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WW1 West Yorkshire Regiment ( The Prince of Wales ' Own ) Brass Shoulder Title

W YORK, in brass with two original loops to the reverse. Worn until 1924 only. Some bending to the loops otherwise in good condition.

Westlake No 881 refers.


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T5 Green Howards ( Yorkshire Regiment ) One Piece Brass Shoulder Title

5th Territorial Battalion Green Howards ( Yorkshire Regiment ) one piece shoulder title as worn from 1922 onwards. With two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse.

Westlake No 928 refers


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WW1 Tyneside Scottish ( 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 29th Battalions Northumberland Fusiliers ) Officer 's Shoulder Title

Officers of the four battalions and the reserve wore a three part shoulder title consisting of a solid tablet TYNESIDE at the top, and SCOTTISH below with a silver grenade in between. The tablets are in high gilt. The grenades should be frosted silver with single square lug to the reverse. Backing plate missing. Small mark on gilt in the C of Scottish, some minor scratching to the reverse of the Tyneside and minor mishaping to the square lug on the Socttish. All very minor issues otherwise stunning.

Westlake No 772 refers


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Scarce WW1 Tyneside Irish ( Northumberland Fusiliers ) Gilding Metal Shoulder Title

A gilding metal shoulder title central device (it would have had a single NF (for Northumberland Fusiliers ) and battalion number above in brass (24, 25, 26, 27 or 30). The two original lugs (which would have been e-w) have been removed and professionally replaced with a pin and c clasp fitting no doubt for wear as a sweetheart brooch but is otherwise in very good condition and original. Please note this is NOT one of the very first issue Reid & Co maker marked badges.

Code: 57253Price: 55.00 GBP

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WW1 era Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) single two piece brass shoulder title

Worn 1907 to 1920, universal pattern bugle in gilding metal above curved Durham brass shoulder title. Three original lugs to bugle, bugle facing to left, and two original loops to reverse of Durham title. Some slight service wear and bending to loops on title but otherwise in very good condition.

Westlake 1347 refers.

To make up a facing pair see also item 56139

Code: 57119Price: 12.00 GBP

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Somerset Light Infantry ( Prince Albert 's ) matched pair of brass shoulder titles

Great condition, in brass and both with three original loops to of the reverse each. Worn circa 1920 to 1954.

Westlake Nos 873 / 874 refer


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Victorian Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers ( RIF ) Other Ranks Brass Shoulder Title

Such a scarce item, and if only all such subsequent shoulder titles worn by the regiments of the British Army could have remained items of beautiful design such as this shortlived shoulder title. A contemporary sketch shows this being worn by the 2nd Battalion in India during the Tirah Campaign of 1897 - 98. Circa 4.3cm tall and 3cm wide. Three original dark toned lugs to the reverse. Lugs slightly flattened for comfort when being worn, otherwise fully functional and in very good condition. Flag to left.

Westlake No 1007 refers and page 87 refers.


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7th ( Territorial ) Battalion The Hampshire Regiment Pair of Brass Shoulder Titles

7 / HANTS. Matched pair and looks like the T has been neatly removed from each. Worn circa 1908 - 1921, otherwise in good condition with original loops to the reverse. Amalgamated with the 5th Bn in 1921.


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Generic Light Infantry Regiment Bugle - Theatre Made most probably in India

An unusual finely cast brass strung bugle, with two small and original lugs to the reverse. Looks too good to have been cast from the front view. Lovely item. Bugle faces to right. As worn by units such as the Durham Light Infantry ( DLI ) and other Light Infantry Regiments


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WW1 The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment ( Royal Canadians ) Brass Shoulder Title

Curved Brass shoulder title with two original hexagonal lugs to the reverse. Slight service wear otherwise in very good condition. As worn from 1914 to 1922.

Westlake No 1422 refers.


Code: 56904Price: 26.00 GBP

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