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A moment in time, the huge mine is denotated on the 1st July 1916 Somme

A large press photo of the moment when the mine tunneled under the Hzeawthorn Redoubt, ten minutes prior to zero and the assault on Beamount Hamel, 1st July 1916. The size of the explosion is quite extraordinary. Circa 8.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Some impression damage to the sky and and corner and edge damage, but on the whole in reasonable condition.


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WW1 Propaganda Art Postcard - Flags That Helped the Motherland

Postally used with a cancellation stamp of 20th December 1918 with a printed message to the reverse concerning the triumphant close of the war. Some corner stress but generally in good condition.


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WW1 Humerous Propaganda Tuck 's Oilette Art Postcard - German High Seas Fleet, patrolling the German ( ?) Ocean

A fleet remarkable by its absence, a humorous poke at the effective job that the North Sea British Fleet was doing post Jutland in keeping the German Fleet bottled up in the Baltic. Postally unused and in good condition for age. Not seen this one before.


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WW1 Comic Propaganda Patriotic Art Card - A Present from the British Navy

Postally unused. In very good condition with minor corner wear. Bulldog series. Great image!

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Original WW1 Patriotic Postcard - the Handy Man ( Royal Navy )

A throw back to the terminology of the second Boer War and the poetic rhetoric of Kipling, the ' Handy Man ' in straw hat against a background of the union flag. Postally unused and in very good condition.


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Royal Signals / Kensingtons Phantom Photograph Collection WW2 and post WW2 65+ original photos

Circa 67 original black and white photographs of various sizes and condition from a single collection, of which only about 15 are non military subjects. Evidence of having been removed from an album. Some interesting views of arm insignia on a couple of them, especially the scarce " P " formation flash for the Phantom unit. Some interesting photos of the phantom unit military vehicles and this territorial unit on camp immediately post war. Unfortunately unattributed and I could not spot David Niven!

Phantom’s duties included providing Bogus traffic for deception – including in 1941 simulating the traffic of a non-existent Armoured Car Regiment in an attempt to persuade Rommel the forthcoming British Offensive would be in the south rather than the north of the battle area. The Luftwaffe was despatched to look for the ‘regiment’ but failed to locate Phantom’s well-camouflaged vehicles.
At the end of the war Phantom was renamed ‘No3 Independent Signal Squadron’ following disbandment in 1948 its role was taken on by Princess Louise’s Kensington Regiment (PLK) and became Army Phantom Signal Regiment (TA). Today PLK are part of 31 Signal Squadron under the command of 71st City of London (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment.

Famous Phantoms included David Niven, film star Tan Williams, three future professors, two Privy Councillors, a Law Lord, an Ambassador, a Metropolitan Police Commissioner plus sporting and literary celebrities.

Comm FB

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WW1 Original Photograph Postcard - 20th Training Reserve Battalion ( 20 on each arm ) and all wearing General Service Buttons in place of cap badges

An interesting group photo showing the number 20 on the arms of the three central figures, and all soldiers are wearing general service pattern buttons in place of cap badges in their peaked caps. Postally unused. Uk card. Image in good condition, slight corner bruising.

On 1st September 1916 and with the introduction of conscription, the War Office consolidated the regimental reserve battalions into numbered battalions of the Training Reserve. The 20th Training Reserve Battalion was formed from the 15th Reserve Battalion, The Rifle Brigade.


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WW1 Original Photograph Postcard Canadian Soldier wearing General List Pattern Cap and Collar Badges

Postally unused, some minor stains to the reverse, image in great condition and the card has no edge or corner wear. The quality of the sharpness of the image and the insignia being worn does not come across in my photos as I did not use flash to compensate for hand shake.


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WW1 Original and unique Ink and Watercolour Patriotic Art postcard - Has Anyone Seen A German Band!

A naive but amusing comic patriotic postcard. Most likely the only one of its type, drawn and painted by an unknown person on pre printed postcard. Postally unused, but pen comments to reverse.

A179.2 (2/2)

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WW1 Original Portrait Photograph Postcard - Northumberland Fusilier - wounded, with female companion

Original UK studio study postcard, Postally unused. Shows two annual service chevrons and one wound stripe. Photo in very good condition.


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