two original lugs to reverse. Some wear but scarce as this is the version with the misspelt part of the motto with Quo Fasa Vocant which should have been Quo Fata Vocant. Not an exact match, but very close.

Col. D. Wood No. 283 (B) refers


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KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 2 Piece Brass Shoulder Title

As worn from 1921. Two original lugs to reverse of each part. In very good condition.

Westlake 1258 refers.


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Northumberland Fusiliers Officers Brass Metal Shoulder Title

Single die cast example of the pattern as worn by only officer's of the regiment, 1894-1913. Two original lugs to the reverse. Gilt polished back mainly to brass, otherwise in very good condition. Worn on service dress and khaki drill.

Col. D. Wood, No 280 refers.

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4th ( Territorial Force ) Battalion, The Northumberland Fusiliers Three Part Brass Shoulder Title

Three piece shoulder title, typically worn from 1908 and into the early part of the First World War. Original lugs to reverse, complete with all original loop fixings. Some service wear especially to the top edge of the F in NF, otherwise in very good condition.

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WW1 era Northumberland Fusiliers ( NF ) Pair of Officers Facing Shoulder Titles

A facing pair of silver plated mounted on gilt officer's pattern shoulder titles, but not quite a colour match. Each has three original lugs to the reverse and one of them is stamped JR Gaunt London. This pattern was worn 1913-1936 on service dress and khaki drill. In very good condition with sharp detail.

Col D. Wood No 284 refers (1st Edn).


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WW1 Connaught Rangers Brass Shoulder Title

Worn from 1914 until disbanded in 1922, with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. In good condition.

Westlake No 1405 refers


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T / Herts One Piece Brass Shoulder Title - Hertfordshire Regiment

Brass one piece shoulder title with two original lugs to the reverse. The lugs have been slightly pinched but still functional. Some minor service wear otherwise in very good condition.

Westlake No 1570 refers.


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