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Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles, 1920 - 1952

A pair of straight DLI brass shoulder titles with two original square lugs to reverse of each DLI title. Would have been worn with facing generic pattern bugles above as separate pieces.

Westlake No 1350 refers


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WW1 era Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Facing Pair of Two Piece Brass Shoulder Titles

Worn 1907 to 1920, universal pattern bugles in gilding metal above two curved Durham brass shoulder titles. A good matched facing set. Three original lugs to each bugle and two original hexagonal lugs to reverse of each curved title. Some service wear but overall very good condition.

Westlake 1347 refers.


Sold to CSM Selmi, 12th DLI

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Rare Royal Welsh Fusiliers ( RWF ) Brass Shoulder Title

An unusual and rare find as depicted in Westlake and period of wear as yet unidentified. Complete with three original hexagonal loops to the reverse. In good condition with no damage. Circa 4.7cm tall and 4.4cm wide. Any information welcome.

Westlake No 969 refers.

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WW1 Northumberland Fusiliers ( NF ) Brass Shoulder Title - FASA

A brass shoulder title with two original loops to the reverse. This one with the incorrect motto spelling " QUO FASA VOCANT " as opposed to Quo Fata Vocant ( 'Where the Fates Will' ).


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Theatre Made - Cast Matching Pair of Inniskillings Fusilier Brass Collar Badges

A finely made cast pair with two Indian style integral flat tombstone style lugs to the reverse of each. In very good condition. This pattern post 1927, and would have been worn with a separate grenade above each.

Westlake No 1011 refers.


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Scarce WW1 Tyneside Irish ( Northumberland Fusiliers ) Gilding Metal Shoulder Title Brooched - Reid & Co Newcastle Upon Tyne

A gilding metal shoulder title central device (it would have had a single NF (for Northumberland Fusiliers ) and battalion number above in brass (24, 25, 26, 27 or 30). The two original lugs (which would have been e-w) have been removed and professionally replaced with a pin and c clasp fitting no doubt for wear as a sweetheart brooch but the pin is now missing, could be repaired otherwise in very good condition and original. Maker's name embossed to the reverse in the arm of the harp, Reid & Co Newcastle upon Tyne. This makes this one of the first 800 or so made as the first batch were made locally made for the Tyneside Irish Committee in the early days of the First World War by the local goldsmiths, Reid & Co. Still in Newcastle to this day!


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Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles

A pair of brass shoulder titles, with two original loops to the reverse of each. Some bending and twisting to loops but otherwise still functional. Missing a pair of brass generic LI pattern facing bugles, add a pair of these to complete them. As worn to 1907 - 1920.

Westlake No 1347 refers (minus the bugles)


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WW1 Royal Defence Corps ( RDC ) Matched Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles

WW1 Royal Defence Corps ( RDC ) Matched Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles In very good condition with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse.

The Royal Defence Corps was a corps of the British Army formed in August 1917 and disbanded in 1936 (being replaced by the National Defence Company ). It was initially formed by converting the ( Home Service ) Garrison battalions of line infantry regiments. Garrison battalions were composed of soldiers either too old or medically unfit for active front-line service; the Home Service status indicated they were unable to be transferred overseas. Eighteen battalions were converted in this way. The role of the regiment was to provide troops for security and guard duties inside the United Kingdom; guarding important locations such as ports or bridges. It also provided independent companies for guarding prisoner-of-war camps. The regiment was never intended to be employed on overseas service.

Westlake No 392 refers.

Comm FB

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Scarce Victorian Royal Warwickshire Regiment Brass Shoulder Title, pre 1902

A scarce early pattern semi circular shoulder title, ' Warwick ' with two original lugs to the reverse. Dark toned with age or possibly an OSD finish! Anyway I did not want to overly polish it, so its up to you.

Westlake No 779 refers.

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Royal Green Jackets ( RGJ ) Pair of Blackened Shoulder Titles

Matched pair of shoulder blackened metal shoulder titles with two pins with retaining grips to each. Good condition.

The Royal Green Jackets was formed on 1 January 1966 by the amalgamation of the three separate regiments of the Green Jackets Brigade: the 1st Green Jackets (43rd and 52nd), the 2nd Green Jackets, the King's Royal Rifle Corps and the 3rd Green Jackets, the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own). The regiment would later amalgamate with The Light Infantry, the Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry and the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry to form a single large regiment to be called The Rifles. The reorganisation into "The Rifles" took effect on 1 February 2007.

Westlake 1467 refers.


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