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WW2 Home Front - Plastic Issue King 's Commendation for Brave Conduct

A small lapel sized award made in two colours of plastic, gold and red with original pin fitting and clasp (fully functional) to the reverse. Registered design details to the reverse " R.D. 839943 Patent Applied For" to the reverse. In very good condition with some slight distortion to red plastic insert at the reverse but does not detract. Circa 3.8cm tall and 2cm wide. This plastic badge was introduced in 1943 but soon replaced by oak leaf. Scarce.

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WW2 Home Guard, Home Front Invasion Defence, HG Lapel Badge

A good original wartime small oval gilt badge with blue enamel 'H.G' and red enamel crown. Very good condition, retaining original buttonhole fitting, no damage to the enamel, gilt remains bright, a very good example.
Circa 2.3cm tall.

Formed in 1940, from the recently raised Local Defence Volunteers (LDV), to counter the threat of invasion from German airborne and seaborne troops (Hitler's "Operation Sea Lion").


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WW2 Home Front - LDV ( Local Defence Volunteers ) Armband

WW2 black printed on khaki armband,"LDV". Worn in the early stages of the war (pre May 1940) mostly on civilian clothes before the issue of uniforms and before the title changed to Home Guard. In good condition.


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WW2 Girls Training Corps ( GTC ) White Metal Cap Pin Badge

This truncated lozenge shaped badge was worn with a pin fixing and as a cap badge on the FS Cap. Circa 2.9cm tall with original fully functional pin fixing and maker marked BM & Co.

The Girls Training Corps was formed in 1942 and were a uniformed youth organisation for young girls who drilled together prior to enlisting in the women's services upon attaining the correct age. The girls provided their own outfits with officers wearing a dark blue jacket.

Jon Mills No X5 refers.

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WW2 Home Front - Iconic Sir Winston Churchill Silver Marked Patriotic Papel Pin Badge

One of the best looking such badges I have come across. A silver patriotic lapel badge with replaced brooch pin fitting "925" and "T & S Silver " stamps to the reverse. A well detailed head and shoulders profile of Prime Minister Churchill smoking a large cigar. Very Slight damage to lower edge. Scarce.


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WW2 ROF 9 ( Leeds ) Royal Ordnance Factory Enamelled and Brass Lapel Badge

Not come across an enameled version before. Black enamel. Original horseshoe fitting. Maker marked T.L.M. Ltd, B'ham ( Miller's of Birmingham) and stamped 459. Horseshoe slightly bent over. One spot near to the 9 where the enamel has not taken, otherwise in good condition. Circa 3.1cm in diameter.

ROF No 9 has been identified as Leeds where they made guns. See Jon Mills "Doing Their Bit" , p56.

Comm FB

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WW2 Home Front Hallmarked Silver Officer 's Royal ( Regular ) Army Reserve Mufti Buttonhole Badge

King's Crown pattern, with silver hallmarks finishing in letter "0" ( 1938). Maker marked. Dark toned, very good condition. Circa 2.7cm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - British Red Cross Society & Order of St John Penny A Week Fund Badge - enamel

A small gilt and enamel fund raising badge for the joint war organisation during the Second World War. Very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel. No orb to crown, but looks like it has been made like this.
Circa 2cm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - British Red Cross Society & Order of St John Penny A Week Fund Badge - white metal

White metal fund raising badge for the joint war organization during the Second World War. Good condition, original pin fittings. 20mm tall.


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WW2 Home Front - Red Cross Flag Pin Brooch dated 1944

An intriguing WW2 Red Cross Flag Badge dated 1944 with blue translucent enamel background on gilt. It has a 1 symbol embossed on the reverse. 1 in 1940 is probably equal to about 80 today, so if it reflected the value of the contribution made by the wearer, it is a fairly scarce item.

It is in very good condition albeit a small item being only circa 1.8cm wide. Original pin and clasp, fully functional.


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