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WW2 Royal Air Force (RAF) 43 Fighter Squadron Enamel and Brass Lapel Badge Sweetheart Brooch - The Fighting Cocks

A small and attractive enamel badge with original pin fittings and with no damage to the enamel. Circa 3.2cm tall. No maker marks. King's crown.

43 Squadron were equipped with Hurricanes and covered the withdrawal of rhe B.E.F. from Dunkirk and were then heavily involved in the Battle of Britain. They later moved to North Africa in 1942 and were re-equipped with Spitfires.


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Royal Air Force ( RAF ) Woven Cloth Pagri Sun Helmet / Bush Hat Flash

Circa 9cm in length, and 6cm wide, a good length of woven Royal Air Force pagri flash as worn on the tropical sun helmet and bush hat. Some fading from sunlight and a bit dusty.

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WW1 Royal Flying Corps R.F.C. Other Rank's Embroidered Felt Cloth Shoulder Title

Removed frim uniform, but in very good condition despite that. This is a scarce white on very dark blue (virtually black) embroidered felt shoulder title "R.F.C." Worn early in the war. Some traces of bluetack to the reverse. Allegedly an economy title issued in 1917 onwards.

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WW2 Royal Air Force ( RAF ) Aircrew qualification wing for Air Gunner, Half Brevet, AG Wing

Removed from uniform, slightly padded to wing, some minor edge wear and dulling to white thread otherwise in good condition.

It was awarded to flight crew qualified as air gunners, worn on Battledress clothing above the left breast pocket and issued from 1939 and redundant by 1954. It replaced the winged bullet brass metal arm badge that had been introduced in 1923.


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Scarce WW2 Royal Air Forice ( RAF ) Radio Operator's Aircrew Half Brevet, RO Wing

A fine padded half wing with “RO” to centre of wreath. Good example, removed from uniform. Actually worn by airborne Radar Operators.


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WW2 New Zealand - RNZAF Metal Pilot Wing Made by Mayer & Kane 1944 - Scarce

A very hard to find WWII Wing of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. These Pilot Wings were the only metal type worn by Commonwealth Pilots in WWII.

Made exclusively in Wellington by the jewellers Mayer and Kane ltd they were only ever issued to aircrew in the Pacific theatre. M&K also made metal 1/2 brevet for Navigator, Air Gunner, and other specialist aircrew 1/2 wings. These were the only all regulation metal wings and brevet badges used among Commonwealth Air Forces.

Stamped on the back with "44" and "M & K, W ( Wellington )", the Wing is silver washed bronze and is circa 75mm wide and 27mm high, with two original loops to the reverse. Backing plate absent. This one has lost some of its silvered finish from service use, otherwise in very good condition.

Worn by Pilots of No 23 (Fighter ) Squadron in 1945 and in the Occupation of Japan by No 14 Squadron RNZAF.

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Royal Flying Corps ( RFC ) Officer's Gilt Full Dress Large Pattern Button

Circa 23mm in diameter, fixed shank, only slightly domed and maker marked Pitt & Co Ltd, 31 Maddox Street, London. Gilt bright, some small light scratches, one to left of crown the other to the right top of the letter C, otherwise in excellent condition.


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Scarce WW2 Glider Pilot Regiment Qualification Wing

On khaki background and removed from uniform. In worn condition and has seen better days, but better this than an unissued variety any day. This is the smaller pattern version at circa 11.5cm wide and 4.5cm tall. Also traces of white 'bluetack' to the reverse. Scarce.

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WW1 Royal Flying Corps (RFC ) Officer 's Gilt Full Dress Cap Badge

A gilt bronze example, die cast with two original blades to the reverse. Circa 4.2cm tall. In very good condition. Gilt bright. Pre 1918.


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2nd Tactical Air Force ( RAF ) Christmas Card 1944 - Comic Map from D-Day to raids over Berlin

In good condition with message in pen from Fred to his mother. The card was produced by 2nd TAF Welfare. Some light staining and marks but in generally good condition.

2TAF was formed on 1 June 1943 as HQ Tactical Air Force from Army Co-operation Command, in connection with preparations then in train to invade Europe a year later. It took units from both Fighter Command and Bomber Command in order to form a force capable of supporting the 21st Army Group in the field.

The 2nd TAF, equipped with rocket- and bomb-carrying Typhoons, Tempests, Spitfires, Mosquitos, Mustangs and medium bombers, flew ground attack and tank-busting missions in support of Montgomery's 21st Army Group as it advanced through Normandy from D-Day and on into north-west Europe in 1944-45, as evidenced by the journey of liberation depicted in this Christmas card.

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