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WW2 Loyal Service White Metal Buttonhole Wound Badge Medal

King George VI Badge For War Service, awarded to personnel who had been invalided out of the services. In good condition with sharp detail. 2.6cm in diameter.


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Silver War / Wound Badge (SWB) to a Durham Miner - Early Issue

Impressed 234208, with original pin and copy army service records. An earlier issue, see notes below.

This was issued to Passmoor Fleming, a Durham miner who enlisted in the Durham Light Infantry (DLI). There is a copy of his reasons for medical discharge, which reads as follows:

That 30 years ago he had an accident at the foot of the Colliery due to a fall of stone from the roof. His ankle was broken and since that date he has always had the foot turned in a little and has walked with a limp. It goes on to say that this disability would prevent him from marching any distance . It states the accident was in 1886! That would have made him no more than 8 - 9 years old as he was 38 at date discharge.

He was honourably discharged as no longer fit for war service 24th March 1916. he had enlisted on 13th September 2015.

Approximately 1,150,000 badges were issued, which had to be claimed and then approved.

Between September 1916 and March 1918, they were issued with just a number (no alpha prefix) and these were of a better quality than most later stampings. Around 335,000 of these early badges were issued.

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Sold to Luke

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Silver War / Wound Badge (SWB)- B270966 - Pte Aitchison Royal Fusiliers

In good condition with original pin fixing. Stamped B270966.

from a quick check of my SWB CD roll, this was issued to 41039 Pte John Aitchison, Royal Fusiliers. Enlisted 10th December 1915, Discharged on 1st August 1919 on account of Wounds. Badge issued 20th August 1919. He was aged 33 and served overseas.

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WW1 Mercantile Marine Casualty Pair - 3rd Engineer Hugh Williams S.S.Kilmaho, sunk by submarine, all hands lost, of Welsh Interest

Two medals correctly impressed to Hugh Williams (S.S. Kilmaho):
a) British War Medal, 1914 - 1918
b) Mercantile Marine War Medal 1914 -1918.

WILLIAMS, Hugh, 3rd Engineer, S.S. Kilmaho (Cardiff):
Died, as a result of an attack without warning by an enemy submarine 10 miles WNW from the Lizard on 17th May 1917. Aged 58, he was the son of the late John and Agnes Williams. He was born at Bangor. The Kilmaho, a British registered vessel of 2,155 gross tons, was sunk on its voyage bound for Dunkirk from Cardiff. She was carrying a cargo of railway material, but was armed for defensive purposes. 21 were lost including the Master. NEF.

There is only one WW1 Mercantile Marine casualty with the name Hugh Williams.


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WW1 Mercantile Marine Casualty Pair - Able Seaman Andrew Ritchie, S.S. Hogarth - sunk by submarine, all hands lost - of Scottish Interest

Two medals correctly impressed to Andrew Ritchie (S.S. Hogarth):

a) British War Medal, 1914 - 1918
b) Mercantile Marine War Medal 1914 - 1918.

In NEF condition (BWM very dark toned).

RITCHIE, Andrew, Able Seaman, S.S. Hogarth: Died on 8th June 1918 as a result of an attack without warning by a German submarine 10 miles S.S.E. off the Longstone Northumberland Lighthouse (of Grace Darling fame) on 7th June 1918. 26 were lost including the Master.

Andrew Ritchie was 45 when he died having been born in Aberdeen, the home port of the “Hogarth”. He was married, to Elspet Anderson Ritchie (nee Watson) and they lived at 44 Grampian Road, Torry, Aberdeen. He was the son of John and Wilhamina Ritchie (nee Naughton). He is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial London.

The Hogarth (Lloyds’Official Number 099647) , a British registered vessel of 1,231 gross tons, was owned by the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company. She had been built in 1893 by Hall, Russell & Co. A steel 2 decked steamer, equipped with triple expansion engines and electric lights, her top speed was 10 knots. She was sunk on 7th June 1918 on her passage from London to Aberdeen. She was carrying a general cargo, but armed for defensive purposes.


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Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Special Constable Group including Medal - Sergeant David Kerr

These three items came together. The photo is mounted on a card backing but the badges he wears are not very clear. The Special Constable faithful service medal (George VI) is named in upright capitals to Sergeant David Kerr, and the Newcastle Special Constable mufti lapel is in enamel and brass and back stamped 329 and maker marked Fattorini & Sons, Bradford. Enamel in good condition bar some minor surface scratching. Worthy of further research.


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WW1 Victory Medal - to Indian Army Sepoy 1st battalion 102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers

Naming is correctly impressed but is very feint/rubbed and some stains to obverse. It looks like 4 Sepoy Gula A Ram. Anry number hard to read, but unit much clearer. Ring slightly mishapened also. An original length of silk ribbon. Fine +.

World War I began with the regiment being stationed at Muscat, Oman and served in the Mesopotamia Campaign with the 14th Indian Division taking part in the Second Battle of Kut and the Fall of Baghdad (1917). A second battalion was raised in 1917. that served in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.

After World War I the Indian government reformed the army moving from single battalion regiments to multi battalion regiments. In 1922, the 102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers became the 2nd Battalion, 4th Bombay Grenadiers. After independence they were one of the regiments allocated to the Indian Army.
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WW1 Mercantile Marine Pair with WW2 Russian Convoy Commemorative Medal Framed - Eric Pollard

Loosely framed in a small frame with Mercantile Marine anodised aluminium pin badge plus a group of three medals attributed to Eric Pollard, as follows:

a) Mercantile Marine War Medal, 1914 - 18, correctly impressed naming to Eric Pollard
b) British War Medal, 1914 – 18, correctly impressed naming to Eric Pollard
c) 1941 – 1944 Russian Convoy 40th Anniversary Medal (unnamed as issued by the Russian Authorities). NEF.
The latter suggests an entitlement to WW2 campaign medals and stars, which of course he may have failed to apply for.

WW1 Mercantile Marine records confirm an Eric Pollard as born in Blackpool 1902 so he would only have been a young lad during WW1.

Glass to be removed from frame prior to posting.


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The London Rifle Brigade ( LRB) Shooting Prize Meeting 1930 Bronze Medallion

An attractive prize medal in bronze, the obverse shows a volunteer of 1859 era and the motto "Defence not Defiance" and the reverse The London Rifle Brigade in a scroll with the date of embodiment 1859. The edge has been neatly engraved in upright capitals "L.R.B. Prize Meeting 1930". No doubt won as a shooting prize. Circa 33mm in diameter, with a milled border. In very good condition.


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WW1 Original Medal Ribbons adapted as bows for Wear by a Woman receipient

Original silk ribbons (not later copies) for the WW1 trio of medals which have been neatly converted to bows presumably by a lady recipient. Some sun fade to front.
Some stitching a bit loose otherwise in good condition and contemporary.


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