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Green Howards- North Riding of Yorkshire- Home Guard Association Enamel Lapel Badge

A small brass and enamel lapel badge with buttonhole fitting to the reverse (fitting slightly twisted). The titles " Green Howards N.R. " backed with green enamel between red enamel backed " Home Guard " and " Association ". Enamel in very good condition. Scarce.


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Radnor Home Guard ( HG) Brass Cap Badge, QEII Issue

A good stiff brass badge with original slider. Queens crown denotes post 1952. Welsh Home Guard unit, 2nd phase, 1951 to 1957.

In December 1951, the Home Guard, disbanded in 1945, was again raised, to be finally stood down in July 1957. Some units had badges produced at their own expense, and this included the Radnor Home Guard. The county was in the South Wales Borderers' recruiting area but permission was sought and granted for the old badge of the Royal Radnor Rifles Militia to be adopted. The second phase pattern badge had a Queen's crown and had "H.G." added to the centre. Sealed pattern 29th July 1953.

K&K Vol 2, No 2435 refers.


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WW2 Home Front - Victory Medal Australia

Circa 27mm in diameter a brass medallion with loop for suspension. Obverse: A knight wielding a sword superimposed on a map of Australia with the date 1945 below. On the Reverse a map of the World with the words Victory Medal to the edges and small maker details to the bottom of the design, Stokes of Melbourne.

Comm FB

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Northern Ireland War Memorial Building Fund Post WW2 Gilt Brass Pin Badge

3cm tall, crest in middle depicts military scenes in each quarter: ships, planes, tanks and parachutes, so post WW2. Pin and C clasp original and in good condition. Unusual Irish collectable.

Sold to Donny.

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Home Guard Old Comrades Association Silver Plated Spoon - 42 (County of London) Battalion

Home Guard OCA silver plated (EPNS marked). Enamel in good condition. Queen's crown therefore post 1953 period.

Part of the South-West Sub-District, London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB) Home Guard, which was comprised of the following units:

No.1 Battalion 41st County of London (Ilford), No.2 Battalion 42nd County of London (East Sheen), No.3 Battalion 43rd County of London (Chiswick), No.4 Battalion 44th County of London (Camberwell), No.5 Battalion 45th County of London (Isleworth), No.6 Battalion 46th County of London (Finchley), No.7 Battalion 60th County of London (Willesden).



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WW2 British Red Cross Society Agriculture Fund, Collection Identification Badge

A small Second World War gilt and enamel badge, the reverse with maker's details "J.R. Gaunt London". Good condition with minor marks to gilt, original pin fitting, no damage to the enamel. 23mm tall.

The Duke of Gloucester's Appeal was launched in 1939 and was based around the county committees of the National Farmers Union, funds were raised around the agricultural community by the organisation of garden fetes, horse shows and gymkhanas and the auctions of donated livestock sold in aid of the fund.


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WW2 Home Front - Knitted Garments ForThe Royal Navy

A scarce nickel plated and enamel pin badge with maker details to reverse, possibly WW2 given Fattorini's moved to Birmingham in 1917.

This was a civilian organisation that gave out wool and materials to house wives and mums an grans then collected in the finished garments to then be distributed to the R.N.

In good condition. Some of the white and blue enamel has run slightly during manufacture, but otherwise in very good condition with original pin fitting and clasp. 34mm tall x 18mm.


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WW2 Hone Front - USA American Fund Raising - Bundles For Britain Pin Badge Brooch

An official and attractive and large pin badge issued by the B.W.R.S. ( British War Relief Society ) and the USA's B.B.( Bundles for Britain organization ) Reverse marked Accessocraft with U.S. Patent No. 123071. It is circa 1 5/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches Original long pin and safety roll locker function as intended. Minor wear to finish but an a well made piece and in good condition.

The "Bundles for Britain" organization, was founded by Natalie Wales Latham. She started it in 1940 as a knitting circle in a store front in New York City. Knitted goods—socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, and scarves—were made and shipped to Britain. Within Sixteen months, Latham expanded Bundles into an organization with 975 branches and almost a million contributors, and by the spring of 1941, it had delivered 40,000 sleeveless sweaters, 10,000 sweaters with sleeves, 30,000 scarves, 18,000 pairs of sea-boot stockings, 50,000 pairs of socks, and 8,000 caps. By 1941, moreover, Bundles had also shipped ambulances, surgical instruments, medicines, cots, blankets, field-kitchen units, and operating tables, along with used clothing of all sorts. The total value of goods shipped reached $1,500,000; another $1,000,000 was raised in cash.

Mrs Latham was highly recognized for this wartime effort, being invested by the Queen of England as an honorary Commander, Order of the British Empire, the first non-British subject to receive this honour. She became well known in all circles and may have even served as inspiration for the Cary Grant movie Mr. Lucky (film).

See the following Pathe film reel clip by copying and pasting this url:


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WW2 Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) - China Convoy - Enamel Lapel Badge

Circa 25mm in diameter, with no damage to the enamel. Chinese characters to bottom of front circle. Stamped A111 to reverse. Original pin fitting.

A rare find, this is an enamel lapel badge to the Chinese section of the Friends Ambulance Unit. Only some 460 members served in the China Convoy over the five years of WW2, in a remarkable range of medical and civilian support activities.

The China Convoy was the most international section of the FAU. Over the five years roughly 200 foreigners and about 60 Chinese had taken part. Of the foreigners, the British were the largest group, but there were substantial numbers of Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders, and a handful of other nationalities. The Chinese members were mainly Christian students from the West China Union University at Chengdu. 200 or so other Chinese also served, in various roles.

As with the FAU overall, the Convoy’s membership was at first exclusively male, but eventually, like the FAU as a whole, women made up over 10% of its number. Mirroring the FAU as a whole, only around half of Convoy members were Quakers, although many others later joined the Society. They shared a common commitment to pacifism and to doing what they could to relieve the abject suffering of the Chinese people in a society where most civil administration had ceased to function and disease and malnutrition were rife amongst the many millions displaced and made destitute by the war.

The Unit continued to work on re-establishing hospitals until 1946, when they handed responsibility for work in China to the AFSC. At that time the Convoy was operating across the Provinces of Yunnan, Kweichow, Guizhou, Sichuan and beyond - an area greater than the size of France and Spain combined. Over the 5 years of the Convoy, eight members had died. Several others had suffered injuries or illnesses that affected them for the rest of their lives.

The FAU ceased operations on June 30th 1946.


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Rare WW2 Free French Gallic Cockerel Crowing Enemal Lapel Badge

A most unusual WW2 small sized enamel lapel badge with original brooch pin fitting and indistinct makers details to the reverse. The Gallic Cockerel in red white and blue enamel with the Cross of Lorraine to its chest. Circa 2.5cms tall. I have been unable to find reference for this particular pattern. Any help with identifying the maker would be most welcome.


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