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WW2 Hone Front - USA American Fund Raising - Bundles For Britain Pin Badge Brooch

An official and attractive and large pin badge issued by the B.W.R.S. ( British War Relief Society ) and the USA's B.B.( Bundles for Britain organization ) Reverse marked Accessocraft with U.S. Patent No. 123071. It is circa 1 5/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches Original long pin and safety roll locker function as intended. Minor wear to finish but an a well made piece and in good condition.

The "Bundles for Britain" organization, was founded by Natalie Wales Latham. She started it in 1940 as a knitting circle in a store front in New York City. Knitted goods—socks, gloves, hats, sweaters, and scarves—were made and shipped to Britain. Within Sixteen months, Latham expanded Bundles into an organization with 975 branches and almost a million contributors, and by the spring of 1941, it had delivered 40,000 sleeveless sweaters, 10,000 sweaters with sleeves, 30,000 scarves, 18,000 pairs of sea-boot stockings, 50,000 pairs of socks, and 8,000 caps. By 1941, moreover, Bundles had also shipped ambulances, surgical instruments, medicines, cots, blankets, field-kitchen units, and operating tables, along with used clothing of all sorts. The total value of goods shipped reached $1,500,000; another $1,000,000 was raised in cash.

Mrs Latham was highly recognized for this wartime effort, being invested by the Queen of England as an honorary Commander, Order of the British Empire, the first non-British subject to receive this honour. She became well known in all circles and may have even served as inspiration for the Cary Grant movie Mr. Lucky (film).

See the following Pathe film reel clip by copying and pasting this url:


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WW2 Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) - China Convoy - Enamel Lapel Badge

Circa 25mm in diameter, with no damage to the enamel. Chinese characters to bottom of front circle. Stamped A111 to reverse. Original pin fitting.

A rare find, this is an enamel lapel badge to the Chinese section of the Friends Ambulance Unit. Only some 460 members served in the China Convoy over the five years of WW2, in a remarkable range of medical and civilian support activities.

The China Convoy was the most international section of the FAU. Over the five years roughly 200 foreigners and about 60 Chinese had taken part. Of the foreigners, the British were the largest group, but there were substantial numbers of Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders, and a handful of other nationalities. The Chinese members were mainly Christian students from the West China Union University at Chengdu. 200 or so other Chinese also served, in various roles.

As with the FAU overall, the Convoy’s membership was at first exclusively male, but eventually, like the FAU as a whole, women made up over 10% of its number. Mirroring the FAU as a whole, only around half of Convoy members were Quakers, although many others later joined the Society. They shared a common commitment to pacifism and to doing what they could to relieve the abject suffering of the Chinese people in a society where most civil administration had ceased to function and disease and malnutrition were rife amongst the many millions displaced and made destitute by the war.

The Unit continued to work on re-establishing hospitals until 1946, when they handed responsibility for work in China to the AFSC. At that time the Convoy was operating across the Provinces of Yunnan, Kweichow, Guizhou, Sichuan and beyond - an area greater than the size of France and Spain combined. Over the 5 years of the Convoy, eight members had died. Several others had suffered injuries or illnesses that affected them for the rest of their lives.

The FAU ceased operations on June 30th 1946.


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Rare WW2 Free French Gallic Cockerel Crowing Enemal Lapel Badge

A most unusual WW2 small sized enamel lapel badge with original brooch pin fitting and indistinct makers details to the reverse. The Gallic Cockerel in red white and blue enamel with the Cross of Lorraine to its chest. Circa 2.5cms tall. I have been unable to find reference for this particular pattern. Any help with identifying the maker would be most welcome.


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WW2 Large Royal Naval Mine Sweeping Service ( R.N.X.S. ) Gilt, White Metal and Enamel Cap badge

Some service wear but gilt bright and two original lugs to reverse. Large pattern beret badge. Embossed with maker's details to reverse JR Gaunt London. No damage to enamel.


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WW2 Royal Naval Mine Watching Service Mufti Lapel Badge

Enamel in good condition, gilt bright. Circa 3cm tall. Horseshoe to reverse, backmarked J R Gaunt London.


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WW2 British Red Cross Society Voluntary Aid Detachment ( V.A.D. ) Mobile Felt Cloth Arm Badge

A good example of a Second World War British Red Cross Society silk embroidered felt badge worn by the Mobile unit of the Voluntary Aid Detachments on the arm of the uniform. Good condition with some evidence of service wear, and has ink annotations on the reverse white backing cloth as follows: BRCS London 328, 17976. Presumably the 328 is reference to a London Detachment numbered 328, and the longer number which follows that of the recipient.

In Ward Dress, the VAD would wear a grey/blue dress with white apron, an armband bearing the Mobile badge to the left arm, and a white veil gathered behind the head in a fashion unlike those worn by military nurses. Height 67mm.


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WW2 Netherlands ( Nederland ) Dutch Army Free Forces Cap Badge - Gaunt London

Brass WW II cap badge with original slider to the reverse bearing maker maker's details for JR Gaunt London (no full stop). The Royal Lion of the House of Orange above a scroll "Nederland". In very good condition.


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WW2 Dutch Thank You Letter to Allied Forces - Emblems of the Allies

An usual and scarce find. A colourful manuscript style printed letter with the block of text in Dutch surrounded by all of the emblems and formation signs / insignia of the British, Canadian, Australian and American military units who helped in the liberation of the Netherlands. There is also a French flag at the top. Fortunately for those not versed in Dutch language it is accompanied by a period typed translation page. The letter thanks all of the participants and explains just how bad the situation in occupied Holland under "the Hun" (the language used in the letter). The piece comes in very good condition, slightly yellowed with age and has been folded, some minor edge damage. It measures 37cm tall and 25.5cm wide. It ends "With every wish to you, for every Flash on this emblem, which brought …. FINAL VICTORY!" An interesting project to obtain the relevant insignia to match the letter!


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WW2 USA 1944 Half Silver Dollar in Wallet of Authenticity

Designed by Adolf Alexander Weinman in 1916, this 90% silver coin was difficult to strike with full detail, and many examples have poor definition on the figure of liberty and the eagle's wings, as we find here. Also, as is the case with this medal it was not unusual to find that the reverse has been struck the wrong way up on early American coins. Described as extra fine condition. Without mint mark, which means it was minted at Philadelphia.

Unusual to find it in this 1944 coin in a presentation wallet.

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WW2 LNER Home Front Railway Service Brass and Enamel Lapel Badge

Shows sign of considerable wear, but enamel mainly intact if scratched. Horseshoe fitting.

Comm FB

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