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WW1 Home Front - Middlesbrough Civil Guard Silver Plated Star Badge, 1914 - 15

A stunning frosted silver plated star with the central dates 1914-15 surrounded by circle with the words Middlesbrough Civil Guard. With two original lugs to the reverse. Circa 2.6cm tall. I suspect it was the for runner of the special constabulary for the area and would have been worn on the uniform sleeve. Any additional information welcome. Very scarce.

Thank you to both James and Mark for some of the additional information below:

The Civic Guard were formed at the very beginning of WW1 in order to protect important industrial and public installations such as Railways, factories, waterworks etc. and numbered about 800 members in the Middlesbrough area. However, they were rapidly overtake the VTC and appear not to have lasted beyond the first half of 1915. There is evidence for example in Hartlepool of the Civic Guard working alongside the VTC following the Hartlepool Bombardment on Dec 16th 1914 according to a letter to the Spectator newspaper.

There is a reference in the minutes of the MIDDLESBROUGH & DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB for the 7th December 1914, as follows:

"Civil Guard. - Agreed that postage in respect of same be paid out of Club
Funds and that 3-doz. signalling flags be purchased. Reported that the sum of 4 guineas had been collected by Mr Sorrel on behalf of the mother of Pte. Briggs, lately deceased. Dr.Longbotham sent a donation of a guinea as a thanks offering for services rendered by Despatch Riders during the recruiting rush. A sum of 7/6d was forwarded to the Police Benevolent Fund. Agreed to pay the sum of 30/0d to Mr Liddle for use of his office for Committee Meetings."

See the Middlesbrough VTC cap badge for sale as item 56896.

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WW1 VTC Old Boys Corps ( later 3rd Battalion County of London Volunteer Regiment ) Bronze Cap Badge

A die cast bronze cap badge with two original lugs to the reverse. These are bent over and distorted but still fully functional. Circa 4.5cm tall. Some service wear but scarce.

K&K Vol 1 No 1649 refers

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V / E. York - WW1 East Yorkshire Regiment Volunteers Brass Shoulder Title

A scarce WW1 one piece shoulder title, as issued in 1918. Two original loops to the reverse and maker marked Gaunt London. In very good condition.

Westlake No 897 refers.


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WW1 Souvenir Arras FrenchTown Battle Pin Brooch Badge - Joan D'Arc

An attractive white metal and brass brooch with armoured figure of Joan D'Arc holding a long banner decorated with fleur de lys with a brass scroll with the letters Arras beneath. Circa 4cm wide. Original pin and C clasp fixing. In good condition.


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WW1 Souvenir Verdun French Brooch Pin Badge - They Shall Not Pass!

An attractive badge, the part voided version with original pin. Silver washed with brass showing through on high-points. 36mm in diameter. Sharp detail but with a small hole at 6 o'clock, possibly for the attachment of a safety chain.

The motto "On ne passe pass" (They shall not pass) was most famously used during the Battle of Verdun in World War I by French General Robert Nivelle. It appeared on propaganda posters, such as that by Maurice Neumont after the Second Battle of the Marne, which was later adopted on uniform badges by units manning the Maginot Line.


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WW1 ARRAS French Town Battle Badge Brooch Pin Souvenir

Gilt and enamel with original pin fitting with no damage to the enamel. Some wear to gilt but In great condition for age. Circa 2.5cm tall. The camera flash makes it look like some red enamel is missing to the top of the shield, but this is not the case.


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WW1 French Lens Battle Town Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge - - Joan D'Arc

An attractive WW1 souvenir with the armoured figure of Joan D'Arc holding a long banner decorated with fleur de ly. In reasonably good condition with original pin. Some wear to high points and some rusting to pin. Circa 4cm wide.


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WW1 Irish Patriotic Spoon, green enamel and hallmarked silver dated 1915

WW1 Irish Patriotic Tea Spoon, green enamel and hallmarked silver, Birmingham hallmarks for 1915, ( letter q ) so officially now an antique! Maker marked C.W. Enamel undamaged and not repaired. A very attractive item with emerald green enamel encompassing a Harp of Erin, topped with a Victorian style crown, suggesting military interest. Perhaps for use of supporters of regiments such as the 8th Royal Irish Hussars, Connaught Rangers. Quite dainty at only 10.4cm in length. A lovely item.

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Southampton Disabled Ex-Service Men's Association Brass Breast Badge

An extremely unusal and scarce item of WW1 memorabilia worn by the Southampton Disabled Ex-Service Men's Association, with the word Southampton abbreviated to 'So'ton'. Vendor states these were made to be worn on the Chest above the medals in a parade held following WW1. Two original lugs to reverse. An amazing item and would look great above a disabled veterans medals from that town. Circa 14.1cm wide and 2.1cm tall. Some staining to finish and a bit of wrinkling from wear. A number of these would have been made, but how many survive?

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Scarce WW1 Russian War Service Brass and Enamel Lapel Badge

Large lapel badge (circa 3.2 cm in diameter), with original horseshoe fitting and maker marked JAW & Co (J.A.Wylie & Co, London). Some minor enamel damage (below the R in War caused by a slight edge bruise and slight flaking above the A in Russian and in that vicinity), but extremely scarce. Marvelous double headed Russian Imperial eagle in a sea of red enamel.

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