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Happy Easter to all My Customers!

Time to take some R&R. The site is still open for business over the Easter Holidays and any orders taken during this time will be posted after 25th April.

The Quartermaster

This postcard is available for sale as item 53590

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WW1 original Postcard - Scottish Officers - Pipes at the Ready!

In good condition with a list of surnames in pencil on the reverse. Collar badges for three of them at least appear to be Royal Scots. The officer on the right has a felt triangle on his shoulder. The names on the back could be a list of battalion officers. Worthy of further research. A good image in good condition. Postally unused.

Comm FB

Code: 58971Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW1 Original Patriotic Post Card - Poem - Somewhere in France!
WW1 Original Patriotic Post Card - Somewhere in France!

Postally unused patriotic poem postcard by G.W.S. of Eastbourne dated 11 June 1915. Pen addition on reverse Nov 18 1915.


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Pipe Major Royal Scots Fusiliers Oilette Style Edwardian Postcard

An attractive oilette style postcard photograph, predates WW1 as he seems to be wearing a Boer War pair of medals with clasps. Postally unused and reverse blank except for publisher's details: E.F.A. Military Series No 81. Very slight corner wear otherwise in near excellent condition. Interesting that the title is Scotch rather than Scots Fusiliers.


Code: 58959Price: 3.00 GBP

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Pre WW1 Patriotic Coloured Art Card by Raphael Tuck - What are you doing to guard the homes of England?

A stirring image of volunteers from the Napoleonic times to the Volunteers of 1860s and beyond, cajoling an idle gentleman of means ( or a rake!) to join the territorial / auxiliary forces. References to a quote from George V so this dates to 1912 - 1914 era. The poem on the reverse makes interesting reading. In very good condition, with slight marks suggesting it had been very lightly glued at one time into an album.


Code: 58958Price: 8.00 GBP

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WW1 Original Patriotic Postcard - Thumbs Up for the Allies - Under-age smoker!

Postally unused, minor corner wear otherwise good condition, and how politically incorrect! Love it.


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WW1 Original Punch Cartoon Patriotic Post Card - Entente Cordiale

A great play on words, with the Kaiser finding he had kicked a rock, rather than finding a mere paper alliance between Great Britain and France. Postally unused and in great condition for age.


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Scarce WW1 Boots the Chemist Patriotic Postcard - The King's Message to his Army

A thick card in good condition. Postally unused but has a contemporary message on the reverse. Very good condition. Printed in Nottingham, which is still the city which houses the HQ of the Boots Corporation. Scarce.


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Magnificent WW1 Original Postcard of Scots Guards on the march - pipers to the front!

One of my favourite WW1 images of a guards battalion on the march - are we downhearted - No. Postally unused and no corner wear, slight wrinkles from storage in an album. Love the fact they can puff on pipes and smoke at that pace!

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WW1 original Postcard - Aviator prepares his Maxim Gun

Postally unused, French printed card, looks like it came from a set of cards as the left side is perforated. Very good condition. Love the fact the pilot is puffing on a cigarette!


Code: 58837Price: 8.00 GBP

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