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WW1 Suffolk Volunteer Training Corps ( VTC ) Bronze Cap Badge 1915 - Gaunt Tablet

Die cast cap badge with two original lugs to reverse (e-w). Maker's tablet to reverse of crown, JR Gaunt, London. Good condition with sharp detail. Circa 3.9cm tall. Scarce.

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WW1 London Volunteer Rifles Vounteer Force 1914 - 1919 Blackened Brass Cap Badge

In very good condition with original slider to the reverse.

K&K Vol 1 No 1652 refers.


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1914 Mons Star Old Contemptibles Assocation Patron Enamel and Hallmarked Silver Lapel Badge

A small but attractive enamel and hallmarked silver buttonhole lapel badge for a Patron of the Old Contemptibles Association. Enamel in good undamaged condition and silver dark toned. Maker marked Toy & Co Ltd London (under the horseshoe fitting) and also T & Co to reverse and hallmarked silver stamps for London 1932 (date letter R). Circa 21mm in diameter and in good condition. Scarce.


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Princess Louise's WW1 Munition Maker's Canteen Lapel Pin Brooch Badge

A scarce and heavily gold plated (unmarked) cast pin badge with original and functional pin fittings to the reverse. Circa 3.5cm tall. In very good condition.

The system of works canteens was a WW1 innovation from Lloyd George's drive to improve conditions for workers and his desire to reduce alcohol related problems in the a place where war stores were being manufactured. Canteens were to be alcohol free places and intended to entice workers away from the temptation of taking their lunch in the local pub. In 1915, Lady Lawrence established the Munition Makers' Canteen Committee to organise such facilities in the various munitions making factories. The identity of the workers who wore this particular badge is probably possible to track down from the use of hte cypher for the Princess Louise. Any further information welcome.


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WW1 Ypres Belgium Dangler Style Town Souvenir Sweetheart Brooch Pin Badge

Silver washed but with some wear to the silver wash finish but otherwise in good condition with original pin and fully functional clasp - slight rusting to pin. Circa 3.3cm wide.


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1914 Bronze Medallion commemorating the Mayor of Brussels who resisted the German occupation who was imprisoned in Germany for the rest of the Great War

Maker marked G. DEVREESE, this bronze medallion (circa 2.9cm in diameter) dated 1914 and commemorating ADOLPHE, the Burgomaster ( Mayor ) of Bruxelles who stood firm against the Germans in WW1.

Adolphe Max (1869 - 1939), gained international fame for his resistance to the German occupation. He was elected burgomaster of Brussels in 1909, and in August 1914, when German troops entered Brussels, he refused to co-operate with the German appointed governor, was arrested the following month and imprisoned in Germany for the duration of the war. Shortly after his celebrated return in November 1918, he was made minister of state, but remained as the burgomaster of Brussels until his death in 1939.

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WW1 Trench Art Brass Shell converted to Match Case - attributed to a Durham Light Infantry Soldier

6cm by 4cm by2cm, in good condition. Formation sign in the sign of a diamond with a central square in which the initials (R.H.) for the owner, then the unit ( DLI ) above the number "15" have all been etched. A good example of trench art rather than a commercial souvenir.

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WW1 Souvenir Arras Town French Battle Pin Brooch Badge

An attractive bronzed brooch with gilt and enamel town crest with the letters Arras beneath on a short scroll. Circa 4.2cm wide. Original pin and C clasp fixings. In very good condition, but some minor wear to the letters in Arras.

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WW1 Verdun Brooch Pin Badge - They Shall Not Pass - Scarce to find in a Gilt finish

An attractive badge and scarce to find in a gilt finish, this part voided version has its original pin. Circa 36mm in diameter. Sharp detail and in very good condition for its age.

The motto "On ne passe pass" (They shall not pass) was most famously used during the Battle of Verdun in World War I by French General Robert Nivelle. It appeared on propaganda posters, such as that by Maurice Neumont after the Second Battle of the Marne, which was later adopted on uniform badges by units manning the Maginot Line.


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Volunteer Civil Force ( Winstonís Bobbies ) White metal cap badge with pin fitting for Bowler Hat

A finely detailed die-stamped white metal VCF cap badge with original pin fittings, fully functional. Circa 5.5cm tall and in very good condition. This pattern was apparently for wear on the bowler hat of volunteers.

The Volunteer Civil Force, also known as Winston's Bobbies formed by Winston Churchill in 1911 following the Sydney Street Siege, were an armed force.

The HQ was at Ruskin House, Rochester Row Westminster, London and it was founded on Trafalgar Day, 1911 by 'William Mailes Power' at the instigation of Winston Churchill.

Patriotic volunteers were raised to assist in the maintaining Law and Order and to supplement the regular Metropolitan Police in times of strife such as the 'National coal strike of 1912'.

On the outbreak of the First World War the 'V.C.F' were embodied as a Labour battalion and most of the remaining personnel were absorbed by the '28th County of London Battalion ( Artist Rifles ). The 'Volunteer Civil Force' was not re-formed after the war.

See also item 58990 for a rare lapel badge to the VCF.


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