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Infantry of the Line Section Button Stock Updated

New large pattern officer's buttons added for:

East Yorkshire Regiment (silver rose to centre)
Royal Irish Regiment
Cheshire Regiment (Herbert & Co)
Royal Irish Rifles
Royal Munster Fusiliers
Royal Dublin Fusiliers

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Isle of Man TT Motor Cycle Racing Enamel Lapel Pin Badge

Enamel intact but with minor crazing and some surface scratches from wear. Original pin, fully functional. Maker marked Collins London. Overall in good condition.


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WW2 Special Forces - Long Range Desert Group LRDG stamped Desert Sun Tinted Glasses in Original 1941 Dated Case of Issue

Now reserved


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More Photos LRDG Desert Issue Sun Glasses in Case of Issue

More Photos of above lot

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Circa WW1 Tin of Soldiers Friend Metal Polish Un-used

Circa WW1 tin of metal polish sold to troops to help keep their equipment in good order. The tin is for “The Soldiers Friend Pearl Plate Paste” and is approximately 6cm in diameter. The lid is printed in black and red. the lid describes the paste as being “for polishing the metallic parts of a soldier’s clothing and equipment”. The soldier is instructed to “rub the paste well on with damp sponge or finger and polish with brass brush”. The rear of the tin has the same instructions printed in black, but has suffered more damage over the years. Inside the tins was a pale pink paste. This paste is virtually dry, and the soldier spat on it to moisten it before using it on his badge and buttons. The paste is similar to the very fine polishes used by jewellers and apparently is of excellent quality. The brand name crept into the slang of the WW1 Tommy and a satirical 1917 book on the subject of language in the trenches recorded it thus:
“Soldiers’ Friend” Metal polish costing three ha’ pence which Tommy uses to polish his buttons. Tommy wonders why it is called “Soldier’s Friend”.

I have not attempted to open it, the vacuum seal is tight and I do not want to damage the tin. It is up to you whether you wish to open it.


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BBC DVD - NORMANDY D-Day 6.6.44 (2004) Regions 2 + 4 PAL UK - A well produced BBC documentary with interviews with D-Day veterans from both sides

Watched once, in case of issue. 118 minutes running time, a well produced drama/ biographical documentary as one would expect from the BBC. I guess the most surprising statistic for me was the 20,000 French people who died that day, a casualty statistic which was greater than the Allied and German fatalities combined. All too often they are forgotten in our celebrations of D-Day. In good condition.

Classified as suitable for persons aged 15 and over. Contains scenes of blood and violence.


Code: 58416Price: 5.00 GBP

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WW1 Army Gun Barrel Bore Brass Inspection Tool With Mirror - Firmin

Scarce armourers tool (or even an over zealous RSM!) for inspecting the bore of rifles, bren guns, etc. This one is complete and nicely stamped " F&S " and with a W.D. arrow on the barrel and handle. Mirror good . A very rare bit of kit, especially complete and in this condition.

Comm FB

Code: 58367Price: 125.00 GBP

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WW1 Arny Identity Discs ( Dog Tags ) to Captain H.L. Gauntlett, Doctor in the RAMC (TF ) Wessex Division

Three stamped fibre-board ID discs to Doctor H.L. Gauntlett, un-numbered since he was a medical officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps ( RAMC ) Territorial Force ( Wessex ). Issued circa 1914 - 15 There are two red brown discs, one with his rank as Lieutenant and the other Captain. Some traces of glue and paper stuck to the blank reverses, otherwise in good condition. Worthy of further research.


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WW2 Army Identity Discs ( Dog tags ) issued to A.C. Thomas

A pair of fibre-board ID discs to A. C. Thomas, a recuit ( 14476193 ) in a young soldier' s battalion issued in 1945 - 46 (according to information provided by the vendor). Some glue traces to the blank reverses.

In the unhappy event of decease, one disc was to be buried with the wearer, and the other kept and given to the unit of regimental records for due processing.


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