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6th Gurkha ( Queen Elizabeth 's Own ) Rifles Set of two Unmarked Silver Mufti Blazer Buttons (QEII crowns)

Each battalion of Gurkhas somewhat uniquely in the British Army had its own silversmith. These buttons were made by the regimental silver smith of the 6th Gurkha Rifles. They are flat, cast in silver and both have a silver shank. The larger of the two is circa 19mm in diameter and the smaller 12mm in diameter.


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London Irish Rifles Large Pattern Black Button, pre 1953

Fixed shank, very sharp detail. Blank reverse. Circa 25mm in diameter.

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Senior Police Officers Silver Plated Large Pattern Button

Circa 24mm in diameter, fixed shank, maker marked Hobson & Sons, Lexington St, London W. This is not military but civil button used by, amongst others, Deputy and Vice-Lieutenants of Counties, Metropolitan Police Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners, Chief Constables and some other senior Police Officers. Thank you to Roger for the information.

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Loyal North Lancashire Officer 's Medium Pattern White Metal Button

Circa 19mm in diameter with fixed shank and maker marked Gaunt London. In very good condition with sharp detail.

Code: 56966Price: 6.00 GBP

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Lancashire Fusiliers ( 20th Foot ) Officers ' Mess Waiter 's Medium Pattern Button

Silver plated open backed button, medium pattern circa 16mm in diameter, fixed shank and maker marked Firmin & Sons Ld, London, In very good condition. Harder to find than the larger pattern.


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QVC Victorian Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers Large White Metal Button

Large pattern white metal QVC 2nd ( Cambridge University ) Rifle Volunteer Corps re designated the 4th ( Cambridge University ) Volunteer Battalion the Suffolk Regiment in 1887, circa 23mm in diameter with fixed shank, and maker marked " 36 Rich Quality " on the reverse.


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The Kings Own Royal Regiment ( Lancaster ) Large Officers Gilt Button ( 4th Foot)

Worn 1902 to 1920. Backmarked JR Gaunt & Son Ltd, London, Engld, Fixed shank. Excellent condition with bright gilt and sharp detail. Circa 26mm in diameter.

Ripley No 206 refers.

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Durham Fortress Engineer Volunteers Large White Metal Button

Scarce button, maker marked to reverse E Stillwell & Son, Barbican, London. 24mm in diameter. Signs of wear and slightly pushed-in, but otherwise in good condition. Circa 24mm in diameter. Coll.

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Queen 's Own Warwickshire & Worcestershire Yeomanry Pair of Anodised Aluminium Small Pattern Cap Buttons

A matched white anodised aluminum pair with fixed shanks to the reverse. Each circa 13mm in diameter. Blank reverse. In very good condition.


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Napoleonic Wars Leyland and Ormskirk ( Lancashire ) Local Militia Officer 's Gilt Coatee Tunic Button, c1809 - 1816

Small tunic button at circa 14mm in diameter, fixed shank, semi-domed with open back and maker marked to the reverse " I. Nutting & Son, London ". Gilt bright and detail sharp. Front depicts the usual star found on Local Militia buttons with a rose of Lancaster in the centre below a ducal coronet and a strap with the title of the unit " Leyland and Ormskirk L.M. " Fantastic condition for age and rare.


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