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Boer War Period R.W.F. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Cut Down Pagri Badge

White on scarlet, a bit grubby, most likely a Victorian shoulder title cut down for wear on pagri. Scarce.

Comm GrH

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Pro Boer Republic Transvaal / Orange Free State Art Postcard - Kruger & Joubert

Postally used, posted in 1899 from Zurich, Switzerland. Unable to translate message or address, but card is in excellent condition, especially as it has been posted. The Swiss stamp has some minor wear to top border. Scarce.


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Boer Cover 21st May 1900 from Cape of Good Hope to POW in Green Point Camp

Envelope (no contents) from Beaufort West, C.G.H, ( Cape of Good Hope ) some 480km North East of Cape Town, to a Prisoner of War, M. Smuts, located in Tent 98 at the Green Point Track Camp. It has been censored and back stamped, G.P.O. Capetown 22 My 00. Slight tear to bottom right corner, otherwise in very good condition and very scarce.


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Boer War POW Currency - Green Point Track Camp - 5 Shillings Paper Canteen Note

In uncirculated condition, orange brown ( bistre - brown) colour. For use in the prison camp canteen. Five Shillings Sterling.

Produced by the POW Camp Manager for use by Boers incarcerated at the Green Point Track (Cape Town racecourse today). They were only to be used for purchases in the prison canteen.

The 4 values were 1/-, 2/-, 5/- grey and 5/- bistre-brown (the latter offered for sale here). They had a blank reverse.


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Boer War Prisoner of War ( POW ) Cover - Krugersdorp 6 Mar 1902, Portuguese interest?

This has been addressed to a camp in the Transvaal, but the language is not English but Portuguese and there appears to be reference to ' Lisboa ' ( Lisbon ) in the address. It has seen a lot of wear and is creased, torn and fragile. Probably intended for a captured Portuguese fighter on the Boer's side. Interesting over stamped ZAR stamps with E.R.I. for King Edward VII. Scarce.

The Portuguese Government were not supporters of the Boers as C R de Wet in Chapter 7 of his book reveals "This harbour ( Delagoa Bay ), then the only harbour in South Africa open to us, was subsequently forbidden us by the Portuguese Government, whose officials even went so far as to arrest eight hundred of our burghers (who, for want of horses, had taken refuge in Portuguese territory), and to send them to Portugal. Immediately after their arrival in the port of Lisbon the Boer internees were transported to the 6 internment camps in Portugal.


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South African Boer War Veterans Enamel and Gilt Lapel Old Comrades Badge

Worn by veterans of the 1899 - 1902, 2nd Boer War with original horse shoe fitting for wearing in the lapel. Enamel undamaged and gilt bright (some light stains). Maker marked Fenwick, Birm ( Birmingham ) to rear. Circa 23mm in diameter.


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Boer War - 31st Battalion Imperial Yeomanry ( Fincastle 's Horse ) Bi Metal Slouch Hat Cap Badge

A rare, bi-metal, cap badge for The 31st battalion of The Imperial Yeomanry (Fincastle's Horse). A white metal five pointed star mounted by a brass strap inscribed “Fincastle’s Horse” with “31” to centre. Two original dark toned lugs to the reverse and with three braising / sweat holes to the reverse of the circlet. Circa 3.3cm across and In excellent condition. Of Scottish interest. Raised by Lord Fincastle, V.C. ( later the Earl of Dunmore) who had won his Victoria Cross in the Tirah Campaign. He served with the 16th Lancers and also served in South Africa during the Boer War and served in the First World War. He died in 1962.

The Scottish papers reported on January 21, 1902 Recruiting for Fincastle's Horse Stopped: Orders have been received from the War Office at the recruiting centres in Scotland to the effect that no more men are to be enlisted for Fincastle's Horse...It may be added that the new force is the 31st Battalion of the Imperial Yeomanry. It was of battalion strength. and again on the
18 April, 1902 (Departure of Fincastle's Horse): "The corps, which was formed at the beginning of the year at the insistence of the nobleman whose name it bears, has been hard at work during the last three and a half months, with the result that it now goes on active service as one of the fittest battalions of Yeomanry ever raised during the present war....as far as training can make them so, Fincastle's Horse are in the best of condition mentally and physically for active service. When the battalion was raised, the enlistments amounted to about 1000 men, and as only 600 were required to make up the regiment, the remainder were sent off to Aldershot to join the corps there. Thus the 31st Battalion was in a sense a corps d'elite to start with."

K&K Vol 1 No 1406 refers.


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Very Scarce City Imperial Volunteers ( CIV ) 1900 Boer War Tinnie - Bravo C.I.V.s

A very scarce tinnie to commemorate the departure of the CIVs to South Africa in 1900. Much foxing but still has original pin fixing. Circa 32mm in diameter. It would make a good display with the medals or badges to the CIV.


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Rare Boer War 10th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry Brass Slouch Hat Badge

A rare Roman Numeral 10 with one of two fasteners remaining. This was for wear on the Imperial Yeomanry cloth rosette below the Prince of Wale's feathers. Circa 1.9cm tall and 1,8cm wide. Rare.

K&K Vol 1 No 1397 refers.


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3rd Volunteer Battalion DLI Durham Light Infantry ( Sunderland ) and 15th Imperial Yeomanry Boer War Tribute Medallion Medal

Boer War medallion. Gilt on copper, small medallion with suspension ring. Circa 23mm in diameter. Arms of City of Sunderland to the reverse. In good condition. Scarce.

The 3rd Volunteer Battalion D.L.I. (Sunderland ) contingent landed in South Africa on February 3 1900 where, for 15 months it carried out the arduous task of guarding the long lines of communication on which the fighting troops depended.

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