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Royal Marine Artillery ( RMA ) Other Ranks large brass grenade helmet plate, circa 1878-1905

A good die-stamped brass large flaming grenade the ball bearing laurel wreath surmounted by a scroll inscribed Gibraltar ; within the wreath a strap inscribed Per mare per terram ; globe in relief to centre. Fouled anchor to base of wreath. Two original dark toned loops. Worn until 1905 when the white helmet was adopted. Very large at circa 12.5cm tall and 6.5cm diameter (across the globe) and 7.4cm wide (measured across the flames). This is a manufacturer's variant to the grenade at item 55879 without a strengthening clasp to the neck of the grenade and the globe more inverted into the design. It has the double central line through the centre of the latitudes on the globe but these are closer together than found on the 55879 example. Scarce.

K&K Vol 1 No 1106 refers.


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Royal Navy Officers Gilt, Silver Plated and Velvet Cap Badge. QEII issue

In excellent condition with two original loops to the reverse.


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Stunning Royal Marines ( RM ) Officers QEII Issue Helmet Plate Silver Plate, Enamel and Gilt

A stunning heavy quality helmet plate in mint condition with all three original loops to the reverse. An eight pointed star, the top most point displaced by a St Edward's Crown ( QEII pattern) with laurel wreath and scroll inscribed ""Gibraltar"" applied to the top and fouled anchor to the junction below. Within the wreath, a pierced strap inscribed ""Per Mare Per Terram"" on blue enamel ground. To the centre, a frosted silver plated globe in relief. Multiple piece construction. Circa 9cm tall. Sealed pattern 1954. Faultless.

K&K Vol No 2 No 2096 refers.


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Royal Marine Police ( RMP ) White Metal Cap Badge

Scarce die struck white metal cap badge (NOT a brass collar badge which has been chromed) with two original long loops to reverse (some minor bending from service wear). Worn by the RM police without a crown above. Some polishing to high points otherwise in very good condition.

The Royal Marines Police, formed in 1923, provided security and maintained discipline in Naval Dockyard areas. Recruitment was direct from serving or former Royal Marines. The Royal Marines Police was disbanded in 1949 with the advent of the Admiralty Constabulary. The cap badge consisted of the usual wreathed globe of the Royal Marines, but without the crown at the top and the whole was stamped from white metal rather than having the usual gilt finish.

See RMP shoulder titles separately listed.

K&K Vol 2 No 2102 refers (on page 82).


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Mercantile Marine Merchant Navy Officers Gold Bullion Cap Badge

Merchant Navy Officer's Padded Gold Bullion Cap Badge. A good bullion example with brass metal crown and red felt backing cloth in good clean condition.


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Royal Naval Reserve RNR Officer Bullion Epaulette Device

An attractive and quality bullion wire officers epaulette device as worn on the full dress gold bullion epaulette from 1891 onwards. A silver fouled anchor on a gold backing inside a blue oval bearing the title, Royal Naval Reserve, in gold wire, with an outer row of silver wire loops. Circa 5.5cm wide. Backing paper now absent, with some bluetack traces to reverse otherwise in nice condition and a scarce item.


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British & Foreign Sailors Society (BFSS) copper medal from Nelsons ship with original presentation case

A piece of English artefact circa 1905 struck to Commemorative the Centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar fought by the Royal Navy in their final victory against the combined fleets of the French and Spanish Navies in 1805 and sold on behalf of the 'British & Foreign Sailors Society' with obverse depicting an embossed representation of the ship 'HMS Foudroyant' in full sail., the reverse inscribed 'From B.F.S.S. Nelson Centenary Foudroyant and Victory Copper E.R.VII.' Very good condition, complete with original ring suspension fitting and very scarce original cardboard presentation souvenir case. Some wear to case but a rare survivor. Medal with ring is circa 3.8cm tall.


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WW1 / WW2 Royal Navy Leading Hand Rating Arm Badge, Kings Crown

Leading Hand Sleeve badge in Bullion as worn on No 1 dress. Removed from uniform. Bullion tarnished otherwise in very good condition. Leading Hand is a rate that sits between Able Seaman and Petty Officer. Worn from 1853. This looks like a WW1 issue.


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WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officers Rating Arm Badge, Kings Crown

King's crown woven with red silks example of a Petty Officers sleeve badge. Depicts crossed fouled anchors surmounted by the crown in red on a black rectangular backing. As worn on No 2 uniform. 1901 - 1953. This looks like a WW2 example.


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WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officers Bullion Cap Badge, Kings Crown

Removed from cap. A flat embroidered red threads on black wool background. Hessian backed with strengthening bar. Colour bright and in very good condition.


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