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WW2 1st Battalion East Surrey Regiment Embroidered Cloth Flash Formation Designation Sign

Removed from uniform, an embroidered example of the yellow eight pointed star on a black background as worn by the 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. In good condition.

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WW2 Royal Fusiliers Regimental Flash Cloth Formation Sign

Red / Dark Blue Wool Rectangle sewn together. Removed from uniform, edges a bit ragged otherwise in good condition. Circa 6.5cm by 5.5cm.

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WW1 17th Highland Light Infantry ( HLI ) / 97th Brigade / 31st Division Felt on Khaki Formation Sign Combination

A red circle above 4 red AOS strips. Identity confirmed in reference quoted below. Some edge fraying to khaki backing material otherwise in good condition.

Infantry Division Identification Schemes 1917 by Mike Hibberd (MHS Special number 2016) page 38 refers.

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WW1 1st Rifle Brigade Cloth Formation Sign

A rare yellow cotton maltese cross sewn on a square of khaki material. In very good condition for age. Identified in source quoted below:

Infantry Division Identification Schemes 1917 by Mike Hibberd (MHS Special number 2016) figures 9 and 10 refer.

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WW1 61st 2nd South Midlands Division (LX1) Red Felt Cloth Formation Sign

A scarce formation sign, some age to it and a bit faded to front. Roman numerals LXI (61), edges sewn over.

See the following URL for the units which comprised this Division:


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WW1 9th Scottish Division Formation Designation White Metal Arm Badge

A single die struck white metal thistle mounted on its original dark blue circular felt backing with two original lugs to the reverse. These were worn on each arm by members of this elite Scots Division in facing pairs. the Division was part of 'First Hundred Thousand' that went to France in May 1915 and remained until 1918. After war was part of the occupation force in the Rhineland. Disbanded in March 1919. In very good condition.

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2nd Battalion Royal Anglican Regiment Lance Corporal's Brassard - The Poachers

On camo material in good condition with some traces of white bluetack to reverse.

During the Yugoslav Wars, the 2nd Battalion was deployed as part of the 7th Armoured Brigade to Bosnia in April 1994 as part of the United Nations peacekeeping force UNPROFOR. During the tour, Corporal Andrew Rainey became one of the first ever non-officers to win the Military Cross, for his actions during a heavy contact between 3 Platoon, A Company and a Bosnian Serb Army unit on the confrontation line in the north of the Maglaj Finger.

The 7th Armoured Brigade returned for another tour-of-duty in 1997, joining IFOR's NATO replacement known as SFOR. After the Kosovo War in 1999, the 7th Armoured Brigade returned to the Balkans for a tour-of-duty in Kosovo in 2000, based in the capital Pristina. The brigade returned to Kosovo the following year.

Nicknamed The Poachers, the 2nd Battalion inherited this title from the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment upon amalgamation in 1964 who in turn took it from their Regimental March "The Lincolnshire Poachers".

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WW2 2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment /106th Infantry Brigade / 53rd Welsh Division Battledress Comination

A splendid combination removed from uniform as a battledress panel with embroidered shoulder title, division formation sign and three arms of service strips above the Monmouthshire regimental green and red flash. This battalion served with this brigade and division throughout the war. Some thick glue to reverse and a few traces of this have also stained the front but generally in good condition with no mothing and attached to its original and correct battledress material from the sleeve of the blouse.

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WW2 Era Netherlands Dutch East Indies Cloth Formation Sign Flash

A scarce sign in good condition.

The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (KNIL) was the military force maintained by the Netherlands in its colony of the Netherlands East Indies (also known as the Dutch East Indies), in areas that are now part of Indonesia.

The Japanese overran the Dutch forces in the Dutch East Indies in 1942, now Indonesia, occupying it from March 1942 until after the end of the war in September 1945. The KNIL was disbanded in 1950 with Indonesian Independence.


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Early Duke of Wellingtons (East Riding of Yorkshire Regiment) Cloth Regimental Arm Flash Unit Designation Sign

Removed from uniform (stitch marks and traces of black thread) silhouette of an Elephant and Howdah cut from red felt cloth, left facing. The cloth has some age to it and has clue marks to the reverse which has travelled through the felt darkened it from the front also. Certainly early and most likely WW1.


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