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WW1 - Middlesex National Reserve Enamel and Gilt Lapel Pin Badge

Enamel in excellent condition with no cracks or repairs. Original pin and c clasp fixings. Circa 3.4cm tall.

Code: 60422Price: 18.00 GBP

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WW1 - Fine Cotton War Workers Lapel Pin Brooch Badge

A white metal badge for Vital War Work, Fine Cotton Spinners & Doublers, with original pin back fitting. Maker marked Fattorini & Sons Ltd, Bradford Works, Birmingham and impressed with the number 2366.

Code: 60421Price: 35.00 GBP

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WW1 - 1914 On War Service Enamel and Brass Lapel Button Hole

Enamel intact but looking a bit chewed, and horseshoe bent over. Birmingham made. Reflected in price.

Code: 60420Price: 5.00 GBP

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WW1 - Marks and Spencer ( M&S ) War Workers Enamel Lapel Badge

A scarce gilt and enamel lapel badge bearing the words: "Engaged on Government Work" with M&S in entwined letters to the centre. No damage to enamel. Gilt bright with only minor marking. The reverse as the original buttonhole mount and the maker's details: D. G. Collins, London. Circa 26mm in diameter, Good condition and scarce.

Code: 60419Price: 40.00 GBP

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WW1 - London Telephone Service LTS Air Raids Gilt and Enamel pin badge

White and blue and high gilt enamel large pattern pin badge as issued to those women who "manned" the London telephone exchanges between 1915 and 1918 during AIR RAIDS by ZEPPELINS and German GOTHA Bombers , the latter known as the "Gotha Raids".

Original pin and c clasp, although the latter is a bit bent over and I am reluctant to straighten it so it is locked closed. Slight rubbing to enamel and very mild spotting to the gilt, but condition is 9 out of 10. Circa 4cm tall. Scarce.

Jon Mills in his book "Doing Their Bit" confirms this is a WW1 home front item and not, as often thought, a WW2 related item. C60 and page 28 of this book refers.

Code: 60418Price: 45.00 GBP

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WW1 - Devon National Reserve Enamel Buttonhole Lapel Badge

Gilt bright but with minor staining. Maker marked J R Gaunt London. Slight twist to horseshoe fitting, but otherwise in good condition with no damage to the enamel other than slight service scratching and wear. 2.8cm tall.

Code: 60417Price: 24.00 GBP

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WW1 - Glasgow & South Western Railway On War Service Pin Badge

A scarce First World War gilt badge with red, white and blue enamel, the reverse with maker's details "J.A.Wylie & Co London" and with official issue number "W3441". Very good, bright condition, original buttonhole fitting, no damage to the enamel but evidence of minor service wear. 27mm in diameter. Scarce.

Code: 60416Price: 40.00 GBP

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Pre WW1 Kent Veterans Reserve Buttonhole Lapel Mufti Badge

Large and heavy bronze Kent Veteran Reserve Buttonhole lapel badge with mounted rearing white horse above an Invicta scroll. Circa 4.4cm tall by 3cm wide in lovely condition, with mild service wear, and maker marked and made by Croneen, New Brompton (Medway area of Kent).

The Veteran Reserve was basically a movement in which it was hoped to consolidate all of Great Britain's ex-servicemen, who had no Reserve commitments, into a Reserve that could be drawn upon in times of National crisis. It was formed in 1908/09, but it's success was very limited. A scarce badge.

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Code: 60333Price: 12.00 GBP

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WW1 Womens Land Army (WLA) Arm Band / Brassard Variant for rank of Lance Corporal

A Women's Land Army arm band brassard in green wool with red felt king's crown and a rank chevron for lance corporal both sewn to it, retaining its two original buttons to the reverse. No moth or damage but has good age to it. Came from North East of England. Scarce. Thanks to Colin T for the confirmation.

Code: 60289Price: 75.00 GBP

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Rare WW1 Middlesbrough Volunteer Training Corps VTC Bronze Cap badge - Gaunt London

Heavy bronze die cast badge with two original lugs (east - west) with town arms for Middlesbrough with scroll beneath. Maker marked J R Gaunt London lightly stamped on reverse of shield. This variant is not listed in Kipling and King. In great condition and with no damage. A smasher!

The bronzed pattern is discussed on the site below and the conclusion of the author is that it is most probably VTC. A white metal version was worn by the Inspectors on Middlesbrough trams.


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