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Australian WW1 - Women Duty Done Sterling Silver Pin Brooch

Female Relative Badges of this pattern were issued to the wife and/or mother (or nearest female relative) of those on active service overseas during the First World War. This pattern, with AIF, entwined to the centre was issued to the nearest female relative of soldiers, airmen, nurses and masseuses who left Australia for active service abroad. A bar was suspended below the badge (note the two holes to enable this at ends of the scroll) to indicate additional relatives involved in the war effort. The Female Relatives Badge was promulgated under Military Order 280 of 1917.

In excellent condition, maker marked Stokes & Sons, Melbourne and STG SIL for sterling silver. No damage to enamel and pin original and fully functional. Circa 3.6cm tall.


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3 x Australian Army / Military Forces Patch Flashes

The Australian Flag (edges taped over to reverse), and two flashes, Australian Military Forces embroidered in silk thread (QEII issue) and a later version the Australian Army.


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Australian Army - 4th Cavalry Regiment All Ranks Bullion Cap Badge, 1978 - 1981

A bullion badge in unissued condition. Some small tape marks to reverse where removed from an album. Circa 6.3cm tall including black backing felt. Slightly padded.

This regiment was formed in 1971. Allegedy they wore the corps RAAC hat badge until around 1978 when all members were officially issued the bullion beret badge (see attached picture). They could also privately purchase extra bullion badges to be worn on bush berets. The white metal badge was issued in 1980, but only worn until 1981.

The 4th Cavalry Regiment was an APC regiment based at Enoggera Barracks, Brisbane. It was raised on 11th October 1971 and was amalgamated with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment to form the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment in 1981.


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Australian Army Rising Sun Cap Badge and Collar Set - Stokes

Die struck bronzed cap badge with one original of two lugs and maker marked Stoke & Sons (the Stoke is feint), and two non matching bronzed collar badges (one blackened), both with two original loops the reverse , one also marked Stoke & Sons Mel (Melbourne). All with voided crowns. They display well together.

D12.1 / D19.12

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Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Bronze Rising Sun Cap Badge

In very good condition with two original loops to the reverse (one slightly flattened to a D shape).

Comm JT

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Australian / Tasmanian - 3rd Derwent Regiment Two Part White Metal Shoulder Title - Gaunt

A two part title in white metal with two original loops to the reverse of each. The curved title is stamped JR Gaunt & Son Ltd, Birm. Birmingham presumably dates this to post 1970, but I understand this was a much earlier unit than this and it does not feel like a post 1970 piece but of WW1 vintage. Any information / confirmation welcome.

Comm FB

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WW2 Australia vintage Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Slip On Title

In very good condition.


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WW1 Australia / Tasmania - Collection of Tasmanian Fund Raising Patriotic Tinnies - Stokes

A collection of 4 different WW1 fund raising tinnies, all for O.A.S. (On Active Service) fund raising for comforts for the troops. They have their maker's labels ( Alfred E.S. Stokes, 228 Pitt Street, Sydney) to the reverse and original pin fittings. Some foxing showing through the illustrations and rusting to the pins, but generally in above average condition and quite scarce.

Some 15,485 Tasmanian men enlisted during the Great War. With some 13,000 of those serving overseas, of whom half became casualties, and with 2432 of those losing their lives.


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Australian - Queenslands Rifles White Metal Cap / Collar Badge - Gaunt

A rare white metal die cast badge with two original lugs to the reverse and embossed JR Gaunt & Son Ltd London to the reverse. Circa 3.6cm tall. In excellent condition.


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WW1 Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Rising Sun Cap Badge with Slider - British Manufacture

Lighter coloured bronzed king 's crown WWI cap badge with the less-common original slider fitting to the reverse (an indication of UK manufacture). The voided crown to the centre of a stylized rising sun above a tri-part scroll: "Australian Commonwealth Military Forces". Strong straight stiff badge with sharp detail and all rays present and correct (one slightly bent). Circa 6.2cm wide and 4.4cm tall.


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