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WW1 - 1916 Home Front On War Service Women's Brass Triangle Pin Badge

As worn by women war workers in munitions factories, a brass triangle with original and functional pin fitting and maker marked JR Gaunt & Son Ltd ,London and with the issue number 19852. In good condition.


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The Ultimate Queen Mary's Needlework Guild ( Q.M.N.G. ) Medallion with war service date bars for 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918

Well if you have to have one in your collection, you might has well have one with all the war service date bars! In lovely condition with original blue silk ribbon and all pin fittings original and fully functional. Date bar in red enamel for 1914 has echoes of the red strip for Army WW1 service chevrons and makes this scarce. Enamel undamaged, no restoration. 107mm tall. Throughout the whole duration of the war, this lady must have knitted the socks for a whole Division! A cracker.

The Queen Mary's Needlework Guild came into being after just a few days into the Great War, when Queen Mary's issued a letter on the 4th August 1914 through the Press, to the Women of the Empire asking that it might be rendered "To alleviate all distress occasioned by the War!" which was the purpose of the guild to provide comforts and create articles of clothing and surgical equipment as well as other gifts to the troops fighting for King and Country at home and abroad.


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WW1 Souvenir Amiens Battle French Town Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge (type 1)

White metal or silver wash finish with Amiens in gold coloured letters on scroll below town crest. Original pin and C clasp. Circa 3.5cm wide. Some wear to pin but otherwise in good condition with some minor wear to the white metal / silver finish.


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WW1 Souvenir Amiens Battle French Town Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge (type 2)

Very attractive design. Looks like a silver wash over brass(unmarked) but fine detail with the letters picked out in a gold coloured wash. In great condition with original pin and fully functional clasp. Circa 3.3cm tall.


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WW1 Surrey ( High Sheriff’s) 1914 Volunteer Badge 'When The People Willingly Offered Themselves Judges.V.2.' - Royal Naval Division ( RND ) recipient

A scarce original First World War 1914 period 'Surrey 1914 badge'; brass circular example with embossed lettering. Good condition but sadly lacking its original pin fitting the back has been scratched with names of the volunteer. It looks like: "W. Avery, RND, Sutton Rosebury G.A.?". circa 2.1cm in diameter. Worthy of further research.

The badge was designed by Henry Strachey and given by the High Sheriff of Surrey in 1914 to those who had offered their services but failed to enter the King's Forces due to some personal disability. The High Sheriff of Surrey at that time was a one J. St. Loe Strachet of Newlands Corner, Merrow Downs, Guildford.

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WW1 Lusitania Propoganda Medal in Box of Issue, 5 May 1015

A good cast iron example in NEF condition in original card box of issue. Some wear to box but still presentable. Medal is the British propaganda variety with 5 May 1915 as made by Selfridges for the government, proceeds going to the St Dunstan's blind vertains charity. No certificate with this one.


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WW1 Home Front - Kingston-Upon-Hull Despatch Rider 1915 Enamel and Brass Badge

A clever design adapted from the town's corporation button mounted on a brass and red enamel circlet with two original loops the reverse. An early home front motor cyclists badge which could have been worn on a leather helmet or tunic. Domed, attractive and rare. Circa 35mm in diameter (dome 26mm in diameter). In tip top condition with nod damage to enamel.


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WW1 Home Front - For War Service Wook Supplies Lapel Badge H Dawson & Co London, Hallmarked Silver ( 1914 ) and enamel

A rare on war service badge for wool supplies. Hallmarked silver Birmingham date letter P ( 1914 ). Circular in design, inlaid with blue and white enamel and surmounted by the profile of a sheep, maker's details "D.G.C" (Daniel George Collins, London) . Sadly its horseshoe lapel fitting is missing, but could be repaired. Enamel intact but a surface flake of enamel missing near the Co. Price reflects.


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WW1 Glasgow Corporation Peace Medal 1919

A gilding metal medallion with suspension ring and loop. Circa 4.2cm tall and in good condition. The City Arms of Glasgow to the reverse. Scarce.


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WW1 Home Front - R.S.P.C.A. Fund For Sick & Wounded Horses, War Fund Raising Charity Badge

A good original First World War period RSPCA fund raising badge, depicting a horses head within a horseshoe inscribed " RSPCA War Fund " . In very good condition for age, retaining original pin fitting, colours remain bright, only minor age wear, creases. Circa 33mm in height.


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