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Royal Naval Officers Full Dress Fire Gilt Waist Belt Clasp (WBC), 1902 - 1953

A lovely item, with all fittings present. Fire gilt bright with only very minor wear to highpoints. Most probably pre 1939.


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Royal Marines ( RM ) Officer's Lovat two part matching Blackened Bronze King's Crown Cap Badge - Both parts with Blades

Die struck Globe and Laurel wreath with separate but matching King's crown and lion above. With original blades to both parts which have been neatly curved on both to make lugs. Blackened finish. Scarce.

See also 58965 for the QEII issue.


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Rare WW1 Merchant Navy 1st Pattern Red Embroidered Torpedo Badge

A rare WW1 Torpedo badge. This badge had to be applied for and was authorised on 6th June 1918 for wear by Merchant Navy personnel sunk by enemy action. Circa 7.2cm wide and 1.8cm tall. In very good condition.

When Admiral Jellicoe inspected the merchant seaman gunnery training college at Crystal Palace, he went down the ranks of one class asking the men how many times they had been torpedoed...the answers were "7 times, sir", "twice, sir", "4 times, sir" and finally "None, sir, I have only been mined."

Extracted from Hansard:

Sir A. Stanley: ... It has been suggested that some official recognition should be accorded for the gallantry of merchant servants, officers and seamen, who continue going to sea after having been torpedoed. This matter has been laid before His Majesty the King, and I am very glad to say that he has been graciously pleased to approve that badges shall be awarded through the Board of Trade to officers and seamen of the Mercantile Marine who have been on the articles of any British merchant or fishing vessel sunk or damaged during the present War by torpedo or mine and who have afterwards completed a further voyage on the articles of a British vessel. The badge will be in the form of a torpedo and is intended to be worn on the cuff of the left sleeve either of the man's sea or shore rig, and a bar to be worn under the torpedo badge will be awarded to Mercantile Marine officers and seamen after having been torpedoed or mined for the second time, and an additional bar for each subsequent similar service. The scheme will be retrospective and will apply to all persons employed on British merchant ships, including stewardesses. It is proposed to make the necessary arrangements at once and to publish an announcement when these have been completed. I am sure that what I have said will give particular pleasure to all hon. Members, and particularly those who have specially interested themselves in this matter."

Badges were awarded to next of kin where a claim was successful had the applicant survived.

To quote The Board of Trade regarding the wear of this badge:

The Torpedo badge is to be sewn on the cuff of the left sleeve of either sea or shore rig, with head of torpedo pointing away from the wearer.

This torpedo badge was authorised on 6th June 1918. On the 12th December 1918, the badge was approved in gold wire. Holders of the red badge and bar could exchange them for the gold badge. So the red version is probably much more scarce than the gold wire version.


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Royal Marine Artillery ( RMA ) Other Ranks large brass grenade helmet plate, circa 1878-1905

A good die-stamped brass large flaming grenade the ball bearing laurel wreath surmounted by a scroll inscribed Gibraltar ; within the wreath a strap inscribed Per mare per terram ; globe in relief to centre. Fouled anchor to base of wreath. Two original dark toned loops. Worn until 1905 when the white helmet was adopted. Very large at circa 12.5cm tall and 6.5cm diameter (across the globe) and 7.4cm wide (measured across the flames). This is a manufacturer's variant to the grenade at item 55879 without a strengthening clasp to the neck of the grenade and the globe more inverted into the design. It has the double central line through the centre of the latitudes on the globe but these are closer together than found on the 55879 example. Scarce.

K&K Vol 1 No 1106 refers.


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Early S.C.C. Sea Cadet Corps Embroidered Red on Dark Blue Cloth Shoulder Title

An early title of tombstone style with a WW1 method of manufacture. Most sea cadet corps titles I have seen appear in full rather than abbreviated. Removed from uniform, in reasonable condition.


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The Royal Marines Officer's Lovat Full Dress Two Part Bi-Metal Badge - QEII issue

In excellent condition, gilt with silver plated globe and maker marked LB&B (London Badge & Button Company) to the reverse of laurel wreath. Separate pin fixed crown with original safety cap attachment. In mint condition.


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Royal Marines ( RM) Other Ranks Brass Waist Belt Clasp ( WBC), QEII issue

Matched and fits together well, some polishing to detail on highpoints of badge in centre, only to be expected from a smart marine.


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Unidentified Gold Bullion Badge - Pelican - possibly of Merchant Marine interest

Any information welcome, this is a well made badge with some age to it. Gold bullion a little grubby but in good condition. It depicts a pelican in a circle on a padded black felt background. Hessian backing. Circa 4.5cm in diameter. Possibly worn on a cap or arm by a harbour pilot, harbour master or mercantile marine shipping line?

Comm FB

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MN Merchantile Marine Gilt Brass Metal Shoulder Title

A scarce title with two original loops and cotter pin to reverse. Some tarnishing to gilt finish. Merchant Marine officer perhaps?


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Royal Navy Officer's Gilt, Silver Plated and Velvet Cap Badge. QEII issue

In excellent condition with two original loops to the reverse.


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