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USA American National Defense Service Medal Mint in Original Card Box of Issue

Medal in mint condition, never removed from its packaging. In its original blue box with label. Some wear to box opening joints otherwise in good condition.

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WW1 Victory Medal - to Indian Army Sepoy 1st Battalion 102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers

Naming is correctly impressed but is very feint/rubbed and some stains to obverse. It looks like 4 Sepoy Gula A Ram. Anry number hard to read, but unit much clearer. Ring slightly mishapened also. An original length of silk ribbon. Fine +.

World War I began with the regiment being stationed at Muscat, Oman and served in the Mesopotamia Campaign with the 14th Indian Division taking part in the Second Battle of Kut and the Fall of Baghdad (1917). A second battalion was raised in 1917. that served in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.

After World War I the Indian government reformed the army moving from single battalion regiments to multi battalion regiments. In 1922, the 102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers became the 2nd Battalion, 4th Bombay Grenadiers. After independence they were one of the regiments allocated to the Indian Army.


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WW2 Pair of Red Cross Medals to Lady Mary Dormer, Wife of the British Ambassador to Norway during WW2 and subsequently Poland

Two medals still in their original registered delivery envelope addressed to Lady Mary Dormer at Byeways, South Ascot. The First Aid Proficiency Medal is named on the back to her (with award certificate dated 1942) and the three year service medal has the number impressed on the back which matches the award certificate named to Lady Dormer (with paperwork confirming it was for service 1942-1944).

One box has split lid slides but otherwise the medals and associated paperwork are in good original condition with no damage to enamel or pin fixings, with original ribbons. Medals NEF.

The link below is original film footage of her launching the merchant ship "Black Watch" in Oslo in 1938:


Sir Cecil Dormer (18831979) was the British Minister to Norway between 1934 and 1941. After the German invasion of Norway in April 1940 he joined the Norway's government and King on their move northwards, and followed the government into exile in London in June 1940. In 1941 he was appointed Ambassador to Poland, whose government was also in exile.

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WW1 Silver War Badge (SWB) 190671 - Pte Albert Thomas Leadbeater 26th (Bankers Battalion) Royal Fusiliers

A first pattern SWB impressed 190671 and issued to Pte Albert Thomas Leadbeater, of the Pals Battalion which was full of Bankers! With original and functional pin and clasp. Dark toned and in very good condition (small area of scratching to top reverse).

Paperwork (copy of WW1 MIC to be supplied) with it confirms his service number as B/19455 (although SWB roll gives this as 19454) and his entitlement to a WW1 pair. His entry in the SWB roll (copy to be provided) confirms his date of enlistment as 11th September 1915 and his date of discharge as 23rd May 1917 on account of wounds.

Approximately 1,150,000 badges were issued to all services, which had to be claimed and then approved. The first pattern SWB was issued between September 1916 and March 1918, and these were of a better quality than most later stampings. Around 335,000 of these early badges were issued to all services.


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WW1 / WW2 Medal Group 2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) / Royal Army Service Corps - Christoper William Giggins

A group of five medals as follows:

WW1 BWM - correctly impressed GS - 80501 Pte. C.W. Giggins, 2. Lond.R (no ribbon)
WW1 Allied Victory medal correctly impressed GS - 80501 Pte. C.W. Giggins, 2. Lond.R (no ribbon)
1939-45 Star - unnamed as issued (no ribbon)
War Medal 1939- 1945 - unnamed as issued (no ribbon)
Defence Medal 1939- 1945 - unnamed as issued (no ribbon)

All in NEF condition, BWM dark toned. Together with VM and the lid of their box only but with registered delivery package. Thel registered delivery packaging addressed to him at 14 Avebury Road, Prittlewell near Southend (-on-sea, Essex). Box lid is squashed and postal envelope torn and tatty but clear enough to see the detail that matters including the issue date of 10th Nov 1921 from the Records Office for E Surrey and R Fusiliers. Two WW2 medal boxes from the RASC and ACC Record Centre: one addressed to Mrs Q.V.M. Giggins at 7 Albion Road, Westcliff -on-Sea , Essex (which suggests he did not apply for his own WW2 medals but his wife did as his next of kin, post war) The box contains a 1939-45 Star and Defence Medal plus a medal slip entitlement for both of these, with their envelopes but no ribbons. The other box is addressed to a C.N. Giggins (sic) at a different address in Westcliff but containing a War Medal 1939-1945 but without its entitlement slip. He does not register as a WW2 casualty but I remember having to nag my own grandfather in the 1970s to apply for his WW2 medals.

These medals are accompanied by five original WW1 photos (removed from an album and in average condition) which identify Chris Giggins, date his service to 1917 (which aligns with his high regimental number) and also denote the that he held the rank of LCpl (acting) and was wounded (single wound stripe to left arm). A copy of his WW1 medal index will be supplied with the group. There is a single photograph dated 1939 showing an older Christopher William Giggins wearing the uniform of a member of the Royal Army Servce Corps (RASC).


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South Africa - Natal Coronation Medal 1902- 29mm medium sized version as awarded to local dignitories

In Silver, this is the 29mm version (there are also varieties which are 21mm (awarded to school children) and 51mm (awarded to native chiefs). The medium sized version was awarded to local dignitaries. In good condition and suspended from a small piece of blue ribbon with small contemporary pin bar. In very good condition.


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Harry Washington - 17th Lancers 1914 Medal Trio, including stunning copy portrait photo
Full size original medal group with original full length ribbons, correctly impressed as follows:

1914 Star 2033 Cpl H. Washington. 17/ Lrs
BWM & VM both impressed Lieut. H.T. Washington.

Medals in good condition (NEF), without bashes, dents scratches or polishing. The VM has a small 2mm stain to the reverse. Some wear to ribbons, especially some fraying to the Victory Medal ribbon).

Harry Thomas Washington is confirmed on the MIC ( copy supplied) as entitled to the 1914 trio and as commissioned into the 2nd Battalion the Essex Regiment.

Entered France 8th November 1914, first names confirmed as Harry Thomas and his number (as per 1914 star) as 2033.

He was a pre war regular cavalryman with the rank of Lance Corporal in the A4 copy of his portrait photo which is signed "Sincerely yours Harry". The copy of the photo is supplied with the permission of Phil Seaton from the British Military Badge Forum ( www.britishbadgeforum.com ) where there is a thread with considerable debate about the size of the collar mottos on this photograph, which show him wearing the pre 1914 cavalry serge frock with shoulder chains and cap lines, which were not re-introduced post WW1. The white regimental facing collar tabs are also an interesting feature. The original card, according to Phil, it has the following inscription on the reverse "Uncle Harry Washington 17-21 Lancers" (sic).

London Gazettes confirm:

His promotion from 2 Lieut to Lieut in the Essex Regiment on 26th August 1918 (LG 7th October p11801), His retirement from the Essex Regiment on 22nd April 1920, and receiving a gratuity (LG 21st April 1920, p4673), and finally that he had reached the age limit for liability to be recalled from the Regular Army Reserve of Officers on the 3rd January 1939 (LG 7 Feb 1939, p865), Copies of the relevant extracts will be supplied.

There is also a service record for a Valentine Washington, who served only briefly in the KRRC in 1915, but was discharged as unsuitable for further soldiering in very quick order. However he does list as his next of kin his brother, Harry Washington (Expeditionary Force) (copy of this also to be supplied).

An interesting group.

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WW1 Silver War Badge (SWB) to the Australian Imperial Forces - A3740

A first pattern SWB to Australian Forces, with an early low number, possibly for Gallipoli. A crude repair to clasp (a double hook) and a replacement pin but both still functional and otherwise in good condition. Worthy of further research.

Comm FB

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WW1 Silver War Badge (SWB) to the Royal Navy - RN29261

A first pattern SWB impressed RN29261 issued to a member of the Royal Navy. With original and functional pin and clasp.

Approximately 1,150,000 badges were issued to all services, which had to be claimed and then approved.

The first pattern SWB was issued between September 1916 and March 1918, and these were of a better quality than most later stampings. Around 335,000 of these early badges were issued to all services.

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Silver War Badge (SWB) to 17th NER Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers - Badenock

A SWB impressed B322214 to 17/1471 Private William Badenock of A Company, 17th Service Battalion North Eastern Railways Pioneers. Dark toned but otherwise in very good condition with fully functional and original pin and clasp.

It will be supplied with a copy of his entry in the Regimental History which confirms he embarked with the Battalion when it first went to France in late November 1915 (entitling him to the 1914-15 trio) and the regimental history notes he was subsequently wounded. His enlistment on 10th May 1915 was later than most of his battalion who embarked initially to France. His honourable discharge was much later and in November 1919 and on account of para 392(XVi) (no longer fit for war service). Worthy of further research.

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