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N YORKS North Yorkshire White Metal Shoulder Title - probably Police

White metal with two original lugs to the reverse. Most likely a police item.

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WW1/WW2 Durham British Red Cross Mobile Voluntary Aid Detachment ( VAD ) Cloth Arm Badge on Brassard - Named

Durham 12 , then 6252 M. Burn B.R.C.S. written on a label to the reverse of the Brassard. A small trace of white bluetack to the reverse otherwise in very good condition .

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WW1 Durham British Red Cross Brass Metal Shoulder Title

Three part title with separate letters which of course could be configured a number of ways 36, 39, 63 or 93. All came together. one cotter pin. In very good condition.

I have seen a cap badge to 69 Durham Red Cross VAD so such higher numbers were possible.

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Royal Fiji Police Locally Made Brass Shoulder Title, 1970 - 1987

A nicely detailed cast one piece shoulder title with two small but original lugs to the reverse. In good condition and worn only between 1970 and 1987.

Fiji achieved Independence on the 10th October 1970. For the Police it would mean a change of name to the ' Royal Fiji Police Force '.

On the 5th October 1987, Fiji was declared a Republic, the Governor General resigned and the following day the Fiji dollar was devalued. On the 15th the Governor General agreed to become the first President of the Republic. In Vancouver the Heads of Commonwealth Governments met and declared that the Commonwealth membership of Fiji ended when the country became republic. The immediate effect on the Police Force was that the title Royal was removed from its name.


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Sunderland County Borough Police White Metal St John 's Ambulance Brigade First Aid Arm Badge - Property of Police Inspector William Kirtley

A scarce arm badge with red felt backing and two original loops to the reverse, one slightly bent over but still functional. Circa 4.6cm in diameter and in good condition with sharp detail. As worn on the left forearm of the police jacket sleeve of qualified St Johns First Aiders, typically a few inches above the elbow. Pre WW2.

The badge came with some interesting original papers belonging to a senior Sunderland Police officer, Inspector William Kirtley. The papers include his Police National Registration Identity Card with portrait photo dated 25th July 1940 and signed by the Chief Constable of Sunderland Borough Police. It confirms William was born near Herrington, Durham on the 4th January 1902. Also included are: a copy of his death certificate dated 2nd February 1981 which confirms he was a Police Inspector ( Retired ), and living in Sunderland at the time of his death; a copy of his marriage certificate dated 1928 which confirms his rank as Police Constable as at that time; as well as various testimonials for him from his school and also employers prior to joining the police force dated 1927, including one on the headed paper of the Lambton, Hetton and Joicey Collieries signed by the Manager. Worthy of further research.

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Tynemouth Borough Police Brass Head-dress Cap Badge

Obsolete pre 1935 vintage Tynemouth ( Northumberland ) Borough Police Head-dress Badge in bronze, die struck, and with two original lugs on the reverse. Good sharp detail. Circa 60mm wide and 47mm tall. Scarce.

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French Mobile Gendarmerie ( Police ) Embroidered Cloth Rank Arm Badge

In good condition but some traces of glue and backing board to which it was glued to the reverse otherwise in very good condition.

This diamond was sewn on the arm of the French mobile gendarmerie ( mobile is yellow, departmental is white and garde Úpublicaine (only in Paris ) is red ) . Thank you to Jean for the correct information.

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WW2 Home Front - Hospital Emergency Service Pin Badge - Gilt and Enamel

Circa 2cm in diameter and maker marked to reverse with original and functional pin fixings. Enamel intact but with minor crazing to the white circlet.

In common with all the emergency services, hospitals expected that modern war would, with widespread and heavy aerial bombardment, put severe strains on existing resources. The Emergency Medical Service was created and under adminstration of officials from the Minstry of Health, the Emergency Hospital Scheme was also created to allow casualties to be dispersed quickly and efficently to adjoining hospitals to take pressure off those hospitals at the centre of an incident.

This badge is referred to and illustrated in Jon Mill's work "Doing Their Bit" page 95, item J1.

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WW1 St John Ambulance - Unusual silver stamped service badge 1917-1919

A scarce original St.John Ambulance War Service silver badge; circular example bearing title surround "Served 1917 - 1919" the fretted centre displaying a plain 'Maltese Cross', the reverse impressed "Silver". Pin and clasp orginal and functional. Circa 2.5cm in diameter. Scarce.


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WW1 era Sheffield ( Yorkshire ) Royal Hospital unmarked silver Nurses pin bar badge

An attractive and scarce First World War unmarked silver nurses hospital badge, maltese cross suspended from a title bar 'Sheffield Royal Hospital'. Good condition, retaining original pin fittings. An attractive item with some tarnishing. 4.3cm wide.

The Sheffield Royal Hospital was founded in 1832.


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